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P&G Champs Seniors Day 1 - Live Blog

Welcome, welcome to this edition of "the Hunger Games" cough, I mean the USA Gymnastics Olympic selection process. This stop the P&G National Championships- the seniors first day.

I'm live blogging the NBC feed- follow along for my commentary, score updates and lots of snark. Refresh the page every so often for the latest commentary!

Rotation 1 -
Well, before we watch any gymnastics, we're subjected to the NBC Commentary Trio - Al, Nastia and Tim. Al has his suck up game in high gear. He called Tim and Nastia "My favorite Olympic gold medalists." Then he has to throw in Andrea Joyce all "Oh, and Andrea Joyce is here too." Wah-wah-waaaah.

There's Marta, just casually ignoring the camera stuck in her face.

BRENNA!!!!!!!!! FX - front lay + front double tuck. double L turn,  FHS, doulbe fro pike + wolf jump,  L jump 360, tour jete,  1 1/2 + fro 1/1 - almost OOB, saves it.  FHS + rudi.  THAT"S MY GIRL BRENNA! 14.15 (6.0 SV)

Simone Biles BB -  Sq thru mt,  wolf turn 3/2, pike jump,  barani,  nails it,  BHS+ LOSO+LOSO, solid, sw +sissone,  sw + sw 1/2 + back tuck,  fro aerial + wolf jump,  BHS + BHS + Full in dismount, hop on landing. but seriously, she is a rock. starting off on beam for her first event she is a rock star! 15.7 (6.8 SV)

Laurie Hernandez FX -  DLO, Oh how I love Lauries floor, double arabian + stag leap,  fro lay + fro 1/1 = Frot tuck, sw righ, + s sw 1/2,  doulbe back,  tour jete. Marta is in shock that someone acutally managed to emote! 14.7

Madison Kocian VT -  FTY - very clean, solid landing. That would be like a 9.85 in NCAA. 13.8 (5.0 SV)

Ashton Locklear BB -  She' rocking the winged liner.  Sq through mt,  2/1 wolf turn, clean,  BHS + LOSO,  front tuck + sissone,  L turn,  side somi, solid,  aerial + spl + wolf,  spl + sw + back tuck, small wobble,  double back dismount, small step. Solid routine. Can she come teach me how to do that winged liner? 14.450 (5.8 SV)

Gabby Douglas VT - DTY - lots of power, big hop back. 14.8 (5.8 SV) Awww, a Laurie and Gabby hug! I'm all verklempt!

Hot Pink Nation is back in full force. Aly is sporting the hottest hot pink leo.

Aly Raisman BB - jump mount, front tuck + wolf jump,  BHS + BHS + 2 ft lay,  sw + back tuck, good improvement on her leaps,  aerial,  sw 1/2 - still under rotates it, front tuck + spl jump, slightly under 180 , L turn + 1/1 turn,  BHS + Patterson dismount, that was almost stuck, Holy shit. 15.150 (6.3 sv)

My girl Swaggie Maggie Nichols  UB - glide KCHS,  toe 1/1 + maloney +  pak, van leuwen, ,giant 1/2 ,jaeger,  DLO, stuck.

On to rotation 2 - MyKayla Skinner is rocking Utah colors and looks super bored. I'm going to have to come back later and add screen shots.

Standings after 1st rotation -

Surprise surprise, Simone is leading with a 15.7

The official standings:
1. Simone Biles 15.7
2. Aly Raisman 15.150
3T Laurie Hernandez 14.8
3T   Gabby Douglas 14.8
5T Alyssa Baumann 14.7
5T   Amelia Hundley 14.7

Nastia is trying so hard to look like the consummate professional, but she still looks like she wants to punch Al in the face so hard.

Laurie Hernandez VT - DTY, very clean, small hop. 15.05 (5.8 SV)

Alyssa Baumann UB - gl KHS, chow + pak, KC|HS + toe 1/1 + maloney + bail + Ray to HB - falls , giant 1/2 + jaeger,  DLO.

Simone Biles FX - DLO 1/1,  popa + stag 1/2, DLO 1/2 out + sissone, front walkover, wolf 1/1, tour jete 1/2,  double double,  tour jete 1/2,  full in, stuck, ya know, NBD, it's just another day for Simone. 16.1 (6.9 SV) Boom. That's how it's done.

Ragan Smith VT - DTY - she get's lots of distance, not a lot of height, but I'm surprised she has enough booty power to do that. 14.650 (5.8 SV)

Madison Kocian UB (yes, she's A current world champ, Nastia, it was like a billion way tie, REMEMBER? HMM?) glide KCHS,  in bar 1/1, maloney, + pak + chow 1/2, in bar 1/2 + jaeger,  stadler 1/1 + stalder + full in.  (Oh hai Chellsie Memmel, I see you over there judging). 15.450 (6.6 SV)

Gabby Douglas UB -  jump to hb, KCHS toe 1/1 , church, + pak, in bar 1/2 + chow 1/2,  in bar, DLO, stuck 15.1 (6.4 SV)

Aly Raisman FX -  1 1/2 step out + double arabian + front lay,  tour jete 1/1,  double L turn,  dos santos + stag jump,  DLO, super high,  sw sw 1/2 + tour jete + sissone,  DBL pike. Boom. This isn't Aly's first rodeo. 15.6 (6.6)

Maggie Nichols BB -  wolf 2/1,  fro walk over + sissone, side somi,  wolf + front tuck,  aerial cartwheel, big break,  sw ring,  BHS + LOSO,   sw leap,  round off + dbl pike, solid landing. Some wobbles here and there. 13.9 (5.9 SV) that hurts

Whelp - now to rotation 3

1. Simone Biles 31.800
2. Aly Raisman 30.95
3. Gabby Douglas 29.9
4. Laurie Hernandez 29.850
5. Madison Kocian 29.25

Andrea Joyce is interviewing Kyla Ross, who all of the sudden is like super model height.  Damn girl,

Nastia is fangirling over Kyla, it's hilarious.

Madison Kocian BB - straddle spl mt, arabian,  sw ring - slight bobble,  BHS + LOSO,  fro aerial wo + sheep jump, slow on the connection, aerial + spl + sissone,  sw, round off + double pike. Pretty solid. 14.4

Al: "You guys aren't allowed to say how difficult it is, just getting on the apparatus is a miracle" - I'm saving that one for Al's greatest hits.

MyKayla Skinner - VT -  amanar, step to the side, looks like she's trying to stragihten her form out. Under rotated on the landing, maybe off to the side on her block. 15.200 (6.3 SV) - that's a generous score... I would have taken a couple or a few more tenths off her execution, but whatever.
VT2 - The Cheng - let's see if she uses both arms on this vault - nope that left hand doesn't even touch the vault

NBC fluff about how Kim rewards Ragan with necklace beads.... I'm checking my watch...

Ragan Smith UB - jump KCHS in bar in bar 1/2 + jaeger, stadler + ricna,  in bar 1/1 + pak,  staldder shoot to hB, stalder 1/1, - full in. 14.8 (6.2 SV)

Tim "I'm going to start bringing some beads for you" - was that directed towards Al or Nastia?

Aly Raisman, VT - Amanar -  some bent knees on that 2nd twist, steps to the side. 15.350 (6.3 SV) Wow, super generous.

Gabby Douglas BB - sq through mt,  front pike + spl jump,  BHS+LOSO, nice extension, back tuck 1/1 , sw + s1/2, front tuck + wolf jump,  L turn, over rotates, big wobble, (on replay it looked like she swung herself way over to the side) sw ring - fro aerial + spl + pike jump,  BHS + BHS + double pike, looks like her chest was down on that landing. 14.2 (6.3 SV)

Simone Biles VT 1 - Amanar -  Huge height, so powerful, hop on the landing. She still has so much leftover kinetic energy she has to bounce. 16.0 (6.3 SV)
VT 2 - Cheng, damn, that was a thing of beauty. And guess what? SHE USES BOTH HANDS!

Laurie Hernandez has her game face on heading to bars -  glide KCHS , stalder 1/1 + chow, + tkatchev + downie + ricna +pak,  endo 1/2, stalder shoot to HB, full in, stuck.  15.3 (6.4 SV)

Alyssa Baumann BB - straddle spl mt,  arabian, small wobble, fro aerial wo + sisson,  BHS + LOSO + OSO,  sw + sw 1/2, wobble,  sw ring, another wobble,  onodi + wolf jump Aerial cartwheel,  round off + double pike.

Nastia - her chest was a "little" down. Me - her chest was between her knees.

Okay, here we go, rotation four - the home stretch!

Standings After 3 rotations -

1. Simone Biles 47.8
2. Aly Raisman 46.3
3. Laurie Hernandez 45.15
4T. MyKayla Skinner 44.1
4T. Gabby Douglas 44.1

Ashton Locklear and her awesome winged liner are going up on bars -  glide KCHS,  in bar 1/1 + komova II + pak + maloney + bail + stalder shot to HB + in bar 1/2 + jaeger + 1/2,  full in, small step. 15.6
Ragan Smith BB -  straddle split mount,  2/1 wolf turn sw + straddle + BHS + BHS +  2ft layout, wobble, tucked full, wobble, front tuck wobble, fro aerial + pike jump (slow connection), sheep jump, BHS+ BHS + Patterson dismount, stuck. 14.9 (6.2 SV)

I see the selection committee has also joined #HotPinkNation

Gabby Douglas FX -  spl ring jump,  double arabian + stag jump,  full in + back tuck,  memmel 1/1 turn, falls out of it, tour jete 1/2,  double L + double l turn,  double pike,  double back, that's been her best routine of the night.  14.8 (6.0 SV)

Aly Raisman UB -  jump KCHS,  toe 1/1 + maloney + tkatchev, inverted giant + jaeger,  bail,   1/1, stalder shoot to HB, giant 1/2,double front, small hop. Bars isn't Aly's greatest strength, but really all she ever needs to do is what she just did tonight: Get through the routine with minimal mistakes. 14.150 (5.9 SV)

Tim "I think they're talking about where they're going to dinner." RE: judges taking forever to give Simone the green flag for "go" on bars.

Simone Biles UB - (my eyelids are sooo droopy ), gild e KCHS, weiler 1/2 + maloney + pak + maloney - and I fell asleep. Sorry. She got a solid 15.100 (6.1 SV)

Here are the night 1 results -

1. Simone Biles 62.900
2T Aly Raisman 60.450
2T  Laurie Hernandez 60.450
4. Gabby Douglas 58.900
5. Madison  Kocian 57.85
6. Amelia Hundley 57.85
7. MyKayla Skinner 57.550
8 Alyssa Baumann 56.900
9. Ragan Smith 56.850
10. Rachel Gowey 56.6
11. Brenna Dowell 56.200

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