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USA Gymnastics Women's Olympic Trials Live Blog Day 1


Tonight is the first night of two nights of competition, the second being held Sunday night.  Marta Karolyi, women's team coordinator is looking at Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez and Madison Kocian as being the five that go to Rio in a few weeks. But, Maggie Nichols is expected to come back in the all-around tonight. Will she challenge for a plane ticket to Rio?

There is also the much hyped showdown of #Mashton - Madison Kocian and Ashton Locklear facing off for the bars and beam spot. Make no mistake, this debate is a heated one. It may even be a bigger debate than Bernie vs Hilary for that coveted Democratic presidential nominee. So which one is the triumphant Hilary and who will be runner up Bernie in this scenario?

Refresh the page every few minutes for all the action in San Jose!
Be prepared wile NBC takes their sweet ass time starting the broadcast....

Al with the cliches. "The selection committee is watching everything."

Maggie Nichols Vault - DTY - clean, nice landing, slight foot shift 15.1 (5.8SV)

Another coaching change? Really Gabby? Love coach Fuego... gotta support my fellow redheads, but yeah, this is not good.

Gabby Douglas FX - (Oh hi Natalie! I want her to be my mom. Can I adopt her?)   double L turn + 1/1 L turn,  double arabian + stag leap,  full + back tuck, some steps back, memmel turn,  sw ring, sw 1/1,  tour jete,  double pike, big hop back,  double back, small hop. clean. She looks satisfied. Yes, Al, Natalie likes it. 14.650 (5.9 SV)

Laurie Hernandez VT -  DTY, nice height, kinda close to the horse, but solid form and clean landing. 15.150 (5.8 sv)

MyKayla Skinner FX -  tour jete 1/2,  double double layout, super clean, much improved!!  tucked double double,  l jump 1/1, sw 1/1, wolf turn, side aerial,  full in, takes a few steps but stays in bounds,  1 1/2 + 2 1/2 to end it. She looks fantastic. Best I've seen her all quad form wise. 14.8 - solid score for her.

Just now tuning in for Aly on floor, double arabian + stag leap,  beautiful double layout, sw, tour jete + tour jete 1/2,  double pike, clean, stuck. Damn, that was easy for her! 15.40 (6.4 SV)

Simone Biles VT - Amanar - huge, huge height, bounce out and step forward, but she's so high and she's so fast! 16.00 (6.3 SV)
Vt 2 - Cheng -  good height, step FWD.

Simone is leading after the first rotation

1. Simone
2. Aly
3. Laurie
4. Maggie Nichols

Dear Tim and Nastia, enough of your half assed guessing. Let the pros take over.

Maggie Nichols UB -  jump kchs toe 1/1 + maloney +pak + van leuwen, toe on + toe 1/2 + jaeger,  1/2 turn, DLO, stuck. 14.550 (6.0 SV)

Gabby Douglas VT - DTY,  very clean, big hop on the landing. 15.100 (5.8 sv)

MyKayla Skinner VT - VT 1 - cheng, good height, kind of close to the horse, better in air form, but that damn arm. 15.5 ( 6.4 sv)
Vt 2 - DTY, big air, distance, small hop. Didn't bust out the amanar.

Laurie Hernandez UB -  jump KCHS,  sladler 1/1  + chow _ ricna, + tkatchev + downie + pak, endo, is over,  stalder shoot to HB,  full in, finishes solid. She had that error, but she just kept calm and she saved the routine.  She's fierce. 14.9  (6.5 SV)- so obviously lower than she is capable of, but it's not a disaster.

Aly Raisman VT - Amanar, some crazy legs in the air, step to the side. 15.250

Madison Kocian VT - FTY, clean, big hop back.  does the job. It's not fancy, but it will do. 13.900 (5.0 SV)

Simone Biles UB -  glide KCHS,  wieler 1/2,  maloney + toe on + tow 1/1 + piked tkathcev, church, +pak,  toe on full in dismount. 14.950 (6.1 sv)

Ashton Locklear UB - glide KCHS, in bar 1/2 + komova + pak + maloney + stalder shoot to HB, inbar 1/2 + jaeger,  full in, stuck. 15.75

Standings after 2 rotations:
1. Simone Biles 30.950
2. Aly Raisman 30.700
3. MyKayla Skinner 30.300
4. Laurie Hernandez 30.050
5. Gabby Douglas 29.750
5T. Brenna Dowell 29.750

Gabs UB - jumo kchs,  pak  inb ar 1/2 +  endo 1/2 +chow,  in bar, DLO, step FWD 15.1 (6.5 SV)


MyKayla Skinner UB - glide KCHS, weiler 1/2 + maloney + pak, van leuwen, giant 1/1 + tkatcehv,  Ray,  full in, solid routine for her. Some form issues, but it was solid for her. 14.3 ( 6.1 sv)

HAHA, I think even Andrea Joyce knows more about gymnastics than Al Trautwig. Can we fire him already? Please?

Aly Raisman UB -  glide KCHS,  toe 1/1 + maloney + tkatchev, jaeger,  toe on  + bail,  toe shoot to HB, giant 1/2 + double front, solid routine for Aly on bars.14.450

Laurie Hernandez BB -  front pike,  fro aerial + spl + sissone,  bhs  + LOSO + LOSO, wobble, saves it,  sheep jump, fro tuck + wolf jump + side aerial,  sw + sw 1/2,  sw ring,  round off + double pike, solid landing. She had that error on her flight series, but she acted like nothing happened. 15.500 on , oh hot damn. She had a 6.5 SV and a 9.0 e score. Literally, she was like, "what mistake? I didn't make a mistake." and the judges were like "no, you didn't, I didn't see anything."

Okay, fuck you NBC, your damn app cut out on me and I missed Simone on beam and Madison on bars.

Ashton BB - sq through mt, 2/1 wolf turn,  BHS + LOSO falls,  front tuck + split jump, l turn 1/1 side somi, side aerial + spl + sissone,  sw + sw 1/2,  round off + double back., step back. Eesh, that hurts 13.200 - OMG, she's going to cry. I can't take this, I'm going to cry too. (5.6 SV)

Ragan Smith BB -  side split mt,  wolf turn 3/1,  sw + straddle,  BHS + 2 ft layout, awesome,  tuck 1/1, slightly off balance, front tuck + sissone, fro aerial + sissone,  BHS + BHS + double pike, solid landing.  14.9 (6.20

Maggie BB -  wolf turn 2 1/2 + 2/1 wolf turn,  fro aerial + spl + sissone, side somi,  front tuck,  side aerial, falls, god dammit, it's contagious,  sw ring, wobble,  BHS + BHS + LOSO,  round off + double pike

Standings after 3 rotations:
1. Simone Biles, 46.100
2. Laurie Hernandez 45.550
3. Aly Raisman 45.150
4. Gabby Douglas 44.850
5. MyKayla Skinner 44.600
6. Ragan Smith 44.200
7. Madison Kocian 43.900
8. Amelia Hundley 43.900
9. Brenna Dowell 43.350
10. Maggie Nichols 43.350
11. Rachel Gowey 42.200
11T. Christina Desiderio 42.200
13 Emily Schild 41.600
14. Ashton 28.95

Aly Raisman BB -  spl jump mt,  front pike + wolf jump,  BHS + 2 ft layout, sw + back tuck,  sissone + pike jump,  side aerial,  sw 1/2, fantastic, front tuck, small wobble,  1/1 L turn, small wobble,  round off + patterson, small step, solid routine. She looks fantastic. 14.800

Laurie Hernandez FX -  DLO, leg seps, small hop, I love watching her dance,  double arabian + stag jump,  tour jete,  front lay + fro 1/1 + front tuck,  sw side,  1/1 turn,  double back, beautiful sw 1/2 + sissone. GO LAURIE!!!!! YAAAASSSS! 15.3 (6.2 SV) 60.850 AA

Maidson BB - arabian,  sw ring,  BHS + LOSO, side aerial, + spl + sissone,  1/1 turn, wobble,  sw round off + double pike! YAAAAS MADISON! 14.7 (5.9 SV) 58.600 AA - damn that's good, even with a watered down vault.

Simone Biles FX -  DLO full out,  popa + stag 1/2,  biles, no jump out,  front aerial,  wolf turn 2/1,  sw + tour jete 1/2,  double double, huge,  sw 1/2,  full in, BOOM, mic drop bitches, that's how it's done. 15.7 (6.8 SV), AA 61.850


Ragan SMith FX = DLO,  rudi + 2/1 twist,  double arabian + half assed stag jump attempt,  wolf turn 2/1,  I hate this music,  double pike. 14.5- 58.7 AA

Gabby Douglas BB -  sq through mount,  front pike, wobbles, misses leap connection, BHS + LOSO, tucked 1/1,  sw + sw 1/2,  front tuck, wobble, misses another connection,  L turn 1/1 falls,  fron aerial,  BHS + BHS + double pike.
 13.7 (6.1 SV) 58.550 AA

I hear Nastia's voice dripping with disdain "Out of all the skills in her routine, that was the easiest skill."  I love sardonic Nastia, can she come back on Sunday.

Final night one standings:

I will be back on Sunday night at 6:30 P.M. MDT for the final day of trials. I will once again be live blogging. Stay tuned for a possible additional post prior to that. Goodnight and good luck everyone.

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