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Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog - Balance Beam

I'm back for Day 2 of event finals.  Today, we have men's rings and pommel horse and women's balance beam sandwiched in between the two.

I'll mostly be live blogging beam and men's vault. I'll provide live updates for Rings.

Refresh the page every so often to follow along!

Yao Hau China - low landing on double double dismount. Good positions, lines in routine.  15.4 (7.0 D, 8.400)

Eleftherios Petrunias Greece - solid routine. Beautiful form, clean dismount. Effortless routine.16.00

Gossens Belgium 14.933

Denis Abliyazin of Russia is in 2nd right now, 15.7. He's a beast of a man and he's so strong. Liu Chin of China moves into 3rd with 15.6

So far, the podium is looking the same. But now we've got Arthur Zanetti, current Olympic champ. We'll see what he pulls out. 15.766 for Zanetti, great routine, but wasn't enough to beat Petrounias.

Final Standings:
1. Petrounias 16.00
2. Zanetti 15.766
3. Abiliyazin 15.7
Well, we're doing Men's vault not women's balance beam.

Nikita Nagornyy Russia - VT 1 - dragulescu, big hop, OOB. 15.233, VT 2 Tsuk 3/1, small step, better than the dragulescu. 15.4 15.316 AVG


Igor Radivilov - VT HS TRIPLE FRONT! OMG...sat it down 14.933 VT1
 tsuk double pike. 15.033 AVG

Kenzo Shirai  - yurchenko 3 1/2 15.833, VT 2 tsuk 2 1/2, very clean. 15.066 2nd 15.449

Marian Dragulescu - VT 1 dragulescu, big step back, but huge height and much distance. He's still bouncing from 2015 Worlds. 15.266, vt 2 yurchenko 1/2 on  2 1/2 off. Back to the airplane!
 15.633, 15.449 avg
Rie Sig Gwang - VT 1 pike dragulescu, legs bent on 2nd flip.
15.616, Tsuk full in. Nice landing 15.766 15.691 pushes him into 1st

Tomas Gonzales AKA "Porn-stache" - missed his first vault, 15.375. Shewfelt, big step

Somehow everything I just did got deleted. GRR.

The beam final is next. FINALLY.

Start list -
Fan Yilin 14.5
Isabela Onyshko
Simone Biles
Sanne Wevers
Catalina Ponor
Laurie Hernandez
Marine Boyer
Flavia Saraiva

Fan Yilin -  jump to split mount,  round off + 2ft lay + spl + sissone,  sw ring, sheep jump,  sissone + fro aerial, 1/1 turn,  spl + side aerial,  sw + side aerial,  round off + 3/1 twist. 14.50 (6.3 D, 8.2)

Isabela Onyshko -  BHS + BHS + 2 ft lay, sw, BHS + tucked 1/1, falls. wolf jump,  fro aerial + sw 1/2,  1/1 memmel turn,  sw ring,  bhs+ bhs+ double back. 13.40 (6.1 D, 7.3)

Simone Biles -  sq thru mt,  2 1/2 wolf turn, wolf + pike jump,  barani, nails it,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO, fro tuck, lost balance, put hands on beam.  sw + sw 1/2,  fro aerial + wolf jump,  bhs + BHS + full in dismount. 14.733 (6.5D, 8.233)

Sanne Wevers - bhs 1/1 mt, 2/1 l turn,  aerial + aerial,  fro aerial + spl jump,  3/1 turn, 1/1 L + 2/1 + 1/1 turn, sw + 1/1 bhs, gainer 1/1 dismount. Beautiful! OMG, I will cry if she medals.
 15.466!!! (6.6 D, 8.866)

Catalina Ponor -  sw ring, onodi, wobble, fro aerial + bhs spl jump,  sw 1/2, balance check,   sw + omelianchik,  round off + double pike.

Laurie - sheep jump, front tick, wsw + sw 1/2, double pike, solid. 15.333 (6.4, 8.933)

Marine Boyer -  ro + 2 ft lay + sw + sw 1/2, fr aerial + wolf + spli, l turn 1/1 + 1/1 turn,  double pike dismount.

Flavia Saraiva -  jump to spl mt,  BHS + LOSO+LOSO, BHS + 2 ft lay, big balance check, 1/1 turn,  sw + spl, , sw ring + sheep jump, fro tuck, hop, fro aerial _ fro aerial + side somi, round off + double pike. 14.533 (6.3, 8.233)


Final Standings:
1. Sanne Wevers 15.466
2. Laurie Hernandez 15.333
3. Simone Biles 14.733

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