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Rio Training: Hong Un Jong Training a Triple Twisting Yurchenko

The favorite topic of discussion this quad (besides the hideousness of wolf turns) is the triple twisting Yurchenko.

Many have been rumored to be training it, North Korean gymnast Hong Un Jong submitted the triple twisting yurchenko, (known about the gymternet simply as the TTY) at the 2013 world championships,
 But since she never performed the skill in competition, the TTY failed to come to fruition. Many others were rumored to be training it, Maria Paseka of Russia, Simone Biles and McKayla Maroney.

Now, the skill has made a comeback. Hong Un Jong, 2008 Olympic Vault Champion and 2014 World Vault Champion surfaced in a training video straight from the Rio training hall once again training this elusive skill.

She's being assisted by her coach still, so it's unknown if she will actually debut this skill during the Olympics. Hong has big air (for reference, she clears the height of her coach who is spotting her), she takes a big step on the landing, but she does land with her chest up.

If Hong submits the skill to be named for her, she will need to perform it successfully (meaning she has to land it) at one point during the Olympic Games. Her first opportunity to perform it will be in qualifications, which for the ladies, will take place on Sunday.

I will post a schedule of Gymnastics at the Games tomorrow.

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