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WAG Qualifications Live Blog Subdivision 3

Okay, so I lied. I'm back for Subdivision three.

In this sub division we're following Great Britain, Germany and Brazil.

Refresh the page every ten minutes or so follow along.

Beginning on the First rotation...

Sophie Scheder Finished floor for Germany.

Becky Downie UB GB -  front toe on + stalder shap,  ricna + downie, pak, tkatchev. full in. 15.233 (6.8 SV)

Phan Vietnam VT -  DTY, some leg form issues, a little short. VT 2 - HS front pike 1/2 out. 14.233 avg

Flavia Saraiva BB Brazil -  BHS + LOSO+ LOSO,  round off + 2 ft layout, 1/1 turn,  sw + spl,  sw ring, small wobble, sheep jump, another small wobble. Front tuck + wolf jump,  fro aerial + fro aerial + side somi, round off + double pike. 15.133 (6.3 SV) - makes her the top qualifier so far.  That is awesome!

Dipa Karmakar India - Produnova, VT.

Ruby Glide KCHS pak 1.1 + maloney 1/2 + zuchold, toe on 1/2 + jaeger,  double front. Huge routine. 14.800

Brazil moves to floor, Great Britain to beam, Germany to vault, mixed group to bars.

Elisabeth Seitz Germany VT - FTY, lots of power, small hop on the landing. 14.1 (5.0 SV)

Daniele Hypolito FX Brazil -  DLO, beautiful, huge,   2 1/2 + fro lay, short, falls, 2/1 l turn,  sw ring,  tour jete  1 1/2 + fro 1/1 OOB,  memmel turn,  whip + whip + double pike. 12.4 (5.3 SV)

Ellie Downie BB Great Britain -  front tuck + wolf jump,  standing arabian, chest down a bit, sw + sw 1/2, 1/1 turn + 2/1 turn, balance check,  BHS + LOSO solid,  sissone + side aerial,  round off + 2 1/2 twist, small hop. Good routine. 14.5

Dipa Karmakar UB India -  jump KCHS,  tkatchev,  clear hip + giant 1/1 giant 1/2  + pak,  toe shoot to HB,  double pike. 11.666

Rebecca Andrade Brazil FX -  full in, small hop, but solid,  2 1/2 + fro 1/1, nice,  spl ring jump, ferrari,  memmel turn + stag jump,  double back. Ferrari,  double pike, clean, Solid routine. That's a good routine for Brazil. They need two more routines like that and they can drop Hypolito's score. 14.033

Becky Downie Great Britain, Beam -  front tuck, falls off.  Side aerial + LOSO,  sw + sw 1.2, under-rotated,  fro aerial + split jump,  side somi,  sw leap,  round off + double pike. 2 falls for GB on beam.  I can't figure out why she fell on that skill, her feet looked like they were on the beam solid. maybe her shoulder position was off? Nope, her back foot was hanging off the side of the beam. That's why she fell. 13.300 That gives GB a 42.400 on beam for an 87.066, still in a good place. They go to floor next, a good event for them.

Tabea Alt , Germany- 14.833 for a DTY on vault.

So now, Germany is on bars, so excited to see my girl Sophie Scheder on bars! She's GLORIOUS! Brazil goes to vault, and as per before, GB is on floor.  Mixed group is on beam.

2 Event Team Scores -
GB 87.066
Brazil 85.398
Germany 85.065

Ruby Harrold FX GB -  2/1 memmel turn,  double arabian, step out but stays In bounds, sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  1 1/2 + fro 1/1 + spl jump,  she's already got an LSU floor routine! FHS + fro 2/1.
Lorraine Olivera Brazil, VT -  DTY, step back. 14.833

Jade Barbosa VT Brazil - DTY, solid, small hop.  Beautiful form, Ashleigh Gnat like. 14.900

Rebecca Andrade Brazil  VT- Amanar, small step. Nice form and height in the air. 15.566 (6.3 SV)

Elisabeth Seitz UB Germany -  glide KCHS, maloney + ricna, fro giant + jaeger, + stalder + piked tkatchev + pak, Maloney 1/2, giant 1/1 + full in.

Kim Bui Germany UB- jump KCHS, jaeger + pak,  bhardwaj,  maloney 1/2  toe on 1/1 + gienger,  full in, solid. 14.8 (6.3SV)

Claudia Fragapane GB FX -  double layout 1/1, wolf 1/1 jump,  dos santos,  sw ring, tour jete 2/1,  3/1 twist, huge height, spl jump, 2/1 turn,  DLO, stuck, 2/1 turn to back spin to finish. Boom. 14.333 (6.3 sv)

Ana Sofia Gomez Guatemala BB -BHS + tucked 1/1 wobble, Sw + sw 1/2,  1/1 turn,  side aerial + spli jump,  side somi,  fro aerial + wolf jump,  sw side,  bhs + bhs + double pike, hands down. 13.4 (6.2 SV)

Sophie Scheder UB Germany - KCHS toe on 1/1  + maloney, + pak,  stalder, jaeger,  full in 15.433

Going into the final rotation, Germany ends on beam, Brazil ends on bars,  Great Britain will finish on vault, mixed group on floor.

Team Scores

Ruby Harrold VT GB -  DTY, step to the side. 14.6

Seitz BB - Jump to split mount,  front tuck, a little low, steps back,  BHS + back pike,  side somi,  fro aerial + sissone, 2/1 turn,  side aerial, wolf + spl jump,  layout gainer dismount. 13.866

Amy Tinkler VT GB - DTY,  solid vault. step back on landing.

Ellie Downie VT GB - DTY, big hop back, but good form in the air.  14.833

Rebecca Andrade UB Brazil -  glide KCHS, stalder 1/1 + tkatchev + pak+ shap 1/2 + giant 1/2 + pike jaeger,  toe on 1/1 + full in dismount. 14.933 (6.3 SV)

Pauline Schaefer, Germany BB - jump to straddle split backwards,  sw ring,  BHS + LOSO, beuaitful, spl + wolf,  1/1 turn, small balance check, fro aerial + side somi,  actually don't know if that will be credited, 2/1 turn,  side somi 1/2, big balance check, side aerial, sw + sheep jump, balance check,.  Gainer lay dismount.

Emma Larsson , Sweden FX -  tour jete 1/1,  DLO, low landing,  full in,  fro aerial,  double tuck, sw + tour jete 1/2,  double pike, steps back, memmel 3/1, under rotated a bit. 13.5

Final Scores
Great Britain, 44.432 vault, 174.064 total
Brazil 43.357, 174.054 total
Germany 42.499, total 173.263

That's all she wrote for now. Come back at 2:30 MST for Subdivision 4

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