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WAG Qualifications; Subdivison 5 Live Blog

It's the home stretch! It's the fifth and final subdivision in the women's qualifications for artistic gymnastics.

This subdivision we will see the Canadian team, lead by Ellie Black and former Georgia gymnast,  Brittany Rogers. We are also going to see team Japan, featuring Sae Miyakawa, and Mai Murakami.
We will also see France and a mixed group featuring competitors from Cuba, Mexico, Portugal and Poland.

Refresh the page every ten minutes or so to get all the action.

First rotation -
Japan will start the night on vault, France on uneven bars, Canada on beam and the mixed group will start on floor.

Isabela Onyshko BB Canada -  BHS + BHS + 2 ft lay, sw ring + side aerial, bhs + tucked 1/1,  fro aerial + sw 1/2.  BHS + BHS + double back. 14.533

Mai Murakami VT Japan - DTY, small hop. 14.7

Asuka Teramoto Japan,  VT - DTY, not a lot of  distance, some piking in the air

Sae Miyakawa Vt - 14.366

Vanhille, Louise UB France, - stalder shoot to HB,  DLO, some leg seps in the air. 14.866

Filipa Martins Portugal FX -  double back, big hop back, tour jete 1/2, sw 1.2 + popa,  13.433

Loan His, France UB -  glide KCHS,   seitz,  + pak _ maloney 1/2 + jaeger, + church, falls.  repeats the element,  bail,  toe 1/1 + toe shoot to HB, full in stuck. Too bad about the fall, she's a beautiful gymnast. 13.9

Brittany Rogers BB Canada - (Go Dogs, go). fro aerial + wolf _ split , sw + sw 1/2,  omelianchik, BHS + LOSO,  L turn 1/1,  BHS 1/1, big balance check,  bhs + BHS + double pike, big step back. Now I'm sad she's not at Georgia anymore... 13.466

Katarzyna Kowakowska - Poland FX - whip + 3/1 twist.  sw ring,  sw 1/2,  double L turn + 2/1 turn,  FHS + fro 2/1, 13.300

Okay, now to rotation two, france goes to beam, Canada goes to floor, Japan to bars and the mixed group goes to vault.

Results after 1 rotation
Japan vault, 44.466
France bars, 43.099
Canada beam 41.565

Rose Woo Canada FX to some Beethoven, double arabian, sw leap,  tour jete 1/2,  3/1 twist,  tour jete,  3/1 turn,  double back,  popa + straddle jump, 13.566 (5.4 SV)

Aiko Sugihara UB japan, jaeger,   giant /1/1 + bail,  toe shoot,  full in.14.400 (5.9 SV)

ANGELINA KYSLA, UKRAINE, VT -  FTY, clean form. small hop. 13.958

Katarzyna Kowalska VT Poland - Handspring 1/1, 14.466.

Marine Brevet France Beam -  sw + sw 1/2 Under rotates,  fro aerial + sissone + spl, 1/1 memmel turn,  BHS + LOSO, aaand the feed cut out. :( I'm back and I missed the rest of that routine, Thanks Universal Sports, Comcast or whoever.  14.166

Marine Boyer France BB - sq thru mount,  round off + layout 2 ft, sw + sw 1/2,  sissone + fro aerial + spl + wolf, side aerial, L turn 1/1 + 1/1 turn,  spl jump + side somi,  round off + double pike. 14.3

Asuka looked VERY bored right there, lol.

Ellie Black FX Canada -  1 1/2 + double back,  tour jete tour jete 1/2, FHS + fro 2/1 + front tuck,  1/1 turn, she's got interesting choreography and she works it,  Rudi + double pike. 14.133

Okay, moving to rotation three, Canada goes to vault, France to floor, Japan to beam. Mixed group to the bars.

Scores after 2 rotations
Japan 88.566. bars 44.100
France 85.498, beam 42.399
Canada 85.530, 41.695 floor

Mai Murakami BB... or she's waiting for the stinking BEAM JUDGES!! SO SLOW!  chest roll 1/2 mount,  so unique,  front tuck, balance, check,  BHS + LOSO Wolf + spl jump,  side aerial,  2.1 turnwobble,  round off + double pike. Her short haircut gives her attitude! 13.833 (5.8 sv)

Isabella Onyshko VT Canada -  FTY, clean in the air. not a lot of distance. 14.00

Marine Boyer FX France  - tour jete 1/2,  double back,  memmel turn + back leg swing turn,  shimmy, shimmy, 2 1/2,  double pike, stuck. tour jete. Definitely some eye catching choreo. 13.233

Brittany Rogers VT Canada -  1/2 on  full off, stuck. solid. 14.666

Asuka Teramoto BB Japan, side split mt,  2/1 turn, falls, onodi, fro aerial + side somi, BHS + BHS + LOSO, sw 1/2, s w + side aerial,  fro aerial + spl + cross straddle jump,  round off + 3/1 twist. 13.666

Ellie Black VT Canada -  Tsuk  1 1/2, some knee bend in the air.  14.766

Yuki Uchiyama Japan BB - sq thru mt,  round off + 2 ft lay, sw + wolf,  sw ring,  memmel turn 1/1, fro aerial + sheep jump, slow on that connection. Front tuck.  step fwd,  round off + double pike, solid routine. Her teammates are jumping around her. 13.733

Marcia Vidaux Cuba UB -  jump KCHS,  stalder 1/1 + rincal clear hip + stalder 1/2,  Bail,  stalder shoot to HB,  full in, small hop. 23.825

Okay, we're in the home stretch, we are heading into the fourth and FINAL rotation. I mean like FINAL, final. Last of the whole day.

Japan finishes on floor, Canada on bars,  France on vault, mixed group on beam.

Scores after 3 rotations
Japan 130.265, beam total 41.699
Canada 128.262, vault total 44.732
France 126.397, 40.899

France VT - FTY, way under rotated, hands down.

Asuka Teramota FX Japan tour jete,  4/1 turn, 2 1/2, sw ring tour jete 1/1,  double pike. 13.7

To qualify for the team final -
Japan needs a 39.131 on floor
Canada needs a 41.134 on bars
France needs a 42.999

Ellie Black UB -gilde KCHS, + maloney + ray, + piked hindorff, + jaeger, +pak,  toe on + malone 1/2,  toe on layout 1/2 out. 14.5

Isabela Onyshko KCHS + shaposh, + tkatchev, pak, kchs, maloney 1/2,  toe on 1/2 giant L grip to double front. 14.733

Mai Murakami FX Japan- double double,  double layout 1/1,  4/1 turn,  1 1/2 + 2/1 front,  wolf turn 1/1,  sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  double pike, solid routine! I think she may have made floor finals! 14.566

With one more routine to go, Japan is currently in 7th place. They're going to qualify to the team final!

Sae Miyakawa FX Japan - DLO 1/1 twist, popa,  front lay + front double tuck OOB,  sw + tour jete,  double double,  sw side,, DLO, She had that mistake in the middle, but she went balls to the wall and finished strong. 13.266

Final Scores -
Japan 172.564, Floor total 42.299
Canada 171.761 bars total 43.499
France 168.696, vault total 42.299

Filipa Martins Portugal  Beam- waiting on the judges.... Okay, we REALLY need the Jeopardy theme song now.  Side aerial, sw 1/2, side somi,  round off + 2 1/2 twist. That concludes the qualifying round. 13.833

I will be back Tuesday for more gymnastics.  This time, it will be the women's team final!'

I'll post the final results immediately following this post.

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