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Women's Team Final Live Blog

Today, the ladies take to the floor to compete for team Olympic glory.

So many questions float through our heads. Will Team USA dominate as per usual? Will Russia show up and pull of a medal, or will it be a repeat of Glasgow? Will Brazil, equipped with Alexander Alexandrov pull off a medal coup? What about China?

SOOOO many questions and no answers. Well, you're in luck. I'll be live blogging this event (best I can) and I will bring you the answers to your questions you so desire.

To make all your wildest dreams come true, click below the cut and refresh the page every 15 minutes or so for all the gymnastics action!

First rotation -

Based on the qualifications, the teams will be starting on these events. There is two teams per apparatus and they will trade off the starting order every rotation.

VT: USA/China
UB: Russia/Great Britain
BB: Brazil/Germany
FX: Japan/Italy

The first listed team in the pairing will lead off the competition.

Gymnasts walking out on the floor. Aliya is walking out like the prima ballerina. She’s got it.

Nice leos team USA, that’s Kyla Ross’s 2012 Visa’s Leo.

Laurie, Aly and Simone up for USA on vault. Mao Yi, Tan Jiaxin and Wang Yan up for China on vault

Menikova, Mustafina & Spiridonova up for Russia on bars.

Leading off USA for VT –

Laurie Hernandez – DTY, small hop. 15.1

Aly Raisman – Amanar, nearly stuck, or stuck. Best I’ve seen her do that vault 15.833
Jon Horton REALLY wants a 10.0

Simone – Amanar, Huge height, hop on landing, but perfect otherwise. 15.933

Melnikova led bars off for Russia with a 15.133

Daria Spirdonova on bars for Russia – beautiful height, form, maybe some sloppy legs on the full in dismount. 15.1

Melnikova led bars off for Russia with a 15.133

Daria Spirdonova on bars for Russia – beautiful height, form, maybe some sloppy legs on the full in dismount. 15.1

Japan FX –

Sae Miyakawa –DLO 1/1, OOB, fro lay + double frontebm double double, double pike, short, chest down.

"Think everybody got the memo today about the extra bling on the leos."

USA VT 46.866

Russia UB 46.166

Swapping teams China, Netherlands, Britain, Germany

Mao Yi VT – China – DTY, chest down, step FWD, 14.833

Tan Jiaxin – DTY – big hop, lots of power.

Wang Yan – Tsuk 2/1, chest down, step FWD.

44.332 China VT

Celine Van Gerner FX NED - 1 ½ + fro 1/1. Double back. Sw + sw ½ + tour jete, tour jete ½ 13.933

Becky Downie UB GB – glide KCHS, ricna + downie +pak, huge routine, big difficulty. So much amplitude. 15.4 (6.8 SV)

Brits are wearing a lion on their leo. VERY cool

Musty – in bar full – piked jaeger, mustafina dismount.

Flavia BB – side spl mount, BHS + BHS + LOSO+ LOSO, round off * 2 ft lay, sw, sw ring, fro tuck + wolf jump, slow connection, fro aerial + fro aerial + side somi, double pike dismount.

2nd Rotation –

Guess Becky fell on beam? Nope that was Ellie… I got confused.

Vera Van Pol VT NED – Y 1 ½, a little short. 14.1

Fan Yilin China UB - glide KCHS, toe 1/1, pak + shap + gienger + ono+ Ono, DLO, small leg seps, step back

Pauline Schaefer Germany FX DLO, 2/1 attitude turn, FHS + fro 2/1, 1/1 turn, tour jete 1/1, spl ring jump, 14.375

Tan Jiaxin UB China - jump kchs, Shang, pak, Maloney + gienger, giant ½, giant 1/1, over rotated a full pirouette, tkatchev, DLO, small hop, Beautiful routine. 14.491

"The scoring is.. deliberate" That’s tact, take note Al & NBC.

2nd half of the rotation coming up

Mai Murakami VT JPN – DTY, hop back, good vault. 14.833

Asuko VT – Rudi

Simone got a 14.8 to lead off USA on bars.

Gabs – jump KCHS, pike tkatchev + pk, endo ½, DLO dismount, solid.

The floor DJ screwed up Rebecca Andrade’s music, or not.

Okay, I went away for a sec (work emergency). I’m back now

Looks like Andrade had a fall on floor.

Flavia is on floor, full in, sw ring, tour jete 1/1, double pike, she’s a very clean tumbler. Stuck double back. BOOM.

14.766 for Seda Tutkhalyan on beam. That’s a hit for her

Kocian inbar 1/1 + kmova + pak + chow ½ + pike jager, stalder, stalder 1/1, full in. 15.933

14.958 for musty on beam

Rotation 3

Aly BB – side aerial, front tuck + sissone, l turn 1/1, round off + Patterson dismount. 15.00

A rip on bars for Asuka, I just had gymnastics flashbacks. 14.866

Rebecca Andrade VT Brazil – Amanar, shawn Johnson pee pee dance landing. 15.4

Seda Tutkhalyan FX RUS - spl 1/1, DLO, 2 whips to double pike, kind of under rotated on her splits. 13.766

Aliya Mustafina FX Russia - double l turn, full in, small step, memmel turn, 2/1 attitude, doesn’t stay in releve, 1 ½ + fro 1/1, solid, 4/1 turn, spl jump + sw ½, double back, small bounce back.

Simone 3/1 wolf turn barani, BHS + LOSO + LOSO, wobble, front tuck + spl jump, sw + sw ½ + back pike, fro aerial + wolf jump, full in dismount.
Wang Yan China BB - front tuck, sw ring, + spli jump, round off + layout 2 ft, leg up, front tuck, fro aerial, sw + wolf, round off + 3/1 dismount. 14.466
Pauline Schaefer VT – fro layout ½. 14.266
Ellie Downie – 1 ½ step out + tucked double Arabian, pike double Arabian, 2 ½ + fro tuck, double pike, 14.133
Fan Yilin BB China – sw ring + sheep jump, triple full dismount (feed cut out). 15.066
Okay, onwards to the final rotation…
More waiting on the beam judges…. Cue the Jeopardy theme song…
Scores after 3 rotations –
USA 138.898
CHIna 133.937
Japan 131.772
Russia 130.955
Great Britain 129.596
Brazil 128.630
Netherlands 128.365
Germany 127.773

Shang Chunsong FX – double pike, wolf turn. 14.7
Amy Tinkler VT Great Britain – DTY and the feed cut out.
Wang Yan – the feed cut me off again. GRR.
Got the feed back and it looks like Mao Yi, went out of bounds and fell, 12.633, that is not pretty. 176.003, for china to finish.
Angelina Melnikova VT Russia – DTY, good height, form, hop back. 14.9
Laurie Hernandez FX - DLO, some leg seps in the air, but nice height, double Arabian + stag jump, tour jete, front lay + fro 2/1 + front tuck, a little short, saves it. 1/1 turn, double back dismount. 14.833
Maria Paseka Russia VT – amanar, probably the best I’ve seen her do that all competition. Only a small hop on the landing, not too much crazy legs good. 15.7
Aly Raisman is up next for USA on floor -

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