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Valeri Liukin Officially Takes Over for Martha Karolyi as Women's National Team Coordinator

Several months after USA Gymnastics Women's National Team Coordinator, Martha Karolyi announced her impending retirement, Valeri Liukin was officially announced as Martha Karolyi's successor.

Valeri Liukin has a very big tracksuit to fill.

Valeri Liukin is currently the developmental coordinator, in charge of bringing up young talent through the ranks of the elite program. There has been much discussion on who would take over Martha's spot when she announced her retirement earlier this year. Valeri seemed to be the most obvious choice, but the gymternet speculated that Rhonda Faehn, former Florida coach and the current vice president of women's programs would take over for Martha. However, Faehn denied this claim.

Valeri is an accomplished gymnast and coach himself. Originally from Kazakhstan, he is a two time Olympic champion from the former Soviet Union and for the latest generation of gymnastics fans, he's known to them as dad and coach to 2008 Olympic All-Around Champion, Nastia Liukin. He's a business owner of the gym franchise WOGA, which he owns with his business partner, Evgeny Marchenko, coach of 2004 Olympic all-around champion Carly Patterson.  His former pupils also include Rebecca Bross, Ivana Hong, and Katelyn Ohashi.

Per USA Gymnastics, Valeri will start overseeing the national team camps at the upcoming Sept. 28 camp.

For more information:
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