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Georgia @ LSU Live Blog

It's the moment we've all been waiting for. The start of the NCAA season!

I'm starting off with my first live blog of 2017 for Georgia at LSU.

Follow along on all the action with me. Refresh the page every 5-10 minutes for the latest updates!
We're at introductions to the team now and LSU literally puts their gymnasts on a pedestal. I'm so not kidding you right now.

So Didi Breaux is now the SEC Dean of Coaches too? She's a busy woman. She has 700 wins under her belt with this team #winning.

Well, the pre-meet festivities are over. It's time to see some gymanstics!

First rotation - LSU, the home team is on vault. Georgia, the visitor is on bars.

I'm digging Kathy Johnson's new haircut. Just putting that out there...

Opening for LSU on VT - Julianna Cannemela - FTY, small slide, piking a bit, but nice height. 9.825

Leading off on bars for Georgia - Hayley Sanders - jump hecht, toe on, toe 1/2 _ pike jaeger, bail, falls, stalder + dbl back dismount. 8.7 - ick - no way to start off the meet for Georgia.

FYI - one judge is stuck at the airport in Dallas (shitty weather) - therefore there is 1 judge for both bars and vault - maybe some delays in scoring.

Sarah FInnegan LSU VT - FTY - gorgeous, text book, stuck landing. 9.85

Morgan Reynolds UB GA -  jump to HB,  jaeger + pak, DLO dismount, step on landing 9.775

Sydney Ewing VT LSU -  Y 1 1/2, big air, some leg seps in the air, small step on landing. 9.875

Lauren Johnson UB GA jump hecht,  pretty short on that 1st HS, clear hip + gienger, bail,  DLO dismount, big hop FWD 9.65

Kennedy Edney VT LSU - Y 1 & 1/2, huge air, nails the landing. Gorgeous form in the air. 9.95

Rachel Dickson UB GA -Ray,  bail, short on that HS,  DLO bent knees on landing.  9.7

Myia Hambrick VT LSU - FTY, beautiful form, good landing, flares it out. 9.925

Rachel Schick GA UB - KCHS, giatn 1/2 + pike jaeger, bail, DLO, nice air, small hop on landing. 9.7

Ashleigh Gnat VT LSU - DTY, big air, small hop on the landing. 9.925

Sydney Snead UB GA- clear hip Tkatchev, bail,   DLO, stuck. BOOM! Strong anchoring routine for Georgia. 9.875

Final Totals
LSU Vault 49.525
Georgia 48.700

Georgia's achillies heel last year was beam, I wonder if it will be bars this year. BTW - that judge who is switching between events deserves a fucking medal. Seriously.

Second rotation - LSU will move to bars and Georgia will go to vault.

Ashlyn Broussard  VT Georgia- FTY, big air, but landings to the side, and takes a step.9.775

Shae Zamardi UB LSU, Shap, dbl front arabian 9.85

Morgan Reynolds VT Georgia - FTY, solid landing, flat on the amplitude. 9.725

Myia Hambrick UB LSU -  jump KCHS ray,  giant 1/1 + bail,  full in dismount, small step. 9.875

Beth Roberts VT Georgia -  Yurchenko arabian, sits it down. No bueno. :( 8.425

Ashleigh Gnat LSU UB- jump KCHS giatn 1/1 + gienger + bail,  toe shoot to HB, DLO stuck landing. 9.775

Lauren Johnson VT Georgia- FTY, lots of distance, big hop back 9.725

Kennedi Edney UB LSU -  jump to HB - hindorff clear hip + bail,  DLO, very straight in the air, smallish step on landing. 9.875

Rachel Dickson GA VT -  FTY, good landing, low chest, lots of distance, good height. 9.75

Sarah Finnegan UB LSU jump to HB ray beautiful, toe on Bail,  toe shoot to HB,  couple short handstands, DLO dismount, but OMG her form is to die for. 9.9

Sydney Snead Georgia VT - Y 1 & 1/2, small hop, nice air, good form in the air. some soft knees. 9.875

Lexie Priessman, UB LSU tkatchev, pak, leg seps, DLO, stuck. 9.875

Time for rotation three -

Scores after 2 rotations

LSU Uneven Bars 49.375, total 98.900
Georgia Vault 48.850, total 97.55

LSU will go to beam for the third rotation and Georgia will be on floor.

Erin Macadeg BB LSU -  Sw + sw 1/2 + beat jump,  fro aerial + straddle jump,  BHS + LOSO, gainer 1/1 dismount. Beautiful! 9.85

Morgan Reynolds Georgia, Floor - there's a music delay, of course... okay here we go - front 2/1,  BHS + 1 1/2 + fro lay,  sw side + popa, 1/1 turn,  FHS + rudi. Solid routine, good lead off for Georgia. After the cluster fuck of the last two events, they needed a good lead off. 9.8

Myia Hambrick BB LSU -  L turn 1/1,  cat leap + side aerial,  sw + straddle 1/4,  BHS + LOSO,  scale, very pretty, round off + 2/1 dismount. 9.875

Beth Roberts  Georgia FX - double pike,  FHS + fro lay + fro 1/1, tour jete + straddle jump,  double back, another good routine. Hopefully, Georgia will recover on the last two events. 9.75

Lauren Li BB fro aerial + bHS + LOSO,  sw + loso,  1/1 turn, cat leap + sw side, gainer 1/1 dismount, solid. Nice to see a new face in the line ups! 9.85

Vivi Babalis FX Georgia -  double back,  fro 1/1,  tour jete  + sw 1/1,  round off + double back, landed a little short and took a few big steps back 9.425

Sydney Ewing BB LSU -  BHS + 2 ft layout,  cat leap + sw side,  1/1 turn,  1 1/2 twist dismount 9.9

Sabrina Vega FX Full in,  11/2 + fro lay sw ring, double pike, solid AWESOME routine! She has so much personality on floor! So excited to see her compete again 9.8

Sarah Finnegan LSU BB - 3/1 wolf turn,  BHS + LOSO sw + sw 1/2,  side somi,  side aerial + 1/1 dismount. Beautiful! 9.95

Gigi Marino Georgia FX double pike, big amplitude,  tour jete + sw 1/2, 1 1/2 + fro lay, headstand,  tucked dbl back, solid. Boom 9.825

Ashleigh Gnat BB LSU -  fro aerial + beat jump, 1/1 turn,  sw + side straddle,  sw side,  BHS + LOSO,  round off + 2/1 twist, small hop. 9.875

Damn LSU, you are looking FIERCE!

Sydney Snead Georgia FX - full in just in bounds,  FHS + rudi + back HS step out,  sw + wolf 1/1 + popa,  double pike, low chest on landing, 9.675

On to the final rotation - LSU finishes on floor, and Georgia will finish on beam.

Scores after 3 rotations
LSU Beam 49.425, 3 event total 148.350
Georgia Floor 48.825, 3 event total 146.375

Sabrina Vega leads off Georgia on beam - BHS + LOSO, big wobble, saves it,  fro aerial + beat jump,  side somi,  sw  + spl 3/4,  1/1 turn,  side aerial + 1/1 twist, small hop on the landing. Oh she made it rain! 9.625 - she deserves an extra .25 for making it rain on beam. Seriously. she fills the Taylor Rice sized hole in my heart.

Sydney Ewing FX LSU -  FHS + 2/1 twist,  FHS + fro 1/1 + fro lay,  sw side + popa,  double pike, some knee buckling on landing. 9.85

Rachel Dickson BB Georgia - sw sw 1/2,  BHS + LOSO, falls,  fro aerial + beat jump, a little slow on the connection,  round off + 2/1 twist, big step to the side. Sigh. 9.150

Shae Zamardi -  double arabian,  double back,  sw side + popa, fro 2/1 + fro lay, 9.85

Sydney Snead Georgia BB, BHS + LOSO + BHS, double full dismount? 9.8

Lexie Priessman FX LSU - huge full in,  punch fro lay + fro 1/1 + spl jump,  tour jete + spl 1/1, landed her double pike on her face. 9.2

Broussard BB - BHS + LOSO, falls, second fall for Georgia in this rotation. 9.2

Myia Hambrick FX -  DLO, huge,  2/1 + front tuck,  tour jete + wolf 1/2,  double pike. 9.9

Vivi Babalis BB  -  fro aerial, wobble,  sw + spl,  1/1 turn, small wobble,  fro toss + back tuck,  round off + double back, takes several big steps 9.5

McKenna Kelly FX LSU - huge DLO, that was easy for her, full in,  tour jete + tuck jump 1/1,  punch front + tuck dbl back. She is looking so confident! Hope to see her on another event this year.

Rachel Schick just had Georgia's third fall on beam. side aerial,  gainer 1/1 dismount, hop. 9.125

Ashleigh Gnat FX LSU -  DLO, beautiful,  2 1/2 +fro tuck, sw ring + sw 1/2,  double pike to finish. 9.95

LSU just killed it.

Final Scores
LSU floor 49.475, 4 event total 197.825
Georgia Beam 47.225, 4 event total 193.600

Well, LSU just murdered Georgia. They just beat them by a ridiculous 4.225 points.

Georgia... oh Georgia... Well, they've got somewhere to work up from and they can only go up from here. Hopefully, they'll get it a little more together next week.

Join me tomorrow at 5 p.m. Mountain time (7 p.m.eastern) for Michigan at Utah. I'll be live-blogging MyKayla Skinner's official NCAA debut.

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