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Michigan @ Utah Live Blog

Tonight, Michigan begins their season on the road at Utah.

Michigan is looking to get a good start to their season and make it to NCAAs, since they missed out last year.

Utah is looking for a Super Six berth after failing to make it last year. Also, MyKayla Skinner, world medalist, Olympic alternate is making her NCAA debut with Utah tonight in front of 15,000 fans.

Refresh the page every few minutes for the latest updates!

Utah is amazing and they have put their (tentative) line-ups in their meet notes. I put a screenshot below for reference.

Ok, well, this is going to be delayed because the PAC-12 Networks are stupid and they're playing basketball instead of gymnastics. :(

Ok it's on and I missed the first routine, now I'm pissed. Anyways..

Kari Lee VT Utah 9.775

Sabrina Schwab VT Utah 9.725

Tiffani Lewis VT Utah -  FTY, good height, did she stick? 9.825

Polina Shchennikova UB Mich - KCHS maloney + pak, some leg seps, aand she fell.  short on that HS, giant 1/1 + double back 9.025

McKenna Merrill UT VT - Y 1 1& 1/2, step to the side. 9.85

Nicole Artz Mich UB -  jump hecht giatn 1.2 + pike jaeger, nice air, DLO, small slide on landing with that back foot. 9.775

kim Tessen Vt Utah - Yurchenko 1 & 1/2, big hop 9.57

Brianna Brown Ub Michigan- toe on + pak,  toe on, DLO, some leg seps in air, small hop on the landing. 9.85

MyKayla Skinner anchoring VT for Utah -  DTY, HUGE, HUGE air, hop on the landing, but should score well. 9.9

Paige Zasiski UB jump to HB,  giant 1/1 Tkatchev,  bail, toe shoot, falls two falls for Michigan, not a a way to start a meet, DLO dismount, stuck landing. Lame sauce. :( 9.275

Scores after 1 rotation
Utah vault 49.100
Michigan uneven bars 48.300

Second rotation - Utah goes to bars, Michigan is on vault. Hopefully, they'll be able to make up some ground there.

Maddie Osman will lead Michigan off on vault - FTY, step FWD, chest down a bit.9.775

Kim Tessen leads off bars for Utah - jump to HB  giatn 1/2 + jaeger, bail, full in dismount, small step. 9.8

Nicole Artz VT Mich  - FTY, piked down in the air a bit, step fwd. 9.8

Makenna Merrill UB toe on + deltchev, bail,  stalder+ double back, 9.85

Talia Chiarelli VT Mich -  Y 1 & 1/2, small knee bend on 2nd twist, small hop? Stick? 9.85

MyKayla Skinner UB Utah - KCHS,  maloney bail, toe on, toe on  full in dismount 9.9

Paige Zaziski VT Mich -  FTY, nice form, good landing 9.825

Tiffani Lewis UB Utah -  jump KCHS,  giatn 1/1 + tkatchev,  bail,  toe shoot to HB, DLO, stuck. 9.875

Emma McLean VT Mich -  FTY, lots of height, small hop on landing, 9.85

Sabrina Schwab UB Utah - KCHS, toe on + toe shoot to hb giant 1/2 + jaeger, beautiful, bail,  stalder + double back dismount, stuck. beautiful 9.825

Olivia Karas VT Michigan, FTY, big height, big step back. 9.8

Baely Rowe UB Utah, jump to HB KCHS,  giant 1/1 Tkatchev,  bail, DLO dismount, small hop 9.825

Scores after 2 rotations

Utah - Bars 49.275 Total 98.375
Michigan Vault 49.125, total 97.425

Third rotation, Utah will go to beam and Michigan will be on floor.

Makenna Merrill leads off beam for Utah -  sw + spl,  BHS+ BHS+ LOSO, nice,  fro aerial,  1/1 turn, flashes the U, front tuck, round off + 2/1 dismount 9.825

Paige Zaziski leads off floor for Michigan -  double pike,  sw 1/2 + sw 1/1,  double back,  and a moonwalk, fro 1/1 + front tuck, falls on her booty. Another shit start. 9.025

Sabrina Schwab UT BB - press hs to planche,  sw + straddle side,  front aerial + split jump,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO,  switch side, cartwheel to gainer 1/1 dismount. 9.8

Maddie Osman Michigan FX - double back,  punch front lay + fro 1/1,  wolf 1/1 jump,  switch side + wolf jump,  double pike, short on landing, big step fwd. 9.675

MyKayla Skinner BB Utah -  BHS + LOSO, some knee bend,  side aerial + sissone,  switch + split jump,  cross straddle + back tuck, round off + double back dismount. 9.85

Emma McLean FX Michigan -  double pike,  double back,  tour jete + popa,  front lay + fro 1/1. Solid. 9.825

Maddy Stover BB Utah -  1/1 turn,   front aerial + bhs, a little slow on the connection,  spl + cross straddle, spl jump,  round off + gainer 1/1 dismount. 9.825

Olivia Karas Michigan FX-  double arabian,  tour jete + wolf 1/2,  front lay + fro 1/1, clean double pike. Nailed it. Boom. 9.75

Kari Lee BB Utah -  1/1 turn,  BHS + BHS + LOSO,  sw + side straddle,  side aerial, small wobble,  round off+ double full dismount, nails that. Yes. 9.8

Talia Chiarelli FX Mich -  full in,  1 1/2 + fro lay + fro tuck,  switch side + popa,  double pike. 9.8

Baely Rowe anchors beam for Utah -  jump to shoulder stand mount,  sw + side straddle, BHS + BHS + LOSO,  1/1 turn,  front toss, the moonwalk, round off + 1 & 1/2 twist dismount. 9.925

Anchoring floor for Michigan, Nicole Artz -  pike full in,  sw + sw 1/2,  FHS + fro lay + fro 1/1,  double pike. 9.875

Scores after 3 events -
Utah - beam 49.225, 3 event total 147.600
Michigan - floor 48.925, 3 event total 146.350

Final rotation - Utah will finish the night on floor while Michigan finishes on beam.

Leading off beam for Michigan Paige Zaziski -  cat leap + switch side,  BHS + LOSO,  sw + cross straddle,  1/1 turn, gainer 1/1 dismount. A hit routine for Michigan to lead off. Thank goodness. 9.8

Leading off floor for Utah, Baely Rowe -  double pike,  tour jete,  fro 2/1,  fro 1 1/2 + fro lay, is short but saves it. 9.75

Lexi Funk BB Michigan -  BHS + BHS + LOSO, wobble,  swi side + straddle,  cat leap + side aerial, falls,  1 1/2 9.2

Macey Roberts FX Utah -  double pike,  fro lay + rudi,  1 1/2 + fro 1/2 + stag jump

Lauren Marinez BB Mich -  fro aerial+ BHS+LOSO, 1/1 turn,  beat + stag ring jump, small wobble,  round off + 2/1 dismount. 9.85

Makenna Merrill FX Utah -  pike full in, sw ring + tour jete , fro 2/1 + front tuck,  FHS + rudi + straddle jump. Mic drop bitches! 9.9

Brianna Brown BB Mich -  fro aerial+ bhs, sw + spl,  round off + 2/1 twist dismount, stuck. 9.825

Tiffani Lewis FX Utah - full in, chest down on landing, FHS + fro lay + fro 1/1,  sw side + popa, double back, puts her hands down, 9.275

Olivia Karas BB Mich -  front tuck + beat jump,  spl + pike jump,  BHS + LOSO, small wobble but hides it well,  rudi dismount 9.85

Sabrina Schwab FX Utah - double pike,  1 1/2 + fro lay,  2 1/2 out of bounds. 9.625

Talia Chiarelli anchoring beam for Michigan -  BHS + BHS + LOSO, wobble,  beat jump + straddle 3/1,  cat leap + side aerial,  1/1 turn,  round off + double back, stuck 9.85

MyKayla Skinner anchoring floor for Utah -  jump L 1/1,  double double, cat leap, tour jete, punch front,  1 1/2 + 2/1 twist,  full in. 9.9

Final scores -
Utah - floor 49.025 - 4 event total 196.625
Michigan - beam 49.175 -  4 event total 195.525

Whelp, Utah wins by 1.1 points.

MyKayla Skinner won the all-around with a 39.550, and she won vault, bars - yes, BARS, and floor.

Just to make that crystal clear, MyKayla WON bars with a 9.9. Just let that sink in.

While you're processing that, I'll be back tomorrow and I'll be live blogging Florida at NC State at 12 p.m. MT.

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