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NCAA Gymnastics 2017 - Power Rankings Week 3

We're now three weeks into the NCAA gymnastics and the stakes are getting higher.

So who holds all the power in the NCAA this week? Well, to answer that questions, I bring you this week's power rankings.

These aren't the official Road to Nationals rankings, rather they are stories and people that have caught my attention throughout the week, whether it be note-worthy events or a reaction to something.

Last week's power rankings were:

1. UNC's Support for the LGBTQ community
2. Georgia is officially not broken!
3. Ashleigh Gnat gets a 10.00 on Vault
4. No, AJ Jackson does not need to smile more

Without further adieu, here is this week's power rankings:
1. Maggie Nichols basically owns the NCAA right now

Maggie Nichols is living up to her Twitter handle and brining the swag to NCAA and to Oklahoma. Since the first week, she's fucking dominated in the rankings. She's currently averaging a 39.783, that means she's currently averaging a 9.95 (9.945) on every event.

This weekend, she scored a near perfect 39.875, 0.125 away from a perfect 40. If, at some point, she were to score a perfect 40, she'd only be the second NCAA gymnast to do so, the first being Karin Lichey of Georgia. 

And speaking of a perfect score, Maggie posted the second 10.00 of the season and the second on vault. 

2. More 10's - Nicole Artz gets a 10.00 on floor

On Sunday's meet against Illinois, Michigan Senior, Nicole Artz posted her first perfect 10.00 on floor, marking the first 10.00 for Michigan since 2014, when Joanna Sampson scored a 10 at the Big Ten Championships for Michigan, again on the floor exercise.  

Nicole's 10 was well deserved, she showed a great range of difficulty, opening with a beautiful pike full in and beautiful positions on her leaps and jumps. Nicole radiated joy during her routine and when she finished, she was joined by her equally joyous teammates. 

Speaking of Michigan...

3. The Return of Michigan

Third time was the charm for Michigan, winning their first home meet of the season after two tough weeks on the road. They started out the season very slowly, averaging a 195.625 in their first two meets. They were plagued by uncharacteristic mistakes, especially during their first meet of the season against Utah. Fans were rife with worry upon seeing those low scores, but they assured everyone, they would be just fine.

The Michigan of 2016 surfaced again at their home opener against Illinois-Champaign, winning the meet with a 197.050, 1.425 better than their average for their first two meets.

4. Ruby Harrold finally surfaces to compete for LSU

LSU's meet against Texas Women's University marked the first ever collegiate competition for one Miss Ruby Harrold of Great Britain. 

Ruby competed on bars and floor and much to the delight of fans everywhere, brought her Zuchold-Schleudern to the NCAA, earning her a 9.875. The reason for her absence? Well, the word according to commentators,  they were resting her since she came from competing in the Olympics over the summer and the coaches and staff wanted her to acclimate to her new surroundings.

She also showed off awesome tumbling on floor, opening with a huge front double full to earn a 9.85. Now that she's made her debut, fans will expect to see her making the line-ups regularly. 

Every meet if possible. Just saying...

Here's a playlist of routines and meets from week 3. I'll update it later as I have the time.


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