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UCLA @ Oklahoma Live Blog

UCLA travels to Oklahoma for their second meet of the season and Oklahoma is at home two weeks in a row.

This is going to be the battle of the elites, Olympians Kyla Ross and Madison Kocian versus fellow elites and world champs, Maggie Nichols and Brenna Dowell.

I'm here providing you all the good, juicy details, so refresh the page every few minutes for all the info.

Thanks to @USAFierce5fans on Twitter for providing the miracle live feed URL so the Gymternet (including myself) can watch this meet. You are awesome!

For the first rotation - Oklahoma is on vault and UCLA is on bars.

Charity Jones VT Oklahoma - FTY, good height, hop on the landing 9.825

Alex Marks VT Oklahoma - FTY, step fwd. maybe a little low? 9.775

Janay Honest UB UCLA - tkatchev, giant 1/2 + straddle back,KCHS, full in, stuck 9.875

Sonya Meraz UB UCLA -  jump to HB,  ray, KCHS, toe on + bail,  DLO, piked at first, but opens on 2nd flip 9.825

Chayse Capps VT Oklahoma - FTY, stuck landing, beautiful in the air. 9.925

Stella Savvidou UCLA UB giant 1/2 + piked ray,  beautiful HS, bail,  giant 1/1 + double back.
Hop 9.8

Brenna Dowell VT -  Y 1  &1/2, small hop, but good form, nice distance. 9.85

Kyla Ross UB UCLA KCHS,  maloney + pak + toe shoot to HB, DLO, beautiful, perfect stuck. 9.925

AJ Jackson VT - huge Y 1 & 1/2, hop on the landing but so high.9.9

Peng Peng UB UCLA -  jump to HB , ray,  bharadwaj, toe on + maloney 1/2, DLO, stuck.

Maggie VT - y 1 & 1/2, stuck! 9.925

Madison Kocian fell on her pak on bars. KCHS,  maloney 1/2 - looses it,  full in. Word from Bart Conner is she's maybe having grip problems. 8.9

Nicole Lehrmann VT Exhibition  - FTY

Rochelle Dennis Exhibition bars for UCLA -  jump hect giant 1/2 + gienger, bail, giant 1/1 + double back

Scores after the first rotation -
Oklahoma Vault 49.425
UCLA bars 49.350

Second rotation - Oklahoma is on bars and UCLA is on vault

Sonya Meraz will lead off UCLA on vault - FTY, stuck. Good form in the air.

Chayse Capps UB -giant 1/1 + tkatchev, bail, short HS,  full in, tries to hold the stick but  steps fwd 9.9

Gracie Kramer VT UCLA - FTY

Stefanie Catour UB jump to HB, ray,  toe on + bail,  KCHS, DLO, nice open hip angles, stuck landing.

Pua Hall UCLA - FTY, big height, hop on landing.

Nicole Lehrmann UB Oklahoma -  jump hecht, KCHS, giant 1/2 + jaeger,  toe on + bail,  toe on ...

And the feed cut out. Errrr.

Ok, well, sorry, live blog is over for now. I'm at the mercy of a feed that broke since Fox and Comcast suck really hard right now.

Sorry to disappoint. :(

Feed decided to come back.

Ok - I'm back I'm in the middle of the 3rd rotation. Kocian is on floor

Switch-ring, Double pike. get's a 9.9

Chayse Capps is on beam for Oklahoma -  tic toc, stag ring jump,  BHS + LOSO,  Fro aerial,  sw + side straddle, round off + gainer 1/1 dismount.

Hallie Mossett FX UCLA -  whip + double back,  1/1 attitude turn,  tour jete, headstand, single ladies dance! :) aerial, double pike, tour jete + popa.

Scores after 3 rotations -
Oklahoma, beam 49.55, 3 event total 148.450
UCLA, floor 48.950, 3 event total 147.375

Final rotation Oklahoma is on floor, UCLA finishes on beam.

Mikaela Gerber leading off beam for UCLA - wolf turn 1/1, fro aerial + spl jump,  BHS + LOSO, sw + spl + beat jump,  BHS + gainer 1/1 stuck 9.825

Charity Jones leads off floor for Oklahoma -  2 1/1 + fro tuck,  1 1/2 + fro lay,  tour jete + straddle jump, double pike, landing with ease. 9.875

Sonya Meraz BB UCLA -  BHS + BHS + LOSO, sw 1/2,  sw + cross straddle,  1/1 turn, small wobble,  round off + 1 & 1/2 twist dismount 9.775

Natalie Brown FX Oklahoma -  FHS + 2/1 twist,   fhs + fro lay + fro 1/1,  round off + LOSO,  tour jete,  FHS + rudi 9.85

Kyla BHS + LOSO, switch ring,  1/1 turn,  front aerial,  sw + beat jump,  side aerial + 1/1 dismount. 9.825

Brenna Dowell FX Oklahoma -  fhs + double front stuck,  1/1 + fro lay, sw side + popa,  front layout + front full, 9.9

Madison Kocian BB UCLA -traddle split mount,  front aerial + sheep jump,  BHS + LOSO, small wobble, 1/1 turn,  sw + spl, round off + 2/1 twist dismount. stuck. 9.925

Chayse Capps FX Oklahoma - double pike,  front hand srping front lay, front full,  sw side + popa,  front handspring + rudi. Per Bart Conner - she's Princess Leia in her routine. :'( 9.9

Peng Peng Lee BB UCLA - flares,  sw + spl,  BHS + 2 ft layout,  2/1 turn, punch full off the end of the beam for her dismount.

AJ Jackson FX Oklahoma -  if Chayse was princess Leia, AJ's the Terminator, full in first pass,  whip + front 1/2 + front lay,  popa,  double pike 9.9 - Bart Conner said that she's a graffiti artist at night? Ok, sure.

Katelyn Ohashi   BHS + BHS + 2 ft lay,  sw ring + beat jump,  1/1 turn,  front aerial,  BHS + loso + 2/1 twist dismount. 9.925

Maggie Nichols anchoring floor for Oklahoma -  pike full in first pass,  1 & 1 /2 step out to 2/1 twist,  front tuck,  sw ring + tour jete, double pike 9.95

Macy Toronjo BB exhibiiotn - sw + spl,  BHS + loso, small wobble,  sw 1/2,  side aerial,  1/1 turn, round off + 1 & 1/2 twist dismount.

Nicole Turner FX Exhibition -  double pike,  front full + front layout,  sw side + wolf 1/2,  double back, chest is down a bit.

Final scores -
Oklahoma 198.025, floor 49.525
UCLA 196.825, beam 49.450

That's all for now! I'll be back on Friday for more live blogging. Stay tuned!


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