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2017 ATT American Cup Live Blog

Today, I'm live blogging the American Cup.

Still in pain as my wrist is not healed completely, but I'll see if I can survive.

Refresh the page every so often to get the stuff.
I'll mostly follow the ladies because I'm not really as familiar with men's gymnastics.

Tisha Volleman Netherlands Vault - FTY

Asuka Teramoto Vault  Japan - handspring front 1/2, piked the landing, but decent height.

Melanie Dos Santos France Vault - FTY, step back on landing, nice body position - wished she held it longer because she piked down to land. 13.466

Xie Yufen VT China - FTY - maybe a DTY, I think I missed it.

Riley McCusker USA VT -  DTY, chest down on landing and takes a step to the side.

Emily Whitehead Australia VT -  FTY, lots of height, big hop on landing.

Yul Moldaur is on rings for the USA guys. He's got nice lines and toes.

Amy Tinkler VT Great Britain - DTY, nicest of the competition so far, good body form in the air, smallish hop on landing.

Ragan Smith USA Vault - DTY, hop on landing. lots of power. leg seps on pre flight 14.433

Kim Bui VT Germany - FTY, big hop on landing. Nice end zone semi arabesque. Ha.

Joining the NBC broadcast now

Ladies are on bars, gentlemen are on vault.

Melanie Dos Santos Bars shap, clear hip, toe shap 1/2, giant full, missed her dismount because I was distracted.

Moldaur is leading  the guys with a 42.466.

Oleg Vernaiev of Ukraine did a Dragulescu vault and landed with his chest down, deep squat.

Yufen Bars -  KCHS toe shap + pak, shap 1/2,  g 1/2,  full, tkatchev, short on her handstands. 13.833

Akash Modi did a very nice Tsuk 2 1/2 I think... 14.2

McCusker Bars -  stalder 1/1 + sjap + tkatchev, shang, falls,  ricna,+pak, knees dragged on the ground  double front 1/2 dismount I think 13.1

Ragan Smith Bars -  toe 1/1 blind change to jaeger, ricna, pak, stalder shoot to HB, full in, stuck. 14.400

Teramoto Bars -  in bar 1/1 + gienger in bar + stalder 1/2 + pike jaeger, full in, good landing. Nice routine, good form, handstands were pretty clean

Yul Moldaur is leading the men with a 57.332. I do like this guy, he made pommel horse interesting to me!

Verniaev looks quite a bit older to me now. He had an error on his pbars routine, hit his foot on the bar. Double front 1/2 dismount, good landing.14.933

Tim Daggett is losing his shit over Akash Modi. Very energetic and dynamic pbars routine. 15.033, 6.1 SV

McCusker Beam -  wolf 2/1 to another wolf  front aerial + straddle jump,  BHS to 2 loso series, solid, sw +s w 1/2 +back tuck, side aerial,  sw ring, big wobble, oh holy shit, her foot clipped the beam on her double back and she landed on her HEAD. 12.6

Smith Beam -  side split mount,  2 1/2 wolf turn,  sw 1/2,  BHS + 2 ft lay,  tucked full, chest was down on landing and she fell,  front aerial,  wolf jump  1/2, double pike dismount, almost fell again on this wolf jump. 13.266

Volleman Beam - frotn tuck,  1/1 L turn + double turn,  spl jump,  FHS + front toss, solid, back tuck,  side somi, solid,  loving her dance series there,  laid out gainer 1/1 dismount, solid. Love Love LOVE that routine! 12.200

Teramoto Beam -  3/1 turn,  BHS + BHS + LOSO,  spl jump + sw + side somi,  sw 1/2, onodi, small balance check,  fro aerial + straddle jump, side aerial,  2 1/2 dismount, step on the landing, beautiful routine. 13.633

So far Ragan Smith is in the lead with 42.099 for the ladies, Moldaur is leading the guys with 72.198.

Yufen FX -  3/1 turn,  2 1/2, 1 1/2 + front pike,  sw side + 2/1 L turn - slow connection, chest down on her double back,  double pike, chest down, big, step,  11.966

McCusker FX -  full in,  memmel turn,  fro 2/1 + front tuck, wolf 3/1,  double pike,  sw ring  + sw 1/2,  double back, deep landing. 13.500

Teramoto FX -  3/1 twist,  memmel turn,  FHS + fro 2/1,  tour jete, 3/1 turn  popa,  sw ring, tour jete 1/2,  double pike.

Smith FX -  DLO, leg seps in the air,  1 1/2 step out + 2/1, sw + tour jete,  double arabian,  sw 1/1, wolf turn 2/1,  double pike, deep knee bend on landing.

Ryohei Kato had a splat fest on high bar with an 11.066.

Yul HB  guant 1/1, jam 1/2,  kovacs,  hop 1/1 tkt 1/2 lay out,  double double layout and he stuck
He needs like a 13.1 to win. 13.733 85.931 total

Ragan wins with a 56.099.

Well that was fun.

Done for now.  Maybe back tomorrow if I'm not in too much pain. Alabama at Georgia at 12 and Florida at LSU at 1.


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