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NCAA Gymnastics 2017 Regionals Assignments

Following the conclusion of conference championships over the weekend, regional championship placements were announced live today on the NCAA Regionals Selection show.

The Regional Championships will decide which teams (and individuals) will go on to the national championships in St. Louis. Out of the six regional competitions, the top two scoring teams will advance to NCAAs.

The top 18 teams were seeded by their rankings based on their RQS (regional qualifying score). Teams ranked 19-36 were assigned based on geography.

The Regional Placements are listed below the cut

Note: the host team will be highlighted in bold font. Seeded placements will be denoted by their rank.

Seattle Regional

# 1 Oklahoma
# 12 Kentucky
# 13 Washington
Utah State

Individual Qualifiers:
Alexis Brown, UC Davis
Lauren Rice, Sacramento State
Caitlin Soliwoda, Sacramento State
Kaitlin Won, San Jose State
Alternate - Ariana Harger, Seattle Pacific

Event Specialists
Ariana Harger, Seattle Pacific
Julia Konner, Sacramento State
Alt - Katy Nogaki, UC Davis

Uneven Bars:
Yonni Michovska, UC Davis
Rachel Heinl, San Jose State
Alt - Sarah Liddle, UC Davis

Balance Beam
Yasmine Yektaparast, UC Davis
Taylor Chan, San Jose State
Alt - Chelsey Andrada, San Jose State

Floor Exercise
Taylor Chan
Ariana Harger
Alt - Yasmine Yektaparast

Champaign Regional

# 5 UCLA
# 8 Oregon State
# 17 Iowa
Eastern Michigan
Ohio State


All Around
Nicola Deans - Michigan State
Rachael Underwood, Western Michigan
Anna Corbett - Western Michigan
Ashley White, Centenary
Alt - Kaitlyn Menzione, Ball State

Event Specialists
Jovannah East, Bowling Green
Lauren Feely, Bowling Green
Alt- Sarah Ebeyer, Ball State

Jessie Peszek, Western Michigan
Hailee Westney, Michigan State
Alt- Lindsey Lemke, Michigan State

Jovannah East
Jessie Peszek
Alt - Baylee Bell, Ball State

Elena Lagoski - Mich State
Kira Fredrick - Mich State
Alt - Kayla Rose, Ball State

Fayetteville Regional

# 4 Utah
# 9 Denver
# 16 California
Central Michigan


Mikailla Northern, Univ. of Illinois - Chicago
Alexis Brawner, Southeast Missouri State
Ashley Potts, Northern Illinois
Katherine Prentice, NIU
Alt. - Schyler Jones, Texas Woman's

Event Specialists
Schyler Jones
Kierstin Sokolowski, Lindenwood
Alt - Katey Oswalt, Lindenwood

Jamayra Carter, NIU
Courtney Dowdell, NIU
Alt- Nichelle Christopherson, Arizona State

Nichelle Christopherson
Kierstin Sokolowski
Alt- Mallory Moredock, Texas Woman's

Gabrielle Cooke, NIU
Courtney Dowdell
Alt - Katey Oswalt

Lincoln Regional

# 2 LSU
# 11 Boise State
# 14 Nebraska
Iowa State


Kara Witgen, Air Force Academy
Mariana Murphy, Air Force Academy

Event Specialists

Anna Salamone, Air Force
Jamie Lewis, Air Force
Riley Hill, Air Force

Anna Salamone
Brittney Reed, Air Force
Darby Germain, Air Force
Jamie Lewis

Riley Hill
Brittney Reed
Rita Koenigbauer, Air Force
Chelsea Grimison, Air Force

Casey Bell, Air Force
Jamie Lewis
Darby Germain
Brittney Reed

Morgantown Regional

# 6 Alabama
# 7 Michigan
#18 Southern Utah
George Washington
West Virginia
Kent State


All- Around
Majesta Valentine, West Chester
Lyanda Dudley, Cornell
Caroline Morant, Brown
Libby Groden, Rutgers
Alt- Daisy Todd, Temple

Event Specialists

Tracey Pearson, Pittsburgh
Kimberly Stewart, Bridgeport
Alt - Ava Mahgoub, Temple

Taylor Laymon, Pittsburgh
Daisy Todd
Alt - Kaitlin Green, Cornell

Brianna Comport, Bridgeport
Kaitlin Green
Alt - Makenzey Shank, Rutgers

Brianna Comport
Maya Reimers, Bridgeport
Alt- Tracey Pearson

Gainesville Regional

# 3 Florida
# 10 Georgia
# 15 Missouri
New Hampshire
Penn State
North Carolina


Chelsea Knight, NC State
Gabriella Yarussi, Towson
Tyra McKellar, Towson
Kirsten Peterman, Maryland
Alt - Paris Phillips, NC State

Event Specialists

Sarah Faller, Maryland
Paris Phillips
Alt - Erin Tucker, Towson

Amanda Fillard, NC State
Melissa Brooker, NC State
Alt- Alecia Farina, Maryland

Mary Elle Arouino, Towson
Sarah Faller
Alt - Drew Grantham, NC State

Emily Brauckmuller, Maryland
Alecia Farina
Alt- Paris Phillips

Rotation draws, schedules and a breakdown of the competition to come later in the week.


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