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Goings on and Such - NCAA Gymnastics Edition

Today in the world of NCAA gymnastics we have Amanars being thrown and some light "team restructuring."

- Ashleigh Gnat just casually throws an Amanar... Because why not?

LSU Gymnast Ashleigh Gnat is known for her huge Yurchenko double full. But now she's randomly busting out an Amanar (Yurchenko 2 1/2).  She posted a video of herself in the training gym casually throwing a huge Amanar.Ashleigh is a senior and her and her DTY are graduating. Maybe she could take that and go elite?

A post shared by Ashleigh Gnat (@ash_gnat13) on

Even if it's probably really unlikely for Ashleigh to go elite, she ends her career at LSU a 17-time All-American. She took home her share of the NCAA national floor title last weekend in St. Louis. She will forever be remembered by her adorable skip on to the floor during the second semi-final.

-Drama in Athens (Georgia)

Georgia had a rough start to their season opening with abysmal scores against LSU in their first meet of the season. Then, they had a meltdown at NCAAs and failed to make it to Super Six and placed dead last.

The most recent drama comes courtesy of the Red and Black student newspaper, reporting that three gymnasts have been let go from the team, Natalie Vaculik, Caroline Bradford and Jasmine Arnold. The reasons why are unknown. Danna Durante, Georgia's head coach at first refused to say anything, but came back later and said reasons for this "dismissal" were "confidential."

Here's Danna in her own words -
"They're great kids. Dismissal makes them sound like a problem, which they weren't."

Due to all the drama, their end of year banquet has been pushed to August.

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