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Regionals Live Blog

The post-season is here. It all comes down to performances at the Regionals today.

Out of the six regionals, the top two teams from each regional will advance to the NCAA National Gymnastics Championships in St. Louis in less than two weeks.

The pressure is on.

I'll be starting with the Gainsville Regional for this live blogging stint.

Since the West Virginia Regional is happening simultaneously, I'll be live blogging that too.

So in Florida, we have Florida (duh) on bars, Georgia on vault, Missouri is on a bye, Penn State is on beam, New Hampshire is on a bye, North Carolina is on floor.

In Morgantown - Michigan is on vault, Alabama is on bars,  West Virginia is on beam, Kent State is on floor. Southern Utah & George Washington are on byes.

Morgan Reynolds VT UGA - y full, nice landing, but a bit off to the side.

I've missed everyone because I can't seem to get the multi-screen thing to work.  Gotta be smarter than the technology dammit!

Kennedy Baker is on bars, nice high Ray, bail, toe shoot to HB. Double front dismount and stuck it.

Meels - nice shap + pak + shap 1/2 combo, didn't see the dismount, but solid landing I think.

Morgan Lane FX UNC -  popa combination, nice. she's got so much spunk.  FHS + rudi, solid.

Florida is apparently having issues. Their bars total is 48.975, very sub-par for Florida. Georgia leads with 49 something. The live scoring website went down.

Got them now -

Georgia 49.325 vault
Florida 48.975 bars
North Carolina floor 48.8
Penn State beam 48.8

Over to Morgantown,

Solid FTY from Paige Zaziski of Michigan.

Nicole Artz VT- FTY, nice height, but had a hop on the landing.

Ari Guerra bars Alabama -  giant 1/2 + jaeger, some toes,  legs separated on that jump to the HB. Stuck landing.

Amanda Jetter Bars Alabama ray. bail, giant 1/2 + double front

Talia Chiarelli VT Mich - FTY, solid landing.

Kira Koshinski BB  WV-  huge double back dismount, some cowboying in the air though.

Kiana Winston Bars Alabama -  ray, beautiful perfect pak to LB,  stuck her full in, beautiful

Abby Hunt BB WVU - stuck double full dismount.

Olivia Karas posts a huge Y 1 1/2 for Michigan, but takes a step on the landing.

Katie Bailey Bars Alabama -  jaeger, big air,  bail, toe circle, little short on that last handstand but sticks her full in dismount.

Zaakira Muhammed 1/1 turn,  beat jump + spl 3.4, small bobble,  cat leap + side aerial + full dismount.

Another 1 1/2 for Emma McLean of Michigan

Brooklyn Doggette  WVU BB - some slightly bent knees on her acro series. Sissone, stuck gainer pike dismounts.

Kennedy Baker on beam Florida - wolf turn,  front aerial + BHS, solid,  small wobble on a leap,  stuck 2/1 dismount.

Mya Rivers Bridgeport FX -  full in, chest was bit low, short landing,  sw + tour jete 1/2,  1 1/2 + front lay,  double stag ring jump,

Morgantown Scores -
Alabama 49.35
Michigan 49.200
Kent State 49.025
West Virginia 48.700

Morgan Lane UNC VT - y full on, back pike off. solid landing. Unique vault.

Rachel Gowey BB Fl -  sw + spl, BHS + BHS + LOSO, small balance check,  fro aerial,  1/1 turn, gainer full dismount

Keely McNeer Beam Alabama -  fro aerial, big break, another big break on her loso,
BHS + LOSO,  sw + spl, stuck dismount.

Alexandra Gold bars GW - solid routine, nice height on her tkatchev, beautiful DLO

Meanwhile in Florida, Alex McMurtry casually sticks her double full beam dismount.

Aja Sims BB -  spl jump, nice split level,  BHS + LOSO, beautiful, solid,  sw side + straddle,  round off + double back dismount, solid.

Jillian Winstanley Bars George Washington -  nice 1st hs, deltcehv, giant 1/1, bail, full in, small step, some leg seps and flexed feet, but overall, nice routine.

Wynter Childers beam AL - nice LOSO series, 1/1 turn,  spl + sheep jump

Stacie Webb SUU FX -  sw side + tour jete 1/1, rudi

Maddie Desch BB AL - solid series,

Camille Drouin-Allaire UB  GW- giant 1/2, bail, a little short on that HS,  kills the last HS, stuck dismount.

Kiana Winston Beam AL - shoulder stand showing off her flexibility,  spl + straddle 1/4,  beautifully hit, wobble on an element, BHS + back pike,  1/1 turn,

I'm ditching Florida now, going to devote my full attention to the Fayetteville Regional.

In the meantime - here's some score updates -
Florida 98.200 - made up for their unfortunate bars mishap with a 49.225 on beam
North Carolina 97.575

49.00 for Alabama on beam, brings them to 98.350. Ken State 97.450. George Washington scores a 48.7 on bars.

Going over to Fayetteville for realsies now.

We've got -
Utah on bars
Denver on vault
Arkansas is on beam
Central Michigan is on floor
Cal - bye
Auburn - bye

While Arkansas is busy introducing everyone - Georgia pulled ahead of Florida with a 98.525, 49.200 on bars. Missouri is only 0.1 behind Florida with a 98.100. If Missouri plays their cards right, they could usurp Florida!

Ok, so I lied. I'll be checking in every so often on the Florida regional to see if there is an upset. This is getting good.

Skinner bars Utah - Full in dismount, stuck.

Chesnok DU - FTY, solid landing, nice form.

Nikole Addison DU VT - FTY, big air, nice landing.

Michaela Nelson ARK BB - straddle split mt,  sw + spl

Reinstatdler  UT -has some wonky legs on her bars dismount, but only a small hop on landing

Ross VT DU - beautiful FTY, baby hop on the landing, but beautiful form, toes in the iar.

Karr  VT Y 1 1/2, small hop.

Merrill UT toe on + deltchev, bail,  short on that last HS, giant 1/1 + double tuck, hop.

Stuck Y full for Broadhurst on vault.

Cute redhead from CMU with a bad ass triple full on floor, 1 1/2 front tuck

Tiffani Lewis  UT Bail, legs seps on her DLO dismount. Practically straddled on the second flip.

Nice stuck FTY on vault from Fielitz.

Braie Speed Ark BB - 1/1 turn, wobble, beautiful BHS + LOSO series

Nice final HS from Baely Rowe (UT)  on bars, DLO dismount.

Denver has a 49.225 on vault, Utah with a slight advantage of 49.275 on bars

Kari Lee Bars UT - full in, small step.

CMU - not sure who - Double back, punch 2/1 +front tuck, very powerful,  tour jete + split full,

Nichelle Christopherson with a nice korbut on beam, side somi,  spl,  round off + 1 1/2 dismount.

Scores -
Utah 49.275
Denver 49.225
Arkansas 49.025
Central Mich 48.85

Maddy Stover BB UT - sw + spl, fro aerial + BHS,  spl ring.

Nice 1 1/2 + fro lay from Charlie Owens of Cal. Finishes with a punch rudi.

Merrill UT - sw + spl,  BHS + LOSO, big balance check,but stays on  front aerial + beat jump, 1/1 turn, time for the U!

Solid FX routine for Seilnacht (Cal), ending with an illusion turn.

Reinstadtler, Fro aerial + BHS, beautilful leap series. shows off flexibility with the scale. BHS + gainer 1/1 dismount.

Mariah Peterson Cal - double pike, FHS + rudi,  spl 1/1, a bit under 180,

MJ Rott double back dismount of bars,

Kullen Hlawek, double arabian dismount, off bars.

Rowe BB -  BHS + BHS + LOSO, some crooked knees , but solid over all,  Gotta do that moonwalk! sticks 1 1/2 dismount.

McNatt BB UT - spl + sissone,  gainer 1/1 dismount.

Well, dammit, Morgan Lane fell on her LOSO series in Florida. :'( Eff that regional.

Utah 98.450
Central Mich 97.850
Auburn 49.375
Cal 49.00
Denver - bye
Ark - bye

Florida finishes with a 197.125 at their regional. Only a 49.175 for Utah on beam. Beam judges must be brutal today.

Kullen Hlawek BB Aub - sissone + spl jump, stuck 1 1/2 dismount,

Jessica Yamzon FX ARk - sw side + popa,  front full + front lay.

Stuck double lay on bars from Claire Kern for a 9.85

Leah Lomonte finishing with a stuck double tuck on bars.

Samantha Nelson FX -  fro 1/1 + fro lay, nice leap series,  double back almost to the edge of the white line.

Robinson VT - FHS + front pike off.

Sam Ogden UB - bit short on that last HS, but sticks the full in.

Heather Elswick ARK FX -  beautiful high double pike to open,  sw side + wolf full,

Engler BB - full turn, solid,  sw + straddle 1/4,  cat leap  + side aerial,  gainer pike with a small hop

Diana Chesnok UB Den- giatn 11. + tkatcehv,  bail,  nice HS,  beautiful final HS, lands the full in with ease. BOOM!

Wobble on a leap from Emma Slappey of Auburn on beam.

Nelson FX 1 1.2 + fro lay + tour jete,

Julia Ross Den - Gieger + pak,  beautiful HS, nails the DLO landing

Taylor Krippner BB - cat leap + fro aerial, 1/1 turn,  sw + spl, nice fleixiblity  BHS + LOSO, balance check, 1 1/2 dismount, but could have held the stick longer.

Denver 98.575
Utah 98.450
Auburn 98.375
Cal 97.975
CMU 97.850

Updates from around the Regionals sphere-
UCLA leads their regional, but it looks like Illinois could walk away with a berth to NCAA as they're only .2 behind UCLA.

Sam Ogden BB Denver -  1/1 turn,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  spl jump,  sw + spl, a bit under 180 on the spl jump,  sticks her 1 1/2 dismount.

Macey Roberts FX UT - double pike,  front lay + rudi,  sw side + wolf 1/1

Big wobble on her acro series from Addison (Denver), but saves it.sticks her gainer pike.

Heather Elswick VT - FTY, stuck.

Missy Reinstadtler FX -  double back, double pike.

Courtney Loper BB DU - sw 1/2 bit under 180, 1/1 turn,  punch rudi, small hop

Braie Speed Ark VT -  FTY, nice height and sticks the landing.

Kaitlyn Schou Dever BB - beat jump + sheep jump, nice flexibility

Merrill FX UT -  1 1/2 fro pike,  fhs + rudi + straddle jump.

Julia Ross DU - shoulder stand mount, lovely flexibility, flares out her full turn. F aerial + bhs, nice continuity,  side aerial + 1/1 dismount, small slide of her heel but beautiful routine.

Tiffani Lewis FX UT -  double pike, takes a big step on the landing,  FHS + fro lay + fro 1/1,  sw side + popa, nice flexibility,  double back, landed with perfection.

Maddie Karr BB Denver -  beat jump + spl full, maybe a bit under 180 on the split full,  sticks her 1 1/2 dismount.

Dowdell UB, nice height on the Tkatchev, straddle back to hit handstand, DLO

Baely Rowe FX 2/1 + loso to Michael Jackson then to Prince's 1999, hit routine.

MyKayla Skinner FX - full in opening pass,  tour jete 1/1, maybe a bit under 180,  random ass front tuck, because why not, 1 1/2 + double full, the hip shake. double double, best I've seen her do it. Legs together, tight form.

It's a tight meet between Denver and Utah.

Currently, Utah leads Denver by only 0.10!!!!!!!!!!!!
147.900 to 147.8

The Rest -
Arkansas 147.475
CMU 146.550
Auburn bye
Cal bye

Seilnacht & her 1 1/2 flyaway on bars in on fleek.

Cerio FX Aub -

Rowe UT VT - stuck y full, solid.

Macey Roberts VT, nice y full, not so much distance, but looks like she had decent height.

Nice Gainer loso to LOSO for the CMU gymnast.

Step on the landing from Merrill on her 1 1/2.

Chelsea Shu Cal bars - ray, bail, nice full in with pointed toes

Lewis VT Utah - nice FTY, lands off to the side though.

Yuleen Sternberg bars - nice height on her ray, clean routine.

Skinner VT - DTY, big air, her form looked pretty good in the air, just had that hop on the landing.

Richardson Cal - nice height on the tkatchev.

Emma Slappey Aub FX - double pike, double back to finish.

Alicia Gallarzo Cal UB - nice jaeger, slightly short on her last HS.

Utah finishes with 197.150, 49.225 on vault. To beat them, Denver needs better than a 49.35 on floor.

Hlawek  FX -double back, nice landing.  tour jete + spl jump,

MJ Rott FX - DLO, leg seps in air,  back lay + double stag , nice, lots of energy in this routine. double pike, chest was down a bit, but landing was still ok.

Cal has a 147.200 after 3 rotations. To catch Utah, they'd need a 49.95 on beam.
Auburn with a 147.525 would need a 49.625 on floor to catch Utah.

Loper FX Denver -  FHS + fro lay + fro pike,  tour jete + wolf jump,  1 1/2 front layout, stuck cold. Solid lead off for Denver.

Engler VT Aub - FTY, small hop, good clean form in air.

Sofie Seilnacht BB Cal - sw + spl,  side aerial + 1/1 dismount.

Shu BB Cal - 1/1 turn, side aerial 1/1 dismount''

Ross FX -  double pike, wolf full + popa, punch rudi. front lay + fro 1/1, small leg sep on the front lay, but beautiful routine otherwise.

Burton Bars - beautiful gienger, full in stuck.

Schou FX Denver -  front double full right to the edge.  1 1/2 + front lay, sw ring + tour jete 1/2

Karr FX - 1 1/2 + fro 1/1 + tour jete + sw 1/2, double full

Addison FX - huge double lay to open with a perfectly stuck landing. Makes it rain right before a switch side to popa before her last pass.  Double pike! Nails it!

Claire Hammen FX Denver -  Definitely can never go wrong with Journey as your floor music. double pike,  tour jete + wolf 1/2, 2 1/2, solid landing. 1 1/2 + front lay! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!


Final Scores
Utah 197.150
Denver 197.050
Auburn 196.600
Arkansas 196.6
Cal 196.300
Central Michigan 195.375

I must now contain my excitement and get through the Washington regional.

So far, here's who has qualified out of their regionals -

Back to the Washington Regional

Kaylee Cole Stanford FX -  double back, sw ring + tour jete 1/2, 1 1/2 + front lay,

Alex Yacalis VT - FTY.

Haley Burleson VT Wash - FTY, nice distance in the air, solid landing.

Lauren Rice Sac State VT - FTY, big step back on landing.

Elizabeth Price FX Stanford -  double back, huge height, lands it easily. This is childs play for Ebee. front lay to front full,  switch side to popa, beautifully extended,  double pike that puts the other double pikes in that rotation to shame.

Ashley Tai FX -  clean double tuck, chest a bit down on landing maybe,  front lay f1/1 front tuck, walks off the floor, deep landing, is she injured?

Here are the standings -
Oklahoma 99.050
Washington 98.125
Kentucky 98.025
BYU 97.625
Stanford 97.5
Utah State 97.225

Looks like the real battle is between Kentucky and Washington
Katie Stuart Beam KY - nice BHS + loso series, beautiful scale showing off her flexibility,

Charity Jones FX OU -  double pike.

Dare Maxwell VT Stanford - yurchenko back tuck.

Mollie Korth KY BB - solid double full dismount.

Nicole Turner -OU FX  front lay, double back, but goes out of bounds

Brenna Dowell!!! FX OU - perfect double front to stag leap.  front full to front lay,  tour jete + wolf full, 2 1/2 twist.

Perfect FTY for Ebee. That's so easy for her.

McNair (not sure which) on vault for Stanford vaults an FTY

Chayse Capps FX OU - switch side to popa,  rudi to finish. Solid routine.

Arianna Hager SPU VT

Sydney Dukes BB - fro aerial + beat jump,  sissone + straddle jump, beautifullly split.  1 1/2 dismount, but takes a step on landing.

Maggie Nichols VT OU -  pike full in, solid,  1 1/2 + double full, solid, random front tuck,  sw ring + tour jete 1/2,

AJ Jackson FX OU - missed it. Lame sauce.

Here are the standings -
Oklahoma 148.5
Kentucky 147.175
Stanford 146.475
BYU 148.250

Brenna just stuck a yurchenko 1 1/2, while Haley Burleson nails her double back dismunt on bars.

I have lost all the will to pay attention at this point. This disjointed live stream is driving me nuts!

Oklahoma finishes with a 198.075. Just gotta wait to see who else will join them now.

BYU Ends their meet with a 195.025

Aleeza Yu Stanford - Bail,  stadler + double back, solid landing.

9.8 for Malory Rose on beam for Washington

Zoey Schaefer BB Wash -  1 1/2 dismount

Cori Recehenmacher  (KY) finishes floor with a clean double back.

Michaela Nelson BB Washington - front toss, solid.

Ebee bars Maloney to HB, clean HS, nice height and form on her church,  beautiful DLO. tiny leg seps in the air, but beautiful otherwise.

Alex Hyland FX KY -

beautiful front aerial + BHS series for Janae Janik of Washington, sissone to beat jump, falls on her hitchkick to side serial.

Sidney Dukes FX KY - powerful double pike, sw ring to sw 1/2, beautifully split,  front full + front lay + front 1/2, double back, over-rotates and has to take a few big steps out.

Mollie Korth KY FX -  full in piked, landing with her chest down,  rudi + loso,

Burleson BHS + LOSO, beautiful, long lines,  straddle + straddle 1/4,  1/1 turn,  side aerial + stuck 1/1 dismount. Lots of screams are heard round the arena.

Stanford finishes with a 195.575.

Kentucky ends with a 196.2

Lauren Rice on beam does jazz hands to a 1 1/2 dismount. That routine should win by virtue of originality. Casey Magnesium can be seen in the background doing Lauren's routine with her.

Looks like Washington qualifies out of their regional with a 196.525!!!!!!

I must go cry tears of joy now! :)


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