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Things We Learned From Podium Training at the US Classic

With the commencement of the US Classic is almost here. The junior session is literally two hours from now.

Yesterday, I had every intention of posting my impressions from all the podium training videos... But other things got in the way, so instead of posting it yesterday, I'm posting it right now.

Ashton Locklear as "Grandma"

Ashton Locklear has taken over the role of "grandma" in the national team...says the 19-year-old.

During an interview, Ashton talks about how she has taken on Aly's habits when it comes to sleeping. She explains in an interview that she's started going to bed early and frequently tells the younger girls at the Ranch to keep it down.

Oh Ashton, that's not being old, that's what happens when you get up super early...

Riley McCusker is 50 Shades of broken

Riley McCusker, Maggie Haney's latest protege. She made her senior debut this year after coming up on the elite scene to take the silver at the 2016 junior P&G Championships.

She was shown on video training all four events, but in an interview, she revealed she's been dealing with injuries. Not only has she been dealing with injuries, but up until three and a half weeks ago, she was still in a cast. Uh, what now? Did we hear that right?

Oh we definitely heard that right. Since competing in Jesolo, she's basically just been injured. She had a torn calf and then a wrist injury and an ankle injury and had been in a cast, until about 3 weeks ago. She said she wasn't competing all around... and also admitted she wasn't ready for competition...

Interview on FloGymnastics - explains the full depth of her injuries.

As you can imagine, the gymternet is a buzz with this information and is question why she's competing if she's not ready. Yeah, I'm not going to tackle that one...

Riley's got a new floor routine to "This is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Interesting choice of music...

Maile O'Keefe's aerial to two layout step outs on beam is perfection.

Jordan Chiles' Dos Santos rivals Kennedy Baker's.

Deanne Soza has form that is textbook perfect.

The Texas Dreams' Team is replacing #HotPinkNation with #ARainbowThrewUpOnUs

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Here are the start lists -

Junior Session

Senior Session


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