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Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

We've had an exciting week of highs and major heart breaks and beautiful memories made at the Montreal World Championships.

There's still more to come with the event finals.

Refresh the page about every five minutes to get the most recent updates.

Here are the start lists for today:

Warm ups are going on for the guys on floor. Lots of glorious shots of six packs.

Oh hi Paseka with your construction worker back brace.

Another random observation: Bram Verhofstad looks a lot like Grant Gustin, aka "The Flash." I'm just going to call him Flash from now on. Because that's what he reminds me of.

The intro music is Ellie Black's floor music, I think.... I know it's someone's and I cannot remember whose it is at the moment.

Walk outs are starting here in a sec. Camera is panning over the crowd. That is a MASSIVE stadium.

You've got to make a grand entrance from a cloud of steam. Hello Kenzo! He's getting tons of cheering from the audience.  They've got a full NCAA style dossier on the big screen for each of the guys. I love it.

Tomas Gonzalez - front double pike 1/2, front full + rudi,  double double,  handstand roll to straddle splits,  1 1/2 + fro 1/2,  triple full dismount. 14.266 the score to beat for now. (6, 8.266)

Bram "Flash" Verhofstad -  fro 1/2 + fro 2 1/2,  2 1/2 + fro full,  fro double full + for 1/2,  double double, clean landings so far, triple full,  pommel horse spindly things,  nice split position, I missed his dismount, but he stuck it, I think. He's adorable. :) 14.333 (6.1, 8.233)

Kenzo Shirai -  triple double layout, triple double tuck,  2 1/2 + quad twist,  tuck front full + fro full,  press to handstand to roll,  4 1/2 + fro 1/2,   4 /1 twist. 15.633 (7.2, 8.433)

Artem Dolgopyat -  dbl fro 1/2,  quad twist, funky landing ,  2 1/2 + fro 1/1,  full + rudi,  more pike spindly things, 3/1 twist, chest a bit down, staggered landing maybe. I'm lost in all these twists. Kenzo is a trend setter. 14.533 (6.5, 8.033)

Yul Moldauer -  triple twist that is beautiful, double front 1/2 out,  punch front double full connected to another, OMG, FLARES! I LOVE FLARES!,  clean double full side pass,  triple full dismount, hop to the side. He is a thing of beauty. 14.5 ( 5.8, 8.7) He has the highest execution so far and he's in 3rd... 3 more guys to go.

Manrrrrrique! He is a beautiful man.  high double front, good landing, the man Biles,  front double full to front lay,  double arabian half out,  front double tuck, very high,  1 1/2 + front full to MAN WIPE! HAHAHA, lands his last pass. Just a small hop. Is that enough for a medal for Cuba? 14.1 (6.0, 8.1, puts him in 6th)

Kenzo is a full point ahead of everyone.

Donnell Whittenberg -  front double full to front double tuck low landing, another big hop on a front double pike, double double layout, ,shushunova,  wide arm planche,  double double, hop sideways,  double front half out. 14.166 (6.4, 7.766), moves ahead of Manrique in the standings.

Milad Karmi -  3 1/2 + fro 1/2,  low chest on that pass, chest was to his knees on a double double,  2/1 twist, splits to wide arm HS, ooohh, hands down on his triple twist last pass. 13.266 ( 6.1, 7.166)

Kim Hansol -  3/1  full, double pike half out,  3 1/2 + front full,  double double,  roll to shushunova, planche spins,  3 1/2+ rudi,  lands his last pass short and takes a big step.  14.1 ( 6.4, 7.700)

Final standings -
1. Kenzo Shirai15.633
2. Artem Dolgopyat 14.533
3. Yul Moldauer 14.5
4. Bram Verhofstad 14.333
5. Tomas Gonzalez 14.266
6. Donnell Whittenberg 14.166
7. Manrique Larduet  14.1
8. Kim Hansol 14.1
9. Milad Karmi 13.266

Women's vault is next. Have to have everyone enter from a cloud of steam with their dossiers up on the big screen.

Shallon Olsen is wearing Ellie's AA final leo.

Giulia Steingruber - 1st vault -  handspring rudi, step to the side, the usual flexed feet and a bit of piking, legs and knees are straight. Oh, chest down on landing. 2nd Vault -  DTY, step back, flexed feet and the usual, chest a bit down on landing. Vt 1 14.633 (5.8, 8.933), VT 2 14.3 (5.4, 8.9) avg 14.466

Shallon Olsen - VT 1 -  Amanar, and she landed and knees buckled and hands down. 13.533 (5.8), 7.833, 0.1 ND)
                           VT 2 - cheng, nice landing, knees a bit bent. 14.933 (6.0, 8.933)
Avg 14.233

Maria Paseka VT 1 - cheng, chest down, leg seps on entry, piking, the usual Paseka form. May have stepped oob.  14.7 (6, 8.7) VT 2 - Amanar, much cleaner than the Cheng, better landing too. small hop. 15.00 (6.0 9.2) avg 14.850

Wang Yan VT 1 -  Tsuk 2/1, step back, good open (ish) hips in air, legs a bit crossed, step on landing  14.5 VT 2-rudi, low chest, stepped OOB. 14.2 ( 5.8, 8.5, 0.1 ND) aVG 14.35

Jade Carey - VT 1 - Amanar,  two big step sout, lots of height and distance, just too much excess kinetic energy on landing. Good form in the air.  14.8 (5.8, 9.0) VT2 - Kas full - looks so nervous,  nice landing, good amplitude, nice form.   14.733 (5.6, 9.133) AVG 14.766 puts her in 2nd

Ellie Black - VT 1 -  handspring full, small hop, good amplitude, better form than in the AA Final, still a bit piked in the air.  14.566 (5.4, 9.166) VT 2 - Tsuk 1/2, nice form, good amplitude. Way more extended in the hips than her 1st vault, step on landing. AWW! I love Ellie hugging every one! 14.266 AVG 14.416

CHUSO!!!!!!!!! VT 1 - handspring front full, really nice form, good amplitude.bit piked. 14.433 ( 5.4, 9.033) VT 2-  Tsuk 2/1, off to the side,  looks like good amplitude, much less piking on that one. 14.3 (5.2, 9.1) avg 14.366

Sae Miyakawa VT 1 -  rudi, pretty good height, chest down on landing. 14.5 ( 5.8, 8.7), VT 2 - DTY, crash landed the second vault. didn't have the height or amplitude.  13.1, (5.4, 7.7) 13.8 AVG

Here are the results -
1. Maria Paseka 14.85
2. Jade Carey 14.766
3. Giulia Steingruber 14.466
4. Ellie Black 14.416
5. Oksana Chusovitina 14.366
6. Wang Yan 14.350
7. Shallon Olsen 14.233
8. Sae Miyakawa 13.800

Very tight scoring difference between the top 3. 0.084 separates Jade and Maria, 0.384 separtes Giulia and Maria and exactly 0.3 separates Jade and Giulia.

So yay!!!! Bronze for Giulia, silver for Jade, Maria defends her title like I thought she would. Yul got bronze and I am happy.

Medal ceremony for men's floor. I just excitedly clapped like a seal for Kenzo.

Women's vault medal ceremony going on now. I really think Nadia should have been there again to present all the medals like she did in the all-around final.

Pommel Horse finals are up next. The guys are being introduced and I'm going to eat my lunch.
Haha, poor Weng Hao, he looked so confused for a sec.

Alex Naddour (aka Mr. Hollie Vise) is up first. Ohh cool. I loved that he did one of his circles on one arm.  Looks like a good routine to me. No major errors as far as I know. 14.75 (6.3, 8.45)

Saso Bertoncelj - and he fell off. Legs came apart on one of his circles. Finishes ok. He/s sitting there like, "meh, what can you do." 12.966 (6.0, 6.966)

David Beliavskiy - looks like he may have botched an element... I'm not so sure. But there was a bit of a slight hiccup. 15.1 (6.4, 8.7)

Xiao Ruoteng - he works pommels like a speed demon. I love his flare work. Could get better splits on his scissoring maybe. 15.066

Oleg Vernaiev -  feed is showing hand placement shots.  Ooopps, he fell. Well fuck. 13.7 (6.4, 7.3)

Wng Hao - nice extension and flexibility.  I love to see flares on pommel. I feel they are very under utilized. He finished like, 2 minutes ago and he still doesn't have his score. Judges must be hotly debating his score. 14.5 (6, 8.5)

Crowd goes nuts because Whitlock is up  and he is crazy fast with those flares. He could knock Naddour out of the medals. I was right. He gets 15.441 (6.9, 8.541)

Harutyn .Merdinyan... OMG, on the slow mo they're showing,....14.7 (6.2, 8.5)

So it's -
1. Max Whitlock
2. David Belyavskiy
3. Xiao Ruoteng
4. Alex Naddour
5.Harutyan Merdinyan
6. Weng Hao
7. Oleg Vernaiev
8. Saso Beroncelj

Bars final is next.

Illankova has sparkles in her hair ala Aliya 2010. Eremina representing in hot pink. Love Ashton's flame sweetheart neckline baby blue leo. We are totes #BabyBlueNation now.

Diana Varinska -  chow + pak, nice,  maloney clear hip full,  tkatchev 1/2 + jaeger, flexing her feet on the tkatchev, toe full, full in dismount. Beautiful routine. Her toe point is exquisite! 14.583 (6, 8.583)

Nina Derwael -  ricna + clear hip - derwael + ezhova,  maloney 1/2,  toe on full + full in, hop on landing. That was Beth Tweddle level bar work there. 15.033 (.6.3, 8.733) puts her in front

Anastasiia Illankova -  shang , hindorff + pak + in bar shap + yezhova,  van leeuwen, toe on full,  full in, small step. 14.9, (6.2 8.7)

Hugs from Nina and Masha!

Eremina - nabieva + pak, shap  toe on + in bar full + pike jaeger  giant 1/2 toe on full, full in, small hop. 15.1 (6.3, 8.8) she's leading the pack.

Luo Huan -  maloney + pak + shap 1/2,  giant 1/2 + e spin, + e spin,  giantt 1/2, giant 1/1/2, DLO, big hop. Hug from the coach. 14.566 (6.2, 8.3)

Fan Yilin -  in bar full + komova + pak + chow + in bar gienger,  inb ar 1/2, + e spin, + e spin, double back 1/2, 15.166 (6.5, 8.666) puts her ahead of Eremina!

Two more to go, Ashton and Elisabeth Seitz. God this is an exciting final!

Seitz -  maloney + ricna  l grip giant + jaeger, down ie + pak,  maloney 1.2,  toe on full, bit short on the HS, full in, small hop. 14.766 (6.1, 8.666)

Ashton Locklear -  toe full, looses it, chow + pak, + maloney, bail, stalder shoot to HB, toe on full, lost her rhythm and fell.  Has to finish her routine. Looks like she's close to tears.  Almost lost it again on a toe half to jaeger,  giant 1/2, step on her full in. Crowd cheers for her. She totally lost her groove and couldn't get it back again.  She is in tears! Poor girl. :( 12.766 (5.4, 7.366) My heart is broken for Ashton.

So Fan Yilin defends her title.

Final standings
1. Fan Yilin 15.166
2. Elena Eremina 15.100
3. Nina Derwael 15.033
4. Anastasiia Iliankova 14.9
5. Elisabeth Seitz 14.766
6. Diana Varinska 14.583
7. Luo Huan 14.566
8. Ashton Locklear 12.766

Rings is going on now and rings are totes boring.  So, yeah, I'm done. I'll be back tomorrow at the same time, same place if you will kindly join me.


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