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Event Finals Day 1 Preview

So now that our new all-around champions, Xiao Ruoteng and Morgan Hurd, have now been crowned, it's time for the event finals.

Without further adieu, let's take a look at what's in store for us during event finals.

Men: Floor, Pommel Horse & Still Rings
Women: Vault & Uneven Bars

Men's Floor Final

1. Kenzo Shirai 15.766
2. Donnell Whittenberg 15.033
3. Yul Moldauer 14.700
4. Artem Dolgopyat 14.666
5. Hansol Kim 14.666
6. Manrique Larduet 14.466
7. Bram Verhofstad 14.433
8. Milad Karimi 14.325
9. Tomas Gonzales 14.200

Kenzo, Mr. Twisting of the 7.2 D score is by far the clear favorite to win the floor title. For him to win, it's going to come down to controlling his landings. For the USA, Donnell Whittenberg and Yul Moldauer are the lucky guys. Yul is the darkhorse of this final. He has beautiful, clean form and he is the definition of artistic. He is coming into this final with the lowest D score out of all the finalists (5.8). But he comes into the final with the highest E of all the finalists with a giant 8.9. Donnell has the next highest E score with an 8.633, but he's got a big D of 6.4 to back it up. Outside of Mr. Twisting, Mr. Beautiful and Mr. Big Gymnastics, Manrique Larduet is coming into this final hungry for a medal . He could sneak in and take a medal for himself.

Women's Vault Final

1. Maria Paseka 14.933
2. Jade Carey 14.846
3. Giulia Steingruber 14.750
4. Shallon Olsen 14.649
5. Wang Yan 14.550
6. Sae Miyakawa 14.516
7. Ellie Black 14.483
8. Oksana Chusovitina 14.346

The favorite to win is definitely Jade Carey, who was competing level 10 a few months ago to making a worlds' team. She's been compared to Kayla Williams in 2009. But the reigning world champion is Maria Paseka who qualified first to this final with her Amanar and Cheng vaults. While her form is always sketchy, Maria's difficulty is what could win her the title, or really just defend her title. Then there's Steingruber who basically just came back after some time off and qualified in third to this final. She is the Olympic bronze medalist and no doubt she's going to be hungry for a medal.  Of course, after her historic silver medal in the all-around, Ellie Black is going to be more than happyt to fight Steingruber for a medal. And then there's the stalwart, Chusovitina, who is a legend.

Men's Pommel Horse

1. Max Whitlock 15.3
2. Weng Hao 15.033
3. Alex Naddour 14.966
4. Xiao Ruoteng 14.866
5. Oleg Vernaiev 14.733
6. David Belyavskiy 14.666
7. Saso Bertoncelj 14.525
8. Harutyun Merdinyan 14.433

Yeah, I know nothing about Pommel Horse. But, looking at this list of competitors makes me thing the battle for a podium spot could be a blood-bath. Max Whitlock has the biggest D, but Xiao Ruoteng has the biggest E. Then there is Oleg Vernaiev, who missed out on another world all-around title, so he's jonesing for a medal. But, so is David Belyavskiy.

Women's Uneven Bars

1. Elena Eremina 15.1
2. Anastasiia Iliankova 15.066
3. Fan Yilin 15.00
4. Nina Derwael 14.966
5. Elisabeth Seitz 14.700
6. Ashton Locklear 14.566
7. Luo Han 14.566
8. Diana Varinska

This is going to be an exciting final. There's Eremina, who qualified first, with the most exciting bar routine. She opens with a Nabieva to Pak right away and her routine is packed.  Also, there's Anastasiia Iliankova, who came to worlds and only did bars (this was due to an injury I believe). She's also a beautiful, classic Russian bar worker who is so fluid, she floats over the bars. Fan Yilin is the only returning world champion from the four way tie in Glasgow.  She's eager to defend her title and if all goes well, she could be on top of that podium again. There's also Elisabeth Seitz, who always has an exciting routine and has a bag of tricks she can pull.  Of course, Ashton Locklear made the bar final despite not having full difficulty.  She is beautiful and clean and she could pull a Kyla Ross and win with her beautiful form. When Ashton was named to the US team, Twitter blew up in a rage about how she didn't have the difficulty and it was such a mistake. I almost want Ashton to medal just to say "I told you so!" I'm also still holding out hope for Diana Varinska of the Ukraine. At least to bring back the Lily-Pod glory of Ukrainian Gymnastics.

Men's Still Rings

1 208 PETROUNIAS Eleftherios GRE 6.300 9.100 15.400 Q
2 294 ABLIAZIN Denis RUS 6.300 9.033 15.333 Q
3 320 COLAK Ibrahim TUR 6.200 8.833 15.033 Q
4 184 AIT SAID Samir FRA 6.200 8.766 14.966 Q
5 143 LIU Yang CHN 6.300 8.500 14.800 Q
6 193 TULLOCH Courtney GBR 6.400 8.366 14.766 Q
7 326 RADIVILOV Igor UKR 6.300 8.433 14.733 Q
8 131 ZANETTI Arthur BRA 6.200 8.500 14.700

Rings... blah... blah.. blah. Rings. Yeah, rings kind of bore me. But if I had to guess, I'd say Eleftherios Petrounias of Greece will win because he's the world champion. And Arthur Zanetti too, he's the current Olympic silver medalist.


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