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Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

They say all good things must come to an end and today, the World Championships will wrap up with the second and final day of event finals.

Yesterday, the 2015 World Champions all defended their titles. What will the event finals have in store for us today? We will see the men's vault, parallel bars and high bar and women's beam and floor.

Refresh the page every few minutes to get the updates.

Here are the start lists for today's events:

Currently they're showing warm ups for men's vault and women's beam.

Morgan is wearing the ombre raspberry leo with red white and blue sparkles that Jade wore yesterday. Ellie Black is wearing a cerulean leo with sparkles in the shape of a maple leaf. Mai is wearing the leo that has "Nippon" on it in sequins, because rhinestones are for peasants.

Men's vault is first and the athletes are being introduced. I don't seen any flame throwers, which is a mistake. HA. They could have Spaceballs the Flamethrower at worlds!

HAHAHA and Marian Dragulescu does his standard impersonation of an airplane and I'm dying with laughter.

Ok, did Yang Hak Seon withdraw? Dalaloyan is the first reserve. I confirmed it via Twitter. He was injured in warm ups. Injury curse struck again!

Keisuke Asato - VT 1 -  Tsuk tucked full in chest really low, practically squats in the ground. VT 2 - my stream froze and I didn't see it... :( 14.349 average.

Kenzo Shirai -  really nice TTY for the first vault, small hop on the landing. Other than crossed feet, his form was pretty good and he got TONS of height and distance. 15.2 (5.6, 9.6) Vt 2 Tsuk laid out 1 1/2, the usual twisting form,  a bit under rotated probably.  14.6 (5/2, 9.4). 14.9 average.

Jorge Vega Lopez - handspring rudi, some piking of the hips, flexed feet and steps oob. 14.7 (5.6, 9.2, -0.1) VT 2 - tsuk 1 1/2,  better landing. much more amplitude. 14.708 - avg 14.704

Dragulescu - does his eponymous vault, so much power, takes a big step back. 14.7 (5.6, 9.1) Vt 2  round off 1/2 on double full off, much better landing on the second vault. 14.733 (5.4 (9.333) avg 14.716

Zach Hrimeche - VT 1  dragulescu, under rotated and lands super low and OOB. 13.566 (5.6, 8166 -0.1). VT 2- Kas double pike, better landing, chest is on his knees though. takes a big hop. 14.6 (5.6, 9.0, -0.2) 14.083 average

Igor Radivilov - VT1 -  beautiful dragulescu stuck cold, super height, distance amplitude, beautiful. Super cowboyed though, replay shows this. 15/033 (5.6, 9.433) VT2 -Tsuk double pike, does a grapevine step landing. flexed feet in the air.  His first vault was the better of the two.  14.766 - 14.899 AVG - bumps Vega out of the medals.

Artur Dalaloyan VT 1  DTY, lands OOB with both feet, that knee bend on the landing makes my knees hurt.VT 2 - crashes that dragulescu, that was scary. He was totally under rotated, replay shows his head was at vault level when he initiated the half turn. 13.966 AVG ( vt 1 14.2, vt 2 13.733)

Kim Hansol - VT 1 -handspring rudi, got nice amplitude, hop on the landing. some leg seps and flexed feet in the air. 14.966 (5.6, 9.366) VT 2 -Tsuk 1 1/2 huge distance from the vault on that second vault, He was practically at the end of the mat. I think he hopped OOB though. 14.566 (5.2, 9.366) knocked Dragulescu out of the medals, averaging 14.766

So it's:
1. Kenzo 14.9
2. Radivilov 14.899
3. Hansol 14.766
4. Dragulescu 14.716
5. Vega 14.704
6. Keisuke 14.349
7. Hrimeche 14.083
8.  Dalaloyan 13.966

Stream froze again... ugh.

Beam final is next. The ladies are being introduced. Schaeffer's leo is neon pink with a a nude neckline. OMG! On Mai's dossier picture she's making it rain! I love it!!!

OMG, I'm so nervous for this final!! EEP!

Pauline Schaefer -  sp mt + sw + y tun full,  BHS + LOSO, small bobble,  sw ring, solid, nice position,  double turn, spot on,  the schaefer, has a tiny adjustment, spl + double stag ring jump,  side aerial, small balance check,  laid out gainer off end of the beam.  She set the bar pretty high I'd say. 13.533 (5.5, 8.033)

Elena Eremina -  sw spl mt y turn full, small adjustment,  BHS + LOSO+LOSO, small balance check,  fro aerial, doubts her self a bit,  spl jump + side aerial,  sw + spl, triple full dismount, a bit under rotated and steps off the mat. She was kinda nervous and tentative during that routine. 12.966 (5.4, 7.566)

Ellie Black -  sw + spl mount +s w 1/2, chest down, double turn + full turn, another big break, front pike, solid,  bhs + 2ft layout, solid,  cat leap,  falls on her front tuck, she was off and grabbed the beam, but alas, round off double pike dismount, solid there.  Oh Ellie... le sigh... 12.4 (5.7, 6.7) Ugh, she got hammered. Poor Ellie, she looks so disappointed with herself.

Mai Murakami -  sw spl leap mount,  front pike, solid,  BHS + LOSO, small adujstment, sw ring, tiny tiny adjusment, small wobble on her side aerial, double turn, a wobble,  fro aerial,  round off + double pike dismount, step back, very good.  She was a bit off on that double turn, but she adjusted it and got it back. 13.066 (5.6, 7.666) Put's Mai in 2nd

Asuka Teramoto -  Okino turn, grabs beam, bhs + losos, sisone + spl, side somi,  sw 1/2, nice split, is a bit off on her onodi,  fro aerial, solid there,  side aerial, bal check,  round off + triple full dismount, small step back. 12.966 (5.4 7.366), ties with Eremina technically, but tie breaker puts her in 4th. Oh no! She looks like she's going to cry! Please don't cry Asuka, you'll break my heart. :(

Morgan Hurd -   side straddle mt,  tuck full, solid,  side aerial small adjustment,  sw + spl,  BHS + LOSO, takes a step back, fro aeria, spl + straddle jump,  front tuck, small balance check, bit off,  full turn,  sw ring, small balance check,  full in dismount. Bit messy and landed a bit low. SHIT! She went overtime. 13.4 (5.7, 7.8, -0.1) puts her in second ahead of Mai.

Liu TIngting -  chest roll mount, fro hs +fro tuck,  sw , breaks connection with her split ring jump,   wobble, full turn,  spl + side aieral, sissone + wolf jump,  fro aerial,double stag ring + BHS,  sw ring, bal check, she's going to go OT too, round off triple full, alnds ok. Very tentative. 12.766 (5.7, 6.7 -0.1). She got hammered too. Just a ton of little wobbles on every skill. She's in 6th ahead of Ellie Black.

Seriously? Stream froze again. GRRR.

Tabea - BHS 2 ft layout mount, side aerial + LOSO+ LOSO, bal check, balance check on her full turn sw + sw 1/2, is a bit off,  fro aerial + straddle jump,  sw ring, balance check,  spl + side somi,  round off + double back.  13.3 (5.7, 7.600) put's her in 3rd, knocks Mai out of the medals :(  But Tabea is a world medalist and SCHAEFER IS A WORLD CHAMPION YOU GUYS! I"M SO EXCITED I CAN'T CONTAIN IT! :)

Final Standings -
1. Pauline Schaefer 13.533
2. Morgan Hurd 13.400
3. Tabea Alt 13.300
4. Mai Murakami 13.066
5. Elena Eremina 12.966
6. Asuka Teramoto 12.966
7. Liu Tingting 12.766
8. Ellie Black 12.400

Medal ceremonies happening for men's vault and women's beam. The flowers they're handing out look suspiciously like bridesmaids' bouquets.

P-Bars final is next. Yummy Marcel Nguyen is in this final. He's so hot. :)

Zou Jingyuan is up first - holds first handstand for at least one hundred years.,  straddle front catch, very pretty, I think that was a Bhavsar? Double front half. 15.9 (6.8, 9.1)

Lin Chaopan - front pike catch, that pirouette was a bit wonky maybe. I don't know. I'm just guessing. And I missed the rest of his routine.  15.133 (6.4, 8.733)

Belyavskiy is on now. Was one of his handstands short? 15.266 (6.4, 8.866).

I'm not even going to try to live blog pbars. I'll hold out for the women's floor final.

Manrique gets huge cheers from the audience. And if the stream would stop freezing, that would be great.

Whoa, they showed Manrique's coach pounding the floor during his routine.

Final results -
1. Zou Jingyuan 15.9
2. Oleg Verniaev 15.833
3. David Belyavskiy 15.266
4. Manrique Larduet 15.166
5. Lin Chaopan  15.133
6. Pablo Braegger 14.733
7. Marcel Nguyen 14.7
8. Arican Ferhat 14.1

Women's floor is up next. I'm extremely nervous for this final as I was for the beam final.  This is going to be fierce.  Can everyone medal?

Jade's wearing Ashton's blue fire leo with the nude colored top. Vanessa Ferrari needs no introduction. She's a freaking legend.

Mai Murakami -  quad turn, did she fall out, double double, stuck cold. BAM! another gorgeous STUCK double layout.  2 1/2 + fro full, sw ring, , she looks satisfied,  sw ring,  tour jete full,  double L turn, perfect,  double pike, hop on that landing, that's been her only landing mistake. That's gonna be a tough one to beat! 14.233 (5.9, 8.333) Aww! She gets a huge hug from Ellie! I love it!

Brooklyn Moors - I love her routine.  the Pod, beautiful,  fro 2/1 + fro full + stag leap, the semenova turn, is a thing of beuatiful, sw eing + ferrari,  spl jump full + double stag full,  1 1/2 + front tuck. NAILED THAT ROUTINE! Crowd loves it. I'm getting chills. Double kiss on both cheeks from coach Elvira Saadi.13.65 (5.2, 8.45) Shouldn't her SV be a 5.4? What didn't she get credited?

Lara Mori -  DLO, bit short (replay shows her hips slightly piked), sw ring + tour jete full,  memmel + illusion,  fro 2/1 + fro lay, legs separated on the front lay,  double double, hop back,  sw 1/2,  3/1 final pass. 13.266 (5.4, 7.866)

Jade Carey - double double, nice landing, just a hop,  full twisting DLO, very nice, 2/1 turn,  L jump full,  front double full + stag leap, full in last pass, nails it! Much better landings than one day 1. Just small hops, Hug from Mai! AWWW! :) I love all this love! 14.2 (5.7, 8.5) put's her in 2nd. Still four more gymnasts to go. AHHHH I'm so nervous! Crowd is PISSED. They think her score should be higher.

Claudia Fragapane -  full twisting DLO, over rotated and almost hopped OOB, DLO + stag leap, small leg seps,  full turn,  tour jete,  double arabian, stuck cold. sticks her double pike cold. 13.933, (5.6, 8.333), puts her in 3rd behind Jade. I would love it if that score holds up. Correct me if I am wrong, I think that's the exact same score she got in qualifications.

Ellie Black -  popa, nice amplitude, front double full + back double tuck OOB, fro 1/1 + fro tuck,  sw 1/2, a little under 180,  full turn,  punch front lay + double pike and lands short :( 12.9 (5.3, 7.9, -0.3) Hug from Jade.

Thais Santos -  1 1/2 + double arabian, OOB,  whip + triple full,  sw ring, sw 1/2,  full in, solid landing,  spl ring jump,  double pike, small hop. 13.666 (5.5, 8.166) I don't see a deduction for OOB. Am I crazy?

OMG! I think Mai might win!

Vanessa Ferrari - Carmina Burana (I sang this piece with my college choir) double double, side hop,  whip to full in, crashes, I think she's injured. Oh no! :(  They medical staff is examining her. They're carrying her off the floor.  How is she not sobbing right now? I'd just be inconsolable. They're wheeling her out of the arena. 3.933, (2.0, 8.933, -6.3)

Mai is crying! Happy tears (maybe some sad for Ferrari).


Final standings:
1. Mai 14.233
2. Jade 14.200
3. Frags 13.933
4. Thais Santos 13.666
5. Brooklyn Moors 13.650
6. Lara Mori 13.266
7. Ellie Black 12.9
8. Ferrari 3.933

Bart Derloo - jam to HS, coleman, cassina( I think that's what they are), tkatchev half hop full, step on the dismount. 14.2 (6.2, 8)

Pablo Braegger -  laid out fill over bar, messy, laid out tkatchev, jam 1/2 to hs, loses form, tkt 1.2, hop 1 1/2,  hop full,  double double layout to the pee pee dance. 13.733 (6.5, 7.233).

Epke Zonderland is up next (or soon to be Dr. Epke Zonderland),  endo 1/2,  hand slips off one one of his releases,  jam 1/2 to hs,  triple double. 14.233 (7.733, 6.5) he's leading with that execution? Derloo's reaction on the sidelines was priceless. He had to brace himself against his coach.

Oliver Hegi - laid out tkatchev, 1/2 , jam hs 1/2,  double back full in over bar,  endo 1/2,  hop full 1 1/2, takes a big step on the landing of his dismount, and chest was on his knees. 12.733 (6.933, 5.8)

Randy Leru - another Cuban, and here I'm so ignorant, I thought only Manrique was here for Cuba. Feed stopped. Lame. It's back.  he's got nice lines and nice extension, unfortunately, he sat down his dismount. 13.1 (7.1, 6)

Hidetaka Miyachi - took a fall. Please tell me he's not injured. Because of course that would happen in this trash worlds. Damn stream keeps stopping and starting again.  Took a huge sigh of relief when he landed his dismount. He's like, "I'm over this."

Whoa! TIn Srbic of Croatia just did a beautiful routine and now he's ahead of Epke! Glad I stuck around for this final. It's pretty exciting. He got 14.433 (6.4, 8033) - first guy above an 8 E.

Beliavskiy is up now, he botched a tkatchev and his hand slipped off. He was doing well up until then. I think he made another mistake because pandemonium erupted in the crowd. 13.533 (5.4 8.133)

So final standings -
1. Tin Srbic 14.433
2. Epke Zonderland 14.233
3. Bart Derloo 14.2
4. Braegger 13.733
5. Miyachi Hidetaka 13.733
6. Belyavskiy 13.533
7. Randy Leru 13.1
8. Oliver Heigi 12.733

That was pretty awesome. For a while, it looked like it was going to be Epke with his crazy form in the gold position, but then Srbic came and just kicked some ass and took some names. Then he was like, "mic drop, boom"

Haha, Twitter has provided us with a video of Bart's reaction. This is the best thing ever.

So Nellie Kim presents men's parallel bar medals now?


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