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Men's All-Around Final Preview

The bad news is that Kohei Uchimura, the king of men's gymnastics has been dethroned due to withdrawing after injuring his ankle in qualifications.

With Simone Biles taking time off after the Olympics, this championships marks the first time since 2013 that a new men's AND women's all-around champion will be crowned.

So who is the heir to Kohei's throne?

Who is the heir to Simone's throne?
I'll start with the men tonight. This will be brief as I am not as up to snuff on my men's gymnastics as I should be.

For the men, the biggest contender in everyone's minds is Oleg Vernaiev of the Ukraine. Oleg has come the closest to dethroning Kohei, coming second to him by only 0.099. Oleg heads in to the all-around final in 5th place behind the Prince of the Twisting Kenzo Shirai.

Yul Moldauer of the USA beat Oleg at the American Cup in March by only 0.331. Yul is an NCAA Team Champion with Oklahoma. Yul is a beautiful gymnast and my personal fave. So In my heart, he's already won, at least by virtue of his perfect form.

But perhaps it will be Manrique Larduet of Cuba. Manrique won the silver in the all-around behind Kohei at the 2015 World Championships in Glasgow. Manrique, like Oleg has come close to dethroning Kohei in the past. This could be his year. His gymnastics is big and beautiful and when he's on, he's on. 

Or maybe Kenzo Shirai will keep the crown in Japan's hands and twist everyone into oblivion. 

Full Results Here
Start list for MAG AA Final

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