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New Elements Submitted to the COP

Nine new elements have been submitted to the Women's Technical Committee for entrance in the Code of Points.

For the women, to get a skill named for you, it must be submitted to the technical committee and you must successfully complete the element at a World Championships or Olympic Games.

Here are the elements that have been submitted - keep in mind these have been submitted, they're not officially in the code yet.

Bars -

Tabea Alt -The "Alt" - proposed value - C

Description - A Zuchold Half -  Stoop through on high bar, dislocate and release with half (180 degree) turn in flight between the bars to catch low bar in hang


Tabea AltThe "Alt II" proposed value - C

Description -Dismount: Clear straddle underswing with forward tuck salto with half (180 degree) turn


The Derwael/Fenton (won't be named for either gymnast since Nina Derwael and Georgia Mae Fenton submitted it. Lame)

Proposed Value - F

Description -Backward stalder with counter straddle reverse hecht over the high bar with half (180 degree) turn to hang in mixed L-grip


Fan Yilin -The "Fan Yilin" Proposed Value D

Description - Dismount: From L-grip, swing backward, half (180 degree) turn to double salto backward tucked


Beam -

Aiko Sugihara - The "Sugihara" - Proposed Value - E

Description - Double (720 degree) turn with free leg held at 180 degree split throughout the turn


Aiko Sugihara - The "Sugihara II" - Proposed Value E

Description -Two and a half (900 degree) turn with free leg held at 180 degree split throughout the turn

Sanne Wevers - The "Wevers [1000]*" - Proposed Value D

Description -Two and a half (900 degree) turn with free leg position optional



Rebecca Andrade - "The Andrade"** - Proposed Value G

Description -Double backward salto in tuck position with one and a half (540 degree) twist

**Rebecca has withdrawn from competition at Worlds due to a knee injury. I could not find a video of this skill, so I used the drawing from the FIG press release. Since she won't compete this element, it won't be included in the CoP. I decided to include it anyway, mostly just to cover all my bases.


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