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No More Byes - NCAA Approves New Championship Format for 2019

It's official, starting 2019 - the Super Six final will be no more and will be replaced by a four team final, thus eliminating the need for byes.

The NCAA approved the new format change last week during the Division 1 Championship Oversight Committee meeting. Coaches voted in favor of this format over the summer.

So how will this work?

After reading the details, here is what I've come up with:

Regionals -

There will be 3 rounds of regionals and instead of the top 36 teams at six sites on one day, the regionals are spread over 3 days and instead of 6 regionals sites, each round, will have four sites.  Individual all-around and event specialists - the top 16 individual all-around competitors and the top 16 event specialists (not already part of an advancing team) advance to regionals.

Regional Play In & Regional

- Teams 29-36 play off in dual meets. The winners advance to the regional

- Regional - 4 sites, 2 sessions of competition at each site (8 sessions), 4 teams each session (32 teams). Top two finishers from each regional site session advance to the Super Regional (16 teams).

Super Regional

-4 sites, 4 teams at each site. Top 2 winners from each Super Regional advance to the semi-final (8 teams).


-Semi Finals - 2 sessions/4 teams each session, top 2 finishers from each session advance to the final
- 4 on the Floor Final - Winner takes all.

If you're still confused, here is a graphic made.

via Link to original article

If you're still totally confused, use the resources listed below for more information:

Minutes from June 2017 meeting Women's gymnastics to modify championship model


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