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Team USA Podium Training Live Blog

Time for podium training! Follow along with me as I guide through the fun and craziness of podium training.

Refresh every few minutes for updates.

In this subdivision we're following, USA, China, Uzbekistan (aka Chuso), Finland, Japan, Cuba,  Solvenia.

Team USA is blinged out in uper sparkly leos.

Team USA is on vault. Jade Carey just did an almost perfect Amanar.

Morgan Hurd is up next, very clean DTY, just a small hop.

Ragan Smith is up with another solid DTY. She has a white bow in her hair with deep red lips. Makes her look very young but not quite so young... IDK... cough medicine.

Jade Carey - super powerful Amanar, bit of a step on the landing. Kaz full is next, very powerful.

And Jade's talking to Valeri and Rhonda, yay.

Saw Japan on beam, I think it was Sae Miakawa. Team China is on floor.

Liu Tingting just did floor and according to the Twitterverse -I don't know...

Nice triple full from Korea on beam

Wang Yan with a double double on floor. Now it's time to switch!

Morgi-Boo on bars - warms up some in bars on the low bar. More stalder and in bar work from Ragan.  Swwiiinng Ashton Swiiing!

Morgi jump KCHS, tkatchev, a bit flat, ricna + pak, stalder shoot to HB,  in bar + in bar 1/2,  stalder full, full in dismount.

Ragan jump to HB, in bar + in bar 1/1 + in bar + 1/2 + ricna + downie, falls on a third release,  pak,  stalder shoot to HB,  clean full in. Get all your falls out now ladies.

Ashton UB -  toe full + maloney + pak bail, stalder shoot to HB, giant 1/2 + jaeger, full in small step.

Morgan training in bar full to tkatchev,  good lines,  stalder full, sticks the dismount.

Ragan,  in bar _ in bar full,  jaeger,  downie ricna + pak,  stalder shoot to HB,  small hop on the full in.

Ashton looks very tan for being indoors mostly for the past few days...

Wang Yan of china throws a Tsuk 2/1.

I have literally no energy right now... I've been sick for a couple days. I'll try my best to keep this up.

Rebecca Andrade on beam is lovely. Some falls. But meh, I personally think it's better to fall a bazillion times in podium training

So tired...

Well, team USA is warming up beam to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Out"

Ashton is warming up beam, so it's pretty likely she's going to be in the beam line-up.

Nice chest position on Morgan's standing full, bit of a bobble, but who cares.

Ragan on beam is pretty solid, but had a slight error on a jump



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