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WAG Qualifications Day 1 Live Blog - Subdivision 1

I'm still really sick, so I'm going to try my best to sound coherent.

This is the first subdivision for the Women's competition, featuring Great Britain and Australia.

Refresh the page every five - ten minutes for updates!

Pre -competition -

Team Walk outs have begun. Team GB walks out with leos with pink ombre sleeves.

Team GB and Team Aussie are starting on floor, Spain, Iceland and Venezuela are starting on vault,  Denmark and Jamaica on bars, Latvia and Argentina on beam.

Rotation 1 -

Alice Kinsella FX - GB - triple full to start,  1 1/2 to punch front, tour jete full to sw 1/2,, memmel turn,  double back, a bit short on the landing.  double pike, stumbles out of it a bit. 12.966

Ana Perez Spain, VT - DTY, small hop 14.1

Amy Tinkler is up next on floor for GB -  popa,  full twisting DLO, very nice,  full in,  sw tour jete full,  punch front lay to front full, OOB, tour jete 1/2..  double pike, very clean. 13.333

Dominiqya Belyani VT Iceland -12.6

Claudia Fragapane FX GB -   DLO 1/1 + wolf jump,  DLO + stag jump, sw + tour jete full,  sw 1/2,  double arabian, hits perfectly. She missed that in PT, loving her routine so far,  clean double pike to end. She get's a huge round of applause from the audience.  She officially stole the show.  Pretty  soon, the audience will start throwing roses. 13.933

Georgia Godwin AUS FX -  wolf turn 2/1,  DLO, chest a bit down on landing,  front full + fron 2/1, sw ring + tour jete, , 3/1 wolf turn,  double back, lands short,  memmel turn, very nice,, dobule pike, another short landing and a bit low knee bend. 12.733

It appears we are waiting for scores.

Rianna Mizzen AUS - FX -  3 1/2 wolf turn,  hands down on a double back,  1 1 /2 through to punch front.  fumbles the 2/1 wolf turn,  crashes her double pike. Sheesh! Oh vey.  10.033

Talia Folino AUS FX -  2 1/2, a s bit short,  double back,  wolf turn 1/1, 1/1 y turn,  front tuck to double full  crashes double pike, 10.166

Well, my stream is broken and it's not just me apparently... Keep refreshing. I'll let you know when I am back up.

Ok, we're back. Rotation 2 will commence shortly.

Alice Kinsella VT GB - DTY,  short on the landing, chest down, big step FWD. 13.666

Amy Tinkler VT GB -  DTY -  good, height and form in the air, small step on the landing. 14.366
VT 2 - Tsuk full

Georgia Godwin VT Aus -  Tsuk full, 13.475

Rianna Mizzen VT Aus - FTY -  clean, small hop on the landing.

Talie Folino - FTY 13.4

Irina Mihajlovna Sanzonva UB Iceland -  KCHS,  toe full + maloney + pak,  toe shoot to hB,  giant 1.2 + markelov,  double pike, stuck. some flexed feet, but good routine. 12.433

Pamela Arriojas Venzuela UB -  jump hecht to HB,  giant 1/1/, g 1/2 + jaeger toe shoot to HB<  double pike, deep landing. 11.466

Milca Leon UB Ven - gienger, peels from the bar,  clear hip + stalder, lost her rhythm it seems, she had a couple of empty swings and came off the bar again,  pak, drags feet on mat, toe shoot to HB, lost it again,  giant 1/1, DLO, but lands it on her knees. 5.166

Claudia Colom Spain UB -  jump KCHS,  stadler, bhardwaj, falls,  toe full,  maloney,  gienger,  giant 1.2,  DLO, lands it on her hands and knees.

Time for rotation 3

Alice Kinsella GB UB -  giant 1/2,  + jaeger,  pak,  maloney, bail, toe full,   double pike, very clean routine.

Cintia Rodriguez BB -  sw + spl + sw,  side aerial, big break,  fro aerial, spl jump,  1/1 memmel turn,  BHS + BHS + 2/1 dismount.

Agnes Suto BB Iceland -  unique mount,  fro aerial, big balance check,  side somi,  l turn 1/1, side aerial,  spl + wolf jump,  BHS,  sw,  rudi dismount.

Georgia Godwin UB Aus - Wieler Kip + wiler 1/2  maloney + van leeuwen,  pike jaeger,  giant 1/1, stuck double pike. 13

Anastasija Dubova Latvia - VT -  FTY, big steps out.

Rianna Mizzen UB -  wieler + wiler 1/2, maloney + hindorff + pak,  falls on a shap 1/2,  full in dismaount

Ana Derek Croatia FX - front tuck + double back, clean and nice, memmel to illusion or was that a Mustafina?  2 /1 twist, spl  jump 1/1

Talia Folino UB AUS -  toe shap + pak, , shap 1.2, pike jaeger,  double pike 13.2

Emilie Winther Denmark FX - full, tour jete ,  2/1 turn,  popa,  tour jete 1/2,  memmel turn 1/1,  fhs + fro lay,

Amy Tinkler UB GB -  toe full, maloeny + tkatchev, + pak,  shap 1/2,  giant 1/2 + markelov, falls,  full in dismount. 13.066

Linnea Hoejer Wang Denmark FX - spl jump full,  double pike,  double back, very clean,  sw tour jete,  FHS + fro full,  2/1 turn,  2/1 twist. Her floor music is "Cry Me A River" from Justin Timberlake

Georgia Mae Fenton UB GB - ricna 1/2 + yezhova,  maloney + ricna + bail,  toe shoot to HB, stuck full in dismount. Gorgeous routines! 14.5

Valerija Grisane VT -  laid out Tsuk, very clean

Milca Leon BB -  front tuck, completely misses a foot and slides off,  sw 1/2,  front layout dismount.

Marija Ribalcenko VT Latvia - front tuck, sits it down.

Pamela Arriojas BB  Ven -  LOSO mount, falls,  L turn full,  BHS + LOSO, falls again,  sw + 1/1 y turn,  side aerial, low chest position, and falls off,  sw full,  fro aerial,  2/1 dismount.

Nora Fernandez Spain BB -  LOSO mount, solid,  BHS + BHS + LOSO, wolf jump,  spl ring jump, 1/1 turn,  side somi, falls,  sw 1/2, a bit under rotated, side aerial,  switch side, falls,  round off + double pike.

Ana Perez Spain BB -  squat through mount,  sw + sw 1/2,  l turn 1/1,  BHS + BHS + LOSO,  front tuck + split jump, solid so far,  side somi,  side aerial,  sw + wolf jump,  round off + double back. Very solid routine!

Rotation time! Rotation 4 is up next.

Agnes Suto FX -  double back, very clean,  2/1 twist,  sw 1/2,  1/1 l turn,  sw + tour jete , FHS + fro 1/1,  love the back spin,

Georgia Godwin AusBB -  sw - fro aerial, sw ring,  round off + double pike,

Camila Bonzo UB Argentina -  toe on1/2 + jaeger,  pak,  maloney + bail,  toe full + toe shoot to HB,  double back,

Rianna Mizzen BB Aus -  LOSO mount, falls, wolf turn 2 1/2,  BHS _ LOSO, some knee bend,  fro aerial,  sw + wolf jump, and ANOTHER wolf turn,  yay,

Mayra Vaquie Arg UB -  double pike dismount, some flexed feet

Irina Sazonova Iceland FX -  1.1 L turn,  1 1/2 + fro full,  double back,  sw, tour jete full,  double pike,  1/1 turn, sw

Talia Folino BB Aus -  front tuck,  BHS + BHS + layout with 2 ft,  sw, fro aerial + psl + wolf jump, side aerial,  sw ring, big balance check, saves it. back tuck fly away dsimount.

Pamela Arriojas Ven FX -  double pike,  memmel turn,  double back,  sw ring, sw, quad turn, very lovely,  spl jump full, beautiful,  FHS + fro full,

Amy TInkler BB GB -  Gainer LOSO + LOSO+ LOSO,  back tuck,  1/1 turn + spl jump, fro aerial,  sw 1/2,  round off + 2/1 twist.  12.066

Milca Leon FX Ven -  double arabian, sits it down,  sw + sw side,

Alice Kinsella BB GB - Candlestick MT,  2/1 turn,  sw + sw side,  BHS + LOSO= LOSO, falls, fro aerial, another big balance check,  saves it,  2 1/2 dismount.

Claudia Fragapane BB GB - sw BHS + 2 ft layout, lots of big breaks and balance checks in that routine.

Nora Fenandez FX Spain - double pike,  sw ring,   1 1/2,  2/1 turn, double back,

I gotta stop for now. I'll be back at 5 MST for more.


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