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WAG Qualifications Day 2 Live Blog - Subdivision 5

It's time for the fifth and final subdivision featuring the ladies of team USA. Japan and China.

After this session, the all-around and even qualifiers will have been decided. To follow along, refresh the page every five to ten minutes or so.

Happy Worlds!

After 4 subdivisions here are the standings going into this competition:

All Around -





Team USA will start on vault with Cuba & Finland, Ukraine, Brazil and Slovenia on bars, Japan and Korea (South Korea) on beam, Columbia & China on Floor and I think Chusovitnia (Uzbekistan) will also start there).

Team USA is wearing red leos adorned with the mandatory fifty bajillion sparkles on them

Ginna Escobar Columbia FX -  2/1 twist. She has Bailie Key's 2014 FX music I think. 12.066

Asuka Teramoto JPN BB -  sw 1/2,  beautiful onodi,  fro aerial + straddle jump, triple full dismount.

Jade Carey USA VT - VT 1 Amanar - small step out. Or that was just her warm up maybe. EVERYONE SHOULD START AT THE SAME TIME! UGH!!

Mae Murakami JPN BB -  front tuck, small step,  BHS + LOSO,  3/1 turn,  fro aerial + straddle + spl,  round off + double back dismount. 13.2

Maija Leinonen Finland VT - This poor girl has had to wait the entirety of Wang Yan's floor routine and then some to go.  Finally, she get's her turn. Tsuk pike

Wang Yan FX China -  silivas, OOB,   1 1/2 + double full + punch front,  1 1/2 + front full,  1/1 turn,  tour jete full,  3/1 twist, ferrari + sw 1/2, 13.366

Aiko Sugihara BB JPN - step out on her dismount and poor Maija from Finland STILL has to wait. 12.466

Morgan Hurd VT USA - I think I missed her vault so now we're waiting for Ragan Smith 14.466 - obviously it was a good vault.

Ragan Smith VT USA - DTY - clean, nice height, small hop on the landing. 14.466

Jade Carey is up next for team USA on vault - VT 1 Amanar - big step out on the landing.  VT 2 - Kas full/ Tsuk 2/1, lots of power and a big bounce back, solid form and good height. 14.849

Marcia Vidaux, CUBA VT -  same vault as Jade, but a bit short and steps forward on the landing. More waiting. Cue the Jeopardy theme song.  The second vault she crashed. She didn't have enough height or block it seems. 13.316

Time for rotation 2 - when ever the stream decides to pick back up again.

Mai Murakami FX JPN -  quad turn,  solid double double, lands it like a BAMF!  gorg DLO.  2 1/2 + fro 1/2,  ferrari,  tour jete full,  2/1 L turn + full turn,  ends with double pike, lots of energy and takes a step out, but is still fabulous! 14.2

Helmi  Murto Finland UB - giant 1/1 + giant 1/1 + jaeger,  clear hip + toe ON + toe shoot to HB,  double back, stuck

Aiko Sugihara JPN FX -  memmel turn, or maybe a mustafina,  triple full + stag jump,  FHS + fro 2/1 + front tuck

Morgan Hurd USA UB -  in bar full + tkatchev,  ricna + pak, stalder shoot to HB,  in bar to in bar1/2, stalder full + full in, solid landing 14.333

Ragan Smith UB - jump to HB,  in bar + in bar 1/1 + in bar 1/2 +  downie + ricna + pak,  stalder shoot to HB, full in, toes perfectly pointed throughout. 14.133

Wang Yan vaulted and I missed the vault. Because someone blocked it on the feed! Rudi for her second vault

Ashton Locklear UB USA -  glide KCHSm, toe on toe full + chow + maloney,  bail + stadler shoot to HB,  jaeger, very nice, full in, stuck. 14.566

Laura Ana Wong Panama VT -  yurchenko back pike off,  over rotates and sits it down.

Marcia Vidaux Cuba -  stadler stalder 1/2,  stalder shoot to HB, a little flat, messy full in dismount. 10.8

Gaeun Sung Korea FX -  L turn full,  double pike,  sw ring + tour jete full,  1 1/2 + fro 1/1, spl jump full,  2 1/2  sw ring

Iarmolenko BB Urkaine -  side aerial + LOSO,  spl 3/4,  L turn full,   fro aerial + scale... Maybe covering for a fall, not sure the judges will forgive that.  sw + spl,  round off + 2/1 twist dismount.

Sae Miyakawa JPN FX -  fro lay + fro double tuck,  popa,  DLO full in.  spl jump full,  double double, chest down on landing, DLO crash lands it to her knees.  You can see the disappointment just rolling off of her. :(

Rotation three to commence shortly.

Morgi Boo is leading with a 28.799 to Smith's 28.599, Wang Yan is in 6th 27.766

Team USA is on beam next with Finland and Cuba

Diana Varinska UKR FX 3 /1 twist,  double back, goes OOB,  tour jete full,  sw ring, spl ring,  full turn,  memmel turn,  fro tuck + double full.

Helmi Murto FIN BB - sw leap, I think she's overtime, 1 1/2 dismount.

Lee Eun Ju Korea VT - FTY, step back on landing.

Ashton Locklear BB USA - squat through mount,  wolf turn 3/1,  BHS + LOSO,  spl full,  front tuck, solid so far,  side somi, bit of a balance check, side aerial and falls off the beam,  sw + s w1/2,  she was solid up through that fall, round off + double back, step forward. 12.333

Wang Yan got a 13.4 on bars

Luo Han UB China -  glide KCHSm  pak,  maloney 1.2 giant 12, healy

Morgan Hurd is solid on her standing ful,  side serial + sw leap,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  fro aerila,  spl + straddle,  front tuck,  full turn,  sw ring, balance check,  full in dismount. 13.5 - that puts her in 2nd for the beam final

Fan Yilin UB -  chow, in bar gienger -  healy turn + ono turn,

Ragan Smith BB USA - side straddle MT,  wolf turn, 3 /1, falls on her 2 ft layout, that's 2 falls for team USA.  front tuck, straddle + spl  jump, is a bit tentative now,  spl 3/4,  fro aerial,  double pike dismount, solid. 12.9

Oksana Chusovitina VT Uzbekistan - HS front full 1st vault. Tsuk 2/1 seocnd

Sae Miyakawa VT - Rudi, stuck landing.

Maija Leionon BB Fin - This poor girl has to wait a hundred million years to go. Y turn full,  fro aerial, + BHS, BHS + LOSO, solid,  sw + wold,  side somi,  side aerial, chest a bit low,  bhs + BHS = 2/1 dismount.

Mai Murakami VT JPN - more waiting, ho hum, yawn. DTY, solid, huge amplitude and power. Great vault 14.633

Time for rotation 3

Morgan is on the top of the leaderboard with a 42.299, Smtih is in 2nd with a 41.499, Wang Yan is in 5th with 41.166, Varinska of the Ukraine is rounding out the top 8 with 40.199. Morgan needs a 13.467 on floor to take the first place spot away from Ellie Black.

Morgan Hurd FX USA -  double double,  pike full in,  ferrari,  fro lay + fro 1/1, stumbles a bit, don't know if she went OOB, sw ring,  double pike, a bit short. 12.533 - 54.832 total

Ragan Smith is up next for Team USA on floor -  DLO,  1 1/2 + 3/1 twist,  tour jete full,  double arabian + stag leap,  wolf turn 3/1,  solid double pike to finish. Crowd loves it, gives her a roar of approval. 14.433

Jade Carey FX USA - double double, DLO 1/1,  L jump full,  FHS + fro 2/1,  tour jete full, full in, is she OT? 14.1

Liu Tingting BB CHN - interesting mount, sw ring, korbut flip, round off 3/1 twist,

Mai on UB, in bar gienger,  nice jaeger,  toe on full,  bial,  toe shoot to HB<  full in, stuck.

Yesenia Ferrera Cuba FX -  spl jump full,  double double, goes OOB,  DLO, solid landing,  tour jete full, nicely split sw rong,  crashes her double back to her knees.

Dayana Garcia COL BB -  back tuck,  sw + wolf jump,  spl jump 1/2,  1/1 turn,  side somi, , side aerial round off double back dismount.

Maija Leinonen FIN FX -  double back, nice height,  2/1 twist,  4/1 turn,  tour jete full + spl 3/4, 1/1 Y turn,  FHS + fro full, 12.033

Ginna Escobar Col BB -  sw ring, sw + sw 1/2,  1/1 turn,

Helmi Murto FX Finland -  double back,  illusion turn,  sw + tour jete full,  spl jump full.

Final Standings -

All Around - Mai Murakami slipped ahead of Ragain by 0.001. That's an exciting competition!

Vault -
Bars -

Beam -



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