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Women's All-Around Final Live Blog

Tonight, a new queen of women's gymnastics will be crowned.

This is a tight race as Ragan Smith and Mai Murakami qualified in first and second, separated by only 0.001, Mai with a 55.933 to Ragan's 55.932.

Also contending is Elena Eremina, Russia's newest little darling with her Nabieva on bars. And you can never leave out the home team as Ellie Black is a major contender as well as Brooklyn Moors with her beautiful nostalgic, wistful floor routine. Also look out for Morgan Hurd, Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos of France, Nina Derwael of Belgium and her ridiculous bars and Diana Varinska of Ukraine.

Refresh the page every five to ten minutes for updates.

Here are the starting rotations -

Starting on vault -
Ellie Black
Ragan Smith*
Mai Murakami
Morgan Hurd
Elena Eremina
Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos
Ioana Crisan

Starting on bars -
Aiko Sugihara
Nina Derwael
Diana Varinska
Tabea Alt
Giulia Steingruber
Angelina Melnikova

Starting on beam -
Brooklyn Moors
Ana Perez
Amy Tinkler
Elisabeth Seitz
Thais Santos
Wang Yan

Starting on floor -
Rune Hermans
Georgia Godwin
Lara Mori
Marine Boyer
Filipa Martins

Latest development - per USA Gymnastics' Twitter - Ragan is out due to an ankle injury on vault.
That's so shitty. Freaking trash worlds. :(

Seriously, NBC is showing injury porn of Larisa AND Ragan. What the fuck is this trash? AHHHHHHH.

It's anyone's game now.  This is literally the Wars of the Roses - Gymnastics edition and this is Bosworth Field 2017.

Ellie Black VT - HS front full. solid landing. Just a small hop. Maybe a bit piked in the air. Crowd goes nuts and she high fives Mai!!!! I love it!!! :) 14.6

Ioana Crisan Romania VT -  FTY, she has lots of power, that's a 9.95 in NCAA. Ok... maybe a 9.75 in NCAA... she appears to have stepped out of bounds. 13.566

Mai Murakami Japan VT -  beautiful STUCK DTY! That was GORGEOUS! 14.666

Nina Derwal uB -  KCHS,  ricna pike 1/2 + yezhova,  maloney 1/2,  full in dismount. 14.966 - this puts her in the lead

Morgan Hurd USA VT - DTY, nice form in the air big air, hop on the landing. 14.533

Amy Tinkler GB BB -  gainer LOSO + LOSO, some knee bend, double full dismount.

Elena Eremina Russia VT -  Y 1 1/2, nice landing. not quite as far or high as the others. 13.866

Lara Mori Italy FX -  Love that blue leo.  DLO, nice, sw ring, + tour jete full, memmel + illusion turn,  1 1/2 + front full,  full in, big hop on the landing,  tiny bit short on that triple full. Great routine overall. 13

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos France VT -  DTY, lots of power, height and distance, big hop on the landing. Beautiful form in the air.

Tabea Alt UB -  pak, some leg seps,  chow 1/2, alt dismount, a bit wonky.

Elisabeth Seitz BB - small balance check, sw 1.2, gainer pike dismount. How NCAA of you.

Giulia Steingruber Switerland - clear hip + shap + pak + maloney 1/2, g 1/1 + gienger, bit close and some leg separations in the air, giant 1.2 double front, cowboyed some, step on landing. 12.933

Melnikova Russia bars  -  in bar full,  komova + pak,  maloney 1/2, very nice, bit wonky  handstand on that in bar 1/2, nice air on her pike jaeger,  botches a skill and goes over full in, stuck. Aww, she's getting hugs from everyone! 13.775

Wang Yan BB - immediately falls on her front tuck mount, front tuck and another big wobble,  sw + sw ring, she's totally off on her layout and falls again,  sw ring,  balance check on her switch half,  2/1 dismount. Yeesh. There's no nice way to say this, that was bad. That was just bad.10.200

Brooklyn Moors beam, slightly off on her front tuck mount, sw ring + switch half,  was that a valdez? front hand spring to front tuck, full turn,  front aerial, another wobble, spl jump,   spl jump + side somi, beat jump + spl leap,  front handspring to rudi dismount. 12.266.

Standings after the first rotation -
1. Nina Derwael 14.966
2. Mai Murakami 14.666
3. Ellie Black 14.600
4. Morgan Hurd 14.533
5. Diana Varinska 14.5
6. Melanie DeJesus Dos Santos 14.466
7. Elena Eremina 13.866
8. Angelina Melnikova 13.775

Time for rotation 2
Ellie Black and co move to the bars.
Nina Derwael and co move to the beam
Wang Yan and co move to the floor
Amy Tinkler and co move to the vault

Nina Derwael BB -  LOSO mount, a bit off, saves it,  falls on her BHS LOSO series. fro aerial, gotta have that wolf turn!  11.833

Georgia Godwin VT  Australia- 13.266

Mai Murakami UB -  glide KHCS,  toe on + maloney in bar gienger, giant 1/2, pike jaeger, nice, straddle jaeger, giant fll + bail, nice handstands, toe shoot to HB bit short on the handstand.  full in, bit messy but solid,  13.800 puts her in first with 28.466

Eun Lee Korea VT - FTY, not a lot of distance. Okay form in the air.

Diana Varinska BB Ukraine -  BHS + BHS + 2 ft layout, falls on something.. not sure what...Mai is waiting on bars,  front aerial, balance check,  side somi,  side aerial, steps out of it, sheep jump a little off., triple full dismount.

Tabea Alt BB Ger - two foot layout mount, beautiful,  side aerial + LOSO, gorgeous,  full turn,  sw + sw 1/2, a bit short of 180,  front aerial, big balance check,  sw ring, another balanc check,  side somi,  round off double back stuck. 13.3,

Amy Tinkler floor GB -  front lay + front full,  tour jete a bit short of 180,  double pike, chest low on landing.

Morgan Hurd UB -  in bae full + tkatchev, ricna + pak, toe shoot, gitoe on toe 1/2,  full in, bit off on some of those handstands. 14.3 puts her in front with 28.833

Steingruber BB - balance check,  sw Side somi, bit slow on the connection, nice amplitude on her sw 1/2, gainer pike full off the end of the beam.

Eremina UB -  Nabieva + pak, does a KCHS, she missed her handstand on her stalder, maloney 1/2,  in bar, ginat 1/2, pike jaeger, giant 1/2, short on the HS, full in dismount. 14.2 - a bit generous 28.066 total. Tim just loves how she can speak English. So do I. She's just too cute.

Melnikova beam - front roll mount,  wolf turn full, pulls a Chiles, spl + straddle, L turn full _ full turn,  sw ring, a bit tentatice,  hits her  two foot layout series, spl ring jump,  side somi, still a bit tentative,  lands her double pike very nicely. That was a really solid routine, even with the hesitations.

Eliie Black Bars -  malomey + hindorff, a bit messy, shang,  pike jaeger + pak leg seps,  maloney 1/2,  giant full,  toe on tucked 1/2.  The crowd is OBSESSED with Ellie! 14.233! That TIES her with MORGAN! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! THIS IS SO COOL!!!!

Wang Yan is on floor, sw ring + rout jete full,

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos UB -  in bar shap + in bar tkatchev + pka, beautiful,  toe shorot, giant full, went over, full twisting double layout dismount. 14.00 28.466 ties her with Mai

Brooklyn is on floor! The Pod,  I love this routine,  fron HS + fro full + fro 1/2,  sw ring + ferrari,  spl jump full + double stag jump full,  the arena is silent for her,  front double full + front tuck.

Thais Santos FX -  1 1/2 + double arabian,  sw ring + tour jete 1/2, nice full in, that we Kytra Hunter double back open, nice switch ring, lands her double pike dismount with ease. 13.566

Rotation time!

Replay of Tinks floor routine on the YouTube channel, full twisting DLO for her first pass, tour jete full, a bit under 180 in her splits,  chest down on her double pike. 13.333

Standings so far -

Mai BB = spl leap mt, pike front, BHS + LOSO, bit of a wobble,  sw ring,  side aerial, balance check, saves it, double turn and she fell. :( fro aerial,  round off + double pike, hop. 12. Gives her a 40.666

Elisabeth Seitz VT - FTY, clean, small hop on the landing.

Morgan Hurd BB -  side straddle, hits her tucked full,  sw + spl,  solid,  BHS + LOSO, bit of a wobble, spl + straddler jump, front tuck bit of  a wobble, she's very tertative, full turn,  full in, step back, chest a bit down. Whew. 12.666 - 41.499 - Christ the beam judges are strict.

Tabea Alt FX -  double pike, clea, sw ring, tour jete full.

Wang Yan - Tsuk full

Amy Tinkler VT DTY, lots of power, some bent knees in the air. 14.400

Marine Boyer UB France -   toe full, missed connection, Maloney + bail, misses her toe shoot, she shot straight up instead of going forward,  giant 1/2 + pike jaeger, sticks her full in. 12.066

Ana Perez Spain VT -  crashes her FTY to her knees.

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos BB -  front tuck mount, right on, front tuck,   lovely handstand to BHS + 2 ft layout, bit of a wobble, saves it, , very Morgan Lane at UNC.  fro aerial sw 1/2 + BHS<  full turn,  took a couple of steps back on her double back dismount 12.433 - puts her in 3rd with 40.899

Melnikova crashes her double pike on floor,

Brooklyn Moors VT -  Handspring front pike 1/2, crashes. I think that was supposed to be laid out, but she was really piked. 12.966

Ellie Black Canada BB -  just waiting for her to start now... cue the Jeopardy theme song... she's going now -  sw mt + sw + sw 1/2,  double turn, balance check, saves it,  front pike, bhs + 2 ft layout... she's being very agressive, Hands on the beam on a front pike...round off + double pike, hop on the landing. 12.866 - puts her in first 41.699... two tenth lead...

Ioana Crisan BB -  BHS + BHS + 2 ft layout,  side somi,  wobbles on a leap,  sw + spl. double back dismount, chest down

Nina Derwael FX - double pike,  1 1/2 + frot full, memmel + illusion, wolf turn 2/1,  sw ring + tour jete full,  double back, clean landing,  She's just dancing her heart out. I love to see gymnasts going hard on the dance part of their routines. 13.366

Here are the standings -

If Ellie Black wins gold tonight... I might cry.

final rotation -

Morgi Hurd FX - double double, big step, but lands with her chest up and doesn't go OOB, pike full in,  fro lay + fro 2/1,  sw ring + spl ring jump, spl jump full,  lands her double pike beautifully! YAYYYYYY! MORGAN! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 13.733 55.232

Elena Eremina FX - full in, step back,  Memmel, tour jete full, 1 1/2 + fro full + fro tuck,  semenova turn,  triple twist, perfect, sw ring,  sw 1/2.  13.600 54.799 total

Giulia Steingruber VT - rudi, piked in the hips and chest is low,  13.633 53.666

Melanie DJDS FX -  tour jete full,  full twisting DLO, bit short,  beautiful full in, landed so clea,  ferrari, sw 1/2,  FHS + fro 1/1 + stag leap,  wolf turn 2/1,  double back, over-rotated and went OOB. Her form is gorgeous 13.233 54.132

Sugihara VT - Yurchenko 1 1/2, small hop. Nice clean entry, little bit of knee bend  on that second twist.

Ellie Black FX - this is her event, she could win it her, spl jump full,  1 1/2 + double back, beat jump full,  fhs fro 1/1 + front tuck,  tour jete, sw 1/2,  full turn,  2/1 twist,  SHE MIGHT WIN!!! OMG!!!!!  13.433 - that's a bullshit score. I mean, she's going to get a medal at least.55.132

Georgia Godwin BB -  sw ring,  double pike dismount, chest a bit down.

Ioana Crisan tour jete full,  2/1 + double back,  double L turn,  full in, bit sloppy,  front tuck + double full,   sw + spl ring jump, beautiful ring position,  double pike, solid landing.  She

Nina D VT - FTY, lots of height,  step on the landing. Hips piked a bit. 13.533 53.498

Mai Murakami FX -  quad turn, stumbles out,  double double + stag leap, gorgeous double layout, just planted it  2 1/2 + front full,  sw ring + rout jete full,  double L turn, might have falled out, clean double pike to end. 14.233 - 54. 699 - puts her in 4th.

Morgi-Boo! Ellie! Eremina! I'm so proud!!!!!

Here are the final standings -

1. Morgan Hurd 55.232
2. Ellie Black 55. 132
3. Elena Eremina 54.799

Brooklyn Moors won the Longines prize for Elegance for the mademoiselles. Kenzo won for the monsieurs.

Instead of Hot Pink Nation, are we now in Baby Blue Nation?


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