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Nebraska @ Penn State Live Blog

Yesterday was the land of the SEC, today we are in Big 10 country with Nebraska's opening meet at Penn State.
Nebraska has some new faces that will be showing up since they lost a stellar class of seniors that included Ashley Lamber. Penn State is under the tutelage of a new coach, Sarah Shire Brown and are expected to see positive changes this season.

Refresh the page every 5 minutes or so for updates!

The home team, Penn State starts on vault while Nebraska start their afternoon on bars.

Ok, so why is Nebraska making it rain?

Gigi Laguardia Penn State VT - FTY, good height, small step back. 9.75

Kynsee Roby UB  Neb -  giant 1/2 + jager, pak, toe circle, good handstand, DLO, looked pretty good formwise, stuck landing 9.85

Sabrina Garcia VT -  FTY, arms a bit bent on table, good landing. 9.825

Taylor Houchin UB -  giant full + tkatchev, nice,  bail, nice hs position,  giant full + tucked dbl back, good landing, chest a bit down. 9.875

Alissa Bonsall VT FTY - good form, good height, maybe a hop on the landing. 9.775

Danielle Breen UB -  jump to HB, KCHS and then get's down, something wasn't right. She's back on now, pauses while trying to do a handstand again and falls again, jaeger,  bai;, good HS position,  short on that last HS, DLO, small step. 8.675

Kourtney Chinnery VT - solid FTY, good distance, small hop back. 9.85

Love Sarah Shire Brown's shoes!

Waiting for Breen's score on UB.

Megan Schweihofer UB -  blind change + pike jaeger, bail, DLO, bit piked on the first flip, but good landing. 9.825

Lauren Bridgens VT - another FTY, she's a bit off to the side on her landing and she has a hop back. 9.8

Catelyn Orel UB -  jump KCHS, tkatchev, a bit butt scrapy, bail,  toe circle, falls on DLO, didn't have enough rotation 9.025

Briannah Tsang VT - was that a 1 1/2,  or y 1/2? It was a 1 1/2, I've decided. Had a step on the landing. lots of power. 9.825

Abbie Epperson UB -  straddle hecht mt, blind change + jaeger, bail, good HS,  bit short in her last HS,  good dlo dismount, slight hop back,

Exh Mason Housek? (not sure if I'm spelling her name right. Couldn't quite understand the announcer) VT  - FTY, chest a bit down but sticks.

Exh Carly Hutchinson UB -  blind change + jaeger, a little over arching those HS positions, giant full + double back, stuck.

On to the second rotation. Penn State is already in a comfortable lead. They move to bars and Nebraska is on vault. The ole' switcheroo!

Scores after 1 rotation -
Penn State Vault - 49.075
Nebraska Bars - 48.375

Poetry? Ok, sure.

Grace Williams NEB VT - FTY, not a lot of distance and she lands to the side. 9.7

Tess McCracken Penn State UB -  tkatchev,  bail, nice HS position,  toe on + stalder + double back, nice ending combination. 9.8

Karley Hutchinson VT -  good height and distance, looked like a pretty solid landing

Ava Verdeflour UB -  my stream is frozen... Missed a couple of routines... Sorry :( 9.25

Abbie Epperson VT  - good FTY, coach was blocking  her landing, but it looked okay...9.875

Garcia UB -  giant 1/2 + jaeger piked, toe on + bail, good tight form, good long lines, nice DLO, stuck or nearly stuck it...9.85

Schweihofer Neb VT - Stuck FTY, nice distance, still a bit to the side. 9.9

Bonsall UB -  ray + shootover,  DLO, may stuck it, but she bounced out 9.9

Sienna Crouse VT - y 1 1/2, good landing, 9.95

Tsang UB -  jump hecht, blind change + jaeger,  bail,  nice HS positions, DLO, legs separated and a bit piked on the last flip, but sticks. 9.9

Michaela Curtis VT Exhibition - FTY, sticks it.

Kristin Collins UB Exhibition -  jump KCHS,  blind change + jaeger, bail,  blind change + double front, small step on the landing.

Penn State looking good!  Lots of high 9.8s and low 9.9s

Scores after 2 rotations
Penn State 98.400, bars 49.325
Nebraska 97.7, vault 49.325

Third rotation, Penn State is on beam and Nebraska is on floor.

McCracken leads off Penn State on beam - jump to splits, wolf full, fro aerial + bhs,  cat leap + side aerial, misses a foot and literally slides off the beam, nice scale,  spl  + dbl stag ring jump,  cartwheel + gainer full 9.175

Epperson is Nebraska's floor lead off gal - the pink panther, I love it.  FHS + fro 2/1,  1 1/2 + fro lay,  sw ring + wolf hop full, fhs + rudi 9.75

Peyton Schuller BB -  sw + straddle jump, bit of a balance check,  fro aerial + BHS,  full turn,  cat leap + front toss, punch front full, stuck. Good solid routine to get them back on track after the fall 9.725

Anika Dujakovich FX - clean double pike, good chest position,  1 1/2 + front full, tour jete + spl jump full,  FHS + rudi, teeny weeny bit short, lands a bit funky 9.7

Bonsall BB - BHS + LOSO,  spl + straddle 1/4,  full turn,  hitch kick to side aerial, small balance check,  punch front layout full to pee pee dance. 9.6

Sierra Hassel Neb FX - good first pass, random cartwheel to LOSO,  FHS + fro full + fro lay, solid landing,  tour jete +wolf jump,  rudi 9.75

Bridgens BB -  squat through mount,  hitch + front toss, wobble,  sw + spl jump, another balance check in between those leaps, full turn,  BHS + LOSO, falls, hips weren't square on the beam,  gainer LOSO,  round off + 1 1/2, good landing, but now Penn State will have to count a fall, 9.175

Williams FX -  beautiful double pike, lots of air,  punch lay + rudi,  tour jete + spl jump, bit under 180 on the first leap,  nice dbl back. 9.775

Tsang BB -  standing LOSO +LOSO, solid series,  cat leap + sw side, balance check but stays on, side somi,  full turn,  BHS 1/1 + back full, great dismount series, so much cooler than side aerial to full. 9.8

Crouse FX - 1 1/2 + fro lay,  FHS + fro 1/2 + loso, solid. Good routine. 9.675

Mason Housek BB - side straddle mount,  full turn,  side aerial, solid,  BHS  + LOSO, another solid series sw + spl 3/4, nice splits on her leaps,  front aerial, small balance check, gainer full dismount.  They needed that routine. Two hits in a row and they'll end ok. 9.8

Schweihofer FX -  making it rain, ok, must be a theme this season,  full in, good landing,  fro lay + barani,  tour jete 1/2 + wolf jump,  double back. 9.825

Scores after 3 rotations -

With a dicey beam rotation from Penn State, looks like the teams are tied.

Penn State 146.500, beam 48.100
Nebraska 146.500, floor 48.800

Final rotation - Penn State ends on floor - Nebraska ends on beam.

Kynsee Roby BB  -  straddle press HS mount,  wolf jump,  fro aerial  + BHS + BHS,  sissone + sw 1/2,  full turn, bit off balance, saves it,  beautiful scale,  side aerial + l/1 twist, small hop. 9.825

McCracken FX -  1 1/2+ front lay,  1 1/2 + front pike,  sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  FHS + rudi, bit of an odd landing and steps back. 9.45

Epperson BB -  full turn, bit of a balance check,  BHS + LOSO, big pause preceding this,  sw + spl, cat leap + front toss + beat jump, bit of a stumble after the front toss, wasn't sure she'd make the beat jump, LOSO + gainer full. 9.75

Still waiting for McCracken's floor score. Cue the Jeopardy theme song...

Kristin Politz FX -  2 1/2 to start,  bit under rotated and does the pee pee dance, fro full to front lay, sw ring  + tour jete, 1 1/2 + front lay or front tuck, think it was supposed to be piked, but legs tucked a bit. 9.675

Schweihofer BB -  BHS + 2 ft lay,  fake out leap to back roll,  sw + sw 1/2, the sw 1/2 kind of under 180, full turn, round off + 2/1 dismount.  9.825

Bridgens FX -  double tuck, big step out of it,  fhs + rudi + loso, tour jete + wolf jump,  FHS + fro full + front lay,  good solid routine. 9.7

Breen BB  - 1 arm bhs + loso, sissone + sheep jump,  full turn,  sits down her dismount, well more like she twisted and her feet slid out from under her. 9.35

Bonsall FX  - dbl pike to OOB,  tour jete + popa, back leg not up enough on 1st leap, FHS + fro lay + fro full , double back, comes up short and has to put her hands down. 9.050

Hassel BB - hahaha, "everbody dance now" is the beam music on right now, has a big balance check on her acro series, front aerial,  spl + sheep jump,  full turn,  round off + sticks 1 1/2. 9.725

Garcia FX -  clean double back to open,  nice double pike, controlled landing, good amplitude, switch side to popa,  1 1/2 + front lay out to end, good solid routine to get back on track 9.825

Williams BB -  big cheers for her acro series cat leap + sw leap,  full turn,  side aerial to layout full
dismount, stuck 9.925

Tsang FX - beautiful pike full in,  1 1/2 + front 1/2, solid landings,  tour jete 1/2 + popa, bit under 180 on the tour jete,  beautiful double pike, nice controlled landing. 9.9

Crouse is exhibitioning on beam to "Funk Soul Brother" -  front aerial, full turn,  sw + straddle 1/4,  front toss + BHS,  beat jump,  gainer full off the end, small step.

Chinnery is exhibitioning on floor -  nice stuck double pike, cold freaking stick, random front tuck to spice up life,  sw side to popa,  HE HE HE.... he ... he ....(that was her floor music, not me being snarky),  whip to double tuck, chest a bit down.

Final scores -
Nebraska 195.550, beam 49.050
Penn State 195.050, floor 48.550

Join me in ten minutes for the Ohio State at Michigan meet!


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