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Ohio State @ Michigan Live Blog

More Big 10 fun for the rest of the evening with THE Ohio State at Michigan.

Michigan had a pretty good home opener last weekend against Bama. Ohio State wants to forget last weekend at UCLA never happened.

Refresh the page every so often so see what happens!

First rotation - Michigan starts on beam and Ohio State is on bars.

Lexi Funk VT -  FTY, small, hop 9.725

Stefanie Merkle UB -  giant 1/2 + jaeger, catches very close,  bail,  giant full + double back. 9.625

Polina Shchennikova -  FTY - beautiful form, nice landing, good height. 9.775

Amanda Huang UB -   blind change + jaeger, nice, Bail, nice HS, bit short on that last HS, full in dismount, good landing. 9.825

Paige Zaziski VT - FTY, beautiful height, small hop on the landing. 9.85

Nevin Adamski UB + tkatchevm  clipped her foot on the bar, bail,  nice HS, DLO, small step back 9.575

Sydney Townsend VT - y 1 1/2, very good landing small step, nice improvement from last week! 9.925

Alexis Mattern UB -Blind change + jaeger + bail, full in, stuck. 9.825

Olivia Karas VT - stuck y 1 1/2, huge height, nice distance. Great vault. 9.875

Olivia Aepli UB shap, full in dismount. 9.825

Emma McClean VT - y 1 1/2, another stick. Good height, she's super excited. 9.95

Jenna Swartzentruber UB -  pak  + shap 1/2,  DLO, bit overrotated steps forward. 9.825

First rotation in the books. Second rotation to commence.

Scores after the first rotation:
Michigan Vault 49.375
Ohio State Bars 48.925 - already a big improvement over last week's splat fest.

Let's see how the rest of the meet plays out. Time for the ole' switcheroo. Michigan on bars, Ohio State on vault,

Bridget Sloan is commentating. Yay!!! She's doing great!

Merkle leads off vault for Ohio State -  FTY, some knee bend, but good landing. 9.775

Townsend leading off bars for Michigan -  shap + bail,  giant full + double tuck, good landing. Great handstands. Very clean,  9.9

Swartzentruber VT - FTy, lands a bit short. Locked her knees a bit. 9.650

Lauren Farley UB -  straddle hecht mt, blind chagne + pike jaeger,  bail, nice HS on bail, blind change + double front stuck. 9.85

Morgan Lowe VT - FTY, stuck, brought her heels together very quick. 9.775

Polina UB -  shap + pak, switch kip,  giant full + double back, small hop. Bridget's fan girling about her lines. 9.85

Aepli VT - beautiful FTY, nice lines, small hop in place, beautiful amplitude. 9.85

Karas toe on + shap + bail, whoa, her foot slipped on her low bar squat and she fell on the low bar, short on her DLO dismount. 9.15

Jamie Stone VT - Y 1/2, she's totally under rotated and sits it down 9.25

Brianna Brown UB - ray toe on + pak,  toe circle,  nice HS position,  beautiful DLO, stuck. 9.85

Mattern VT -  hs fro pike 1/2, huge amplitude, small hop.  9.85

Zaziski UB giant ful + tkatchev, good height, bail, nice HS, DLO, stuck. great anchoring routine for Michigan 9.9

Waiting for the live scores to update...

2nd rotation over with, we are going to beam and floor. Michigan is on beam, Ohio State is on floor.

Scores after 2 rotations -

Michigan 98.750, bars 49.375
THE Ohio State 97.850, vault 48.925

Is Shchennikova warming up beam? I love her on beam. She's glorious!!!!!!!!!

Karas BB -  shoulder cartwheel,  gainer LOSO,  sw jump + pike jump,  BHS + LOSO, balance check, but stays on, full turn, punch rudi dismount. 9.8

Swartzentruber FX -  2 1/2 + front tuck, just to that line, spl jump full,  wolf double turn,  double pike, chest a bit down, 9.75

Zaziski BB -  cat leap + switch side,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  sw + straddle jump 1/4, full turn,  front toss,  gainer full dismount, solid landing. 9.875

Janelle McLelland FX - double pike,  sw side + popa,  fro full + fro lay,  double back, clean landing.

Funk BB - chest cartwheel,  BHS + LOSO,  sw side + pike jump,  full turn,  spl + back tuck, straddle 3/4, bit of a balance check, front full dismount, small hop. 9.875

Aepli FX -  double back, big bounce on landing, lots of power,  FHS + fro full + fro lay,  tour jete 1/2 + popa,  double pike, chest a bit down on landing. 9.775

Brown BB -  fro aerial + beat jump,  BHS + LOSO, sw + spl,  side somi,  full turn,  round off + 2/1 dismount, stuck. 9.875

Stone FX -  double pike, nice control,  1 1/2 + front tuck,  sw side + popa,  2 1/2 dismount 9.8

Quote of the week: "Nothing like a little Lion King to top off a floor routine."

Farley BB -  sw + spl,  BHS + LOSO+ LOSO,  full turn,  side aerial + spl jump,  gainer pike, small hop. 9.85

Markle FX -  full in, chest a bit down on landing,  tour jete + wolf 1/2,  2/1 + loso,  clean double back, solid routine.9.85

Lauren Marinez BB - jump to splits mount,  fro aerial, small balance check,  BHS + LOSO,  full turn,  cat leap + side aerial, small hiccup, judges may not notice, beat jump + spl 3/4, balance check, bigger one.  2/1 dismount, bit short, hops fwd. 9.775

Mattern FX - beautiful DLO,  tour jete full + popa,  fro lay + fro full,  front toss to sit,  double pike, perfect landing. Great anchor. They're looking much more confident then they were last week.

No Shchennikova in the beam line-up, le sigh. Maybe she's exhibitioning...

Scores after 3 rotations -
Michigan 148.025, beam 49.275
Ohio State 147.05, floor 49.175

Fourth rotation means the final switcheroo of the meet. Michigan finishes on floor and Ohio State will end on beam.

Swartzentruber BB - wolf full, BHS + LOSO, big balance check, fights and stays on. front toss + beat jump, chest down on front toss, sw + spl 3/4, fall, gainer full step back. 8.9

Zaziski FX -  big double pike,  tour jete 1/2 + popa,  front lay + fro full,  double back, solid ending.  BOOM. 9.825

Mattern BB -  full turn, falls on her BHS - loso series, now they have to count a fall,  cat leap + sw side, balance check,  gainer full. I blame Madonna, "Like a Prayer" was playing during her routine. 9.2

Funk FX -  FHS + fro 2/1,  switch side + popa,  fro full + fro lay,  great double pike to end.  The obligatory M, much like the obligatory Gator chomp or the U. 9.9

Aepli BB  -  cat leap + front toss + beat jump, BHS + LOSO, balance check but saves it, full turn, sw + straddle jump,  gainer full, solid landing. This time the beam music is Beyonce. Co-incidence? I think not. 9.725

Marinez FX -  FHS + FRO LAY + RUDI,  2 1/2 solid, sw  1/2 + popa, double pike, solid landing.  Another solid routine in the bank. 9.825

Lowe BB - BHS + LOSO, balance check, sw + spl, side aerial,  full turn,  ro + 1 1/2, small hop.9.675

Brown FX - 2 1/2,  double pike another good landing,  tour jete + spl jump, slightly off,  1 1/2 + front layout. 9.85

Stone BB -  BHS + LOSO, another big break, but saves it,  cat leap + sw side,  ro + 2 1/2, big step.

McClean FX - double back that's in outer space,  fro lay + fro full, lots of amplitude,  and attitude,  double pike that is also pretty huge.  9.975

Merkle BB -  BHS + LOSO, solid,  cat leap + front aerial, slightly off, but recovers ok,  sw side, nice split position,  gainer pike, small step. 9.775

Karas FX -  double arabian first pass,  tour jete full + wolf jump,  fro lay + fro 1/1,  double pike, solid landing.  Madonna is a Michigan alum. She should respond to Olivia's requests. Her daughter is in gymnastics, she could go to Michigan in ten years or something. 9.95

Final Scores -
Michigan 197.550, floor 49.500
Ohio State 194.925, beam 47.900

That's all for me tonight! Tomorrow I'll be live at the Air Force - Denver meet, follow me on Twitter for updates from that meet. Then join me Monday at 12 pm MST for the Oklahoma at Georgia meet.  See you next time!


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