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Sayonara Karolyi Ranch

Today, new USA Gymnastics president, Kerry Perry announced that the Karolyi Ranch is no more. 

The following statement was released today, via Twitter:
This statement comes after the three day public shaming, formally known as victims impact statements during Larry Nassar's sentencing for his sexual assualt and child pornography convictions.  Of course, this is also following the revelations of Maggie Nichols and Simone Biles, who both revealed they were abused by Nassar. Maggie outed herself as the whistleblower whose initial accusations finally brought down Nassar.

Maggie's mother gave a passionate speech at Nassar's sentencing that made her a trending topic on Twitter. To quote the Crime in Sports podcast, she told him "You Sir, may fuck off." (Yes!)

Simone's #MeToo Tweet calling for the Ranch to go away:

Bye Ranch, it's been real, but it's not been fun. 

I previously did a post about resources for abuse prevention in 2015. If you want to read it, click the following link: Preventing Abuse: Resources and Statistics

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