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UCLA @ Arizona Live Blog

Time for more Pac 12 fun with UCLA at Arizona.

I missed UCLA last week because Elevate the Stage was literally held during last week's Air Force at Denver home opener. Yep. I'm out of clever quips at the moment.

According to Risa Perez's twitter, there is a dance party going on down in Tuscon, with at least one person.

I expect more dance parties. Just saying.

To find out if a dance party happens, follow along with me and refresh the page every five minutes or so for the fun.

The home team, Arizona starts on vault, and UCLA starts on bars.

Maddi Leydin leads off vault for Arizona - Y full, big step back. Clean form.  This commentator got confused. 9.875

Janay Honest UCLA UB - well, we got to see her full in dismount and a step forward. Thanks live feed. 9.875

Courtney Coles VT AZ -  Yfull, big hop back. This commentator just calls everything small, sure.

Ok, this live stream is a complete joke. They're having people go simultaneously.... ugh.

Nia got a 9.875, thanks for showing it, NOT! :(

Lauryn Mattson VT AZ - y half, hop on the landing.

Katelyn Ohashi UB - tkatchev,  dlo, stuck, some leg separations in the air.

Madison Cindric VT AZ -  FTY, step back on the landing. Meanwhile, Fish Hano fell on bars.

I'm really debating wether or not this is worth my time.

Kyla bars, shap to Pak to shap 1/2, DLO stuck. That's the only routine we get to see today! 9.925

Seriously Arizona? This is a joke.

Peng  - ray, beautiful, Bhardwaj,  shap 1/2, legs glued together, DLO, now the commentator says giant step.

UCLA 49.25
Arizona 48.750

Ohashi with a yurchekno full on vault. 9.875

Leydin UB - pak,  nice HS position, shushunova, nice, giant full + double back. Step on the landing.

Nia Dennis Vault - yfull, step back on the landing, but good height and distance. 9.875

Haylie Hendrickson UB -  giant 1/2 over arches hs + jaeger + bail,  DLO, stuck.

The commentator called Grace Glenn  Felicia Hano. Awkward... I'm dying laughing

Yeah, this meet is RIL bad.

Scores 98.550 - UCLA
97.925 Arizona

Yeah, I'm giving up on this meet. This stream is kinda pissing me off.

Sorry :(

Come back next weekend for more excitement.


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