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Arizona @ Oregon State Live Blog

Yesterday it was the SEC, this afternoon, it's PAC12 time with Arizona at Oregon State.

I have no time for pleasantries since I'm late getting started, so here we go. Refresh the page to follow along.

Last weekend, Arizona beat Stanford at home, but they suffered a loss when Peyton Bellows went down on floor with an Achilles tear.

Rotation 1

Shireen Khamedoost VT OSU -   FTY, nice height, just a hop on the landing.9.75

Kennady Schneider UB AZ -  KCHS, toe on + gienger, nice,  bail, nice hs position, last hs pretty good, DLO, had to take a step.

McKenna Singley VT OSU -  FTY, small hop on the landing, good form in the air.  9.85

Haylie Hendrickson UB AZ -  bit short on 1st his, blind change + jaeger,  DLO, hop back. 9.825

Destinee Davis VT OSU -  big height on her FTY, hop in place, on landing. 9.825

Madison CIndric  UB AZ - blind change, didn't get dowell over the bar on her left hand and it slid off 9.45

Kaitlyn Yanish VT OSU - big FTY, hop on landing, Good form in the air. 9.8

Danielle Spencer UB AZ -  good 1st hs position,  gienger is lovely,  solid on bail, final HS position is great. Buckled knees on DLO dismount lanidng.

Mary Jacobsen VT OSU - Kaz full, stuck it. 9.875

Madeline Ortiz UB AZ - tkatchev to bail, bit short on the last HS, full in.9.9

Lena Greene VT OSU - HS front pike 1/2,  chest down on landing.9.8

Scores after 1 rotation
OSU Vault 49.150
Arizona Bars 48.750

2nd rotation

Heather Swanson AZ VT -  FTy, good height and form, but off to the side on laanding. 9.675

Khamedoost UB OSU - toe on + toe oN + shap, little leg seps, solid DLO with a real stick.9.875

Lauryn Mattson VT AZ - y 1/2, good height, nice form, hips could be a bit more open

Marianna Colussi-Pelaez UB OSU - nice jaeger, arms bit bent on catch maybe, but good height bail,  nice hs,  sharp last HS position, DLO and stuck. 9.875

Arizona only put two vaulters up... I guess that some of their athletes are suspended?

Singley UB OSU -  went over on a giant full, but holds on ok,  last hs is beautiful, and her giant full is right on top of the bar and stuck her double tuck9.775

Alyssa Minyard UB OSU  -  hop change + jaeger, bail, nice so far, beautiful DLO, and it's stuck. 4 for 4 for stuck routines.9.925

Jacobsen UB OSU -  nice hs, tkatchev has lots of air, blind change to double front and stuck it. 5 for 5 for sticks 9.95

Sabrina Gill UB OSU -  glide kchs, beautiful Hs position, shap,  bail,  crazy bail,  didn't stick the dismount 9.775

OSU bars total 49.400 - 2 event total 98.550

rotation 3

Singley BB OSU - good leap series,  didn't see what it was, BHS + LOSO,  full turn,  front toss, solid, cartwheel + gainer full solid. 9.9

Hendrickson FX AZ -  fhs + front full + front lay, missed her leap series, I think it was good oh wait,  I did't miss it, I'm just goofy, sw ring + wolf hop full, just ends with a layout, 9.35

Minyard BB OSU - sw + straddle jump,  front aerial + BHS, bit of a balance check, connection is a bit slow,  cat leap + sw side, solid,  side aerial + back full, lands to the side a bit, guess she was a bit off on the side aerial. 9.8

Mattson FX AZ -  clean double pike,  1 1/2 + front lay,  sw side + popa, nice amplitude and split positions, slid out on her double back, and looks like she's injured...9.025 Ok, she wasn't injured, she got back up and they're saying it was a vertigo spell.

Yanish BB OSU -  BHS + LOSO, bit of a balance check,  standing LOSO,  another balance check, has those legs really tense, loosens them on the se + straddle 1/2, front,  gainer full dismount, stuck. 9.8

Schneider FX AZ -  clean double pike,  front lay + front full, does a kick out out it, illusion turn,  double back.  solid landing.

Maela Lazaro BB OSU -  BHS + LOSO, bit of a balance check, spl + straddle 3/4, lots of amplitude, but a bit off center, full turn, side aerial to back full, stuck.9.875

Gill BB OSU - full turn,  good leap series, front aerial + bhs + LOSO, but had a big balance check in between the front aerial and the back handspring, solid landing on her gainer full.9.825

Davis BB OSU -  front aerial + back tuck, sw + spl 3/4, full turn, solid so far,  stuck the gainer full dismount,9.9

Scores after 3 rotations
OSU 147.850, beam 49.300

Rotation 4 -
Arizona has a full line up on beam

Hendrickson BB nice leap series, BHS + LOSO, solid routine, I missed most of it because I was trying to figure out who she was. :( 9.825

Niya Mack FX OSU - Hunger Games floor music, double pike,  sw side + popa + tuck jump 1/2,  nice amplitude, rudi, big bounce out,  front lay + front full, nice. 9.85

Schneider BB AZ -  full turn, front toss +  BHS,   front full dismount, solid.9.7

Savannah Force OSU FX -  clean double pike, lots of amplitude, sw side to popa to tuck 1/2, front lay + front full,  front aerial,  dbl back, chest a tiny bit down on landing. 9.825

Spencer BB AZ -  full turn,  gainer bhs + loso, big balance check  sw + sw side + shushunova,  spl + spl 3/4, chest a bit down,  tuck gainer full, solid landing. 9.65

Jacobsen FX OSU - clean double pike to open,  1 1/2 + front lay,  tour jete 1/1 + spl + tuck full,  rudi + straddle jump, 9.9

Sydney Freiden BB AZ -  full turn, slight balance check,  BHS + LOSO, comes off on her side somi,  sw + sw 1/2, another balance check,  gainer pike dismount. 9.25

Isis Lowery FX OSU -  dbl pike solid,  tour jete 1/2 +spl jump full, rudi, solid, she's having fun,  front lay + front full, small hop. 9.925

Ortiz BB AZ -  BHS + LOSO, small balance check,  full turn, sw + spl + beat jump, small balance check, kind of tentative in her skills,  cat leap + side aerial + back full, solid landing.9.825

Singley FX OSU - over rotates double back and went OOB, solid on the double pike,  rudi 9

Cindric BB AZ -  beautiful press HS mount,  BHS + LOSO, leg came up a bit,  side aerial solid,  spl + sheep jump, gainer pike, stuck.

Yanish FX OSU -  huge DLO, perfection,  front full + front lay, solid, sw side + popa, nice split positions, clean double back to end.

Final Scores
OSU 197.300, floor 49.450
Arizona 145.325, beam 48.9


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