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Elevate the Stage Live Blog

Welcome to Friday! For this Friday's live blog, it the Elevate the Stage the Sequel with Bowling Green, Michigan, Denver and Utah State.

Refresh the page to follow along. Most recent updates are going to be at the bottom of the page.

So per Flo - here is the rotation order -

Michigan starts on vault
Denver starts on bars
Utah State starts on beam
Bowling Green starts on floor

Looks like Lynzee Brown is back in the line-ups for Denver, she's warming up bars.

Here we go!

1st rotation - Lexi Funk Mich - VT - FTY, small hop

Claire Kern UB DU -  hop change t- jaeger, nice,  clean DLO to end, small hop.

Polina Shchennkova VT MICH - FTY, hop on the landing, but great toes good extension.

Mia Sundstrom UB DU - clean tkatchev, bail,  solid there,  beautiful DLO, just a small hop

Brianna Brown MICH VT -  FTY, some leg form, a bit low on  landing.

India McPeak FX BGSU - short on her double back, front tuck + 1 1/2.

Diana Chesnok UB DU -   good 1st hs position, clean giant full to tkatchev,  looks solid on her toes and her lines, stuck her DLO dismount.

Emily Glynn UB DU -  clear hip, bit short on her HS, beautiful gienger, stuck her full in dismount. BAM!

Someone vaulted a yurchenko 1 1/2 for Michigan, bit to the side.

Lynzee Brown -  shap to pak some leg seps, shap 1/2, solid, stuck the DLO dismount.

Paige Zasiski MICH VT - didn't see her vault but she nailed it by the reaction after the fact.

Maddie Karr UB DU -  hecht mt, giant full to gienger, to bail, solid,  solid on her last HS, stuck her dismount.

Laura Mitchell BGSU FX -  clean double pike,  dbl back.  1 1/2 + front lay.

Emma McLean MICH VT - y 1 1/2, or actually just a full..

Leah Lomonte UB DU -  shap, fell like last time,  gets back up,  bail,  stalder, bit over arched in hs, dbl back, small step.

Trying to find some damn scores.

Jovannah East FX BGSU -  1 1/2 + front tuck, solid,  sw side + wolf half,  side pass full. wolf jump full,  1 1/2 + front lay.

Here are the totals for the first rotation -
Denver bars - 49.350
Bowling Green floor - 49.1
Utah State beam 48.875
Michigan vault - 48.85

Nikole Addison BB DU -  full turn, solid,  bhs + loso, slight lean, but it's hit, sw leap,  straddle + straddle 3/4, side aerial, sticks gainer pike dismount. Get's Denver off to a good start on beam! YAAASS!

Polina UB Mich  -  glide KCHS, shap + pak, beautiful toes, solid on the last hS, giant full and sticks double tuck

Chesnok BB DU -  split + sheep jump, nails it,  BHS + LOSO, great lift beautiful extension,  front aerial, slight balance check, gainer full off side,

Zaziski UB MICH = tkatchev, bail,  super high on her dismount (DLO_) and sticks it!

Glynn BB DU -  sw + spl + straddle jump, beautiful split positions,  BHS + LOSO, foot slightly off and she falls,  Standing LOSO = split jump,  full turn, sticks gainer pike dismount.

Lauren Marinez UB MICH -  solid 1st hs, big handoff, bail, perf hs position,  short on her last HS,  DLO, pikes a bit, but solid,

Sundstrom BB DU - sw + sw 1/2,  side aerial, beautiful,  full turn,  BHS + LOSO, solid, working very confidently, beat jump, maybe a slight slide on her gainer pike, but solid routine. 9.825

Karr BB DU -  side aerial + BHS, full turn,  hitch kick to side aerial, beautiful,  beat jump + split 3/4, big balance check, but stays on,  sticks her 1 1/2 dismount. 9.775

Kaitlyn Schou BB -  front aerial + BHS + LOSO, solid, full turn, beautiful sissone,  solid over beat jump + sheep jump series, BHS + Gainer full, stuck it. 9.9

Courtney Loper is in the exhibition spot for Denver  on beam -  front aerial, slight wobble, side aerial, missed that connection,  sw 1/2 + wolf jump, solid there,  full turn,  beat jump,  front layout dismount.  She looks relieved.

Scores after 2 rotations -
DENVER!!!! 98.325, beam 49.025
Michigan 98.075, bars 49.200
Utah State 97.950,  floor 49.075
Bowling Green 97.575, vault 48.475

Mia Sundstrom FX DU -  clean double back,  AHHHH, flo is getting bitchy with me, clean leap series,  tour jete 1/2,

Glynn DU FX -  clean double pike, clean leaps, nice split positions, turns are solid,  1 1/2 + front tuck, double back to end

Polina is on beam for Michigan - press hs mount, beautiful flexibility, y turn full, BHS + LOSO, front aerial, balance check on her leaps series

Schou FX DU - FHS + front double full, 1 1/2 + front  lay, tour jete full + popa + beat jump full, rudi + split jump to end.

Karr FX DU - clean double pike to start,  front 1 1/2 + front full,  tour jete + 1/2 + tuck jump full,  front hs to rudi. LET'S GO DU! - The teammate cry

Marinez BB MICH -front aerial, solid, wobble on split 3/4

East UB BGSU, beautiful shap, stuck her dismount

Mitchell UB BGSU -  great hs, bail, toe shoot to hb,  toe on, tkatchev, bit butt scratchy. Solid on her dismount

Addison FX DU -  loving her choreo, so sharp, BIG DLO, legs are separated in the air tho,  1 1/2 + front lay, nice lift in the air,  sw side + popa, bit short on her double pike.

Kern FX DU -  clean double pike,  sw side to popa, double back, solid landing,  front lay to front full, solid.

Michigan had a fall on beam.

Scores after 3 rotations
Denver!!!!!!!!!!! 147.575, floor 49.200
Michigan 147.300, beam 49.225
Utah State 146.900,  vault 48.7500
Bowling Green 145.800, bars 48.200

Chesnok VT DU - sticks her full right off the bat, BAM! She got a perfect scores from one of the judges.

Sundstrom VT DU -  another beautiful full, hop on the landing. but nice flair in the air, and extension

Funk MICH FX -  clean double pike, has a weird step on her landing.  s
w side to popa, great amplitude on her leaps. 1 1/2 to front lay

Julia Byer BGSU BB - front toss, bit of a wobble, full turn, LOSO + back  full solid.

Schou VT DU -  FTY big hop on the landing, but good amplitude.

Glynn VT DU - FTY, bit step back.  on landing.

Zaziski FX MICH -  tour jete 1/2 + sol + popa,  front lay + front full, bit flat on amplitude

Addison VT DU -  FTY, big amplitude, feet a bit staggered on landing and a slight hop back.

Mitchell BB BGSU - beautiful side somi, double full dismount, slight hop

Karr VT DU  - y 1 1/2, bit short, and takes a step back.

Marinez FX - solid routine i think....

Final Scores -
Michigan 196.575, floor 49.275
Denver 196.575 (YAAAAAAAAASSS!) 49.0 vault
Utah State 195.325, bars 48.425
Bowling Green 194.750, beam 48.950

That's all for me today! I won't be live blogging tomorrow as we're going to venture over the mountains to see family. I will try to live blog the Oregon State @ UCLA meet if I am home in time. Check my Twitter account for updates.

See you next time!


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