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Florida @ Georgia Live Blog

Hope you all enjoyed my half a rotation live blog this afternoon. Sorry it was so short, you know, lunch break and all. Plus, I thought it started an hour earlier than it actually did.

Anyways,  first full live blog of the weekend is coming to you right now with Florida @ Georgia.

Refresh the page to follow along!

Had to take a phone call, sorry for any delays!

Rotation 1-

Sabrina Vega VT UGA - FTY - lots of distance, but not a lot of height, twisted off block early. 9.775

Alicia Boren UB FL -  good 1/st hs, tkatchev,  bail, good hs position, stuck dismount landing. 9.875

Marissa Oakley VT UGA -  beautiful y full,  great height, small hop on landing. 9.725

Jazmyn Foberg UB FL -  to eon + bail + shap + gienger, full in, stuck. Solid routine.  9.825

Rachel Dickson VT UGA - beautiful y full, great extension, flares it out, small hop on landing. 9.8

Megan Skaggs UB FL -  toe on + tkatchev, great height, bail, nice,  solid last HS, DLO, leans forward a bit and does the college stick. 9.85

Lauren Johnson VT UGA - FTY, good height and distance 9.85

Amelia Hundley UB FL -  shap + pak, toe on + shap 1/2, really nice, smooth,  stuck the full in. 9.925

Sydney Snead VT UGA -  y 1 1/2, really high in air, slid back foot back a bit, legs a bit crossed in air. 9.9

Rachel Gowey UB FL = beautiful ray to eon + pak, perfect extension, legs together,  toe on DLO, chest a bit down, piked in the air a bit. 9.875

Alex McMurtry UB FL -  huge ray,  bail, Perfect HS,  full in, perfectly stuck.9.975

Scores after the 1st rotation -
Florida bars 49.500
Georgia vault 49.050

Onto rotation 2

Alyssa Baumann VT FL -  beautiful y full, got lots of distance, big hop on landing. '9,75

Lauren Johnson UB UGA -  hecth to hb, toe on + gienger, huge,  DLO, small hop on landing. feet a bit flat and some leg seps throughout 9.775

Hundley VT FL - stuck the FTY, very clean in the air, solid vault 9.825

Emily Schild UB UGA -  shap + bail, beautiful extension, toe on good last HS position,  under rotates DLO, hands down 9.2

Jazzy Foberg VT FL - big y full, but another big hop, good height, distance.

Natalie Vaculik UB UGA - giant full _ gienger, beautiful, so high,  full in, bit messy in air, small hop 9.85

Boren VT FL - y  1 1/2, lands it, no problem, great height, distance. very nice. 9.95

Oakley UB UGA - toe on to shap - Pak, nice toes, legs a bit separated at the ankles of her pak,  went over on her last hs and came off the bar after taking a couple of empty swings, repeats, but does it again, crowd cheers her on,  full in, small step. 8.25

Rachel Slocum VT FL - HS front pike 1/2, good height, good distance, just a small step

Snead UB clear hip + tkatchev, beautiful, bail, great hS position,  beautiful DLO, tad bit over-rotates,  steps on landing.

McMurtry VT FL - does the y full tonight, it's beautiful, so high. and lots of distance! 9.925

Dickson uB UGA - tkatchev beautiful,  bit close on transition, low in knees on landing. 9.825

Scores after 2 rotations -
Florida with a pretty good lead 98.900, vault 49.400
Georgia 97.525, 48.475 bars

Snead BB UGA -  BHS + LOSO+ BHS, cat leap + sw + back tuck, bit under 180 on the split,  front tuck, bit of a balance check,  round off + 2/1 twist, just a small hop. Good lead off for Georgia. They should be happy with that.9.8

Hundley FX FL - big whip to double back, I love that Amelia can actually dance. sw side + popa, chest a bit down on her double pike. 1 1/2 + front lay. HAHAAHA Kathy Johnson Clarke - "I think I heard a collective moan when she did that gator chomp." THAT IS AWESOME. Although, I must say, last weekend, my husband got really excited and did a Gator chomp. I caught a picture of him doing it. He told me not to post it to Facebook, but he never said anything about the blog! HAHAHA 9.8

Jasmine Arnold BB UGA -  sw + tuck jump full,  front aerial + BHS,  spl + straddle 3/4,  round off + 1 1/2, beautiful, small hop on landing

Suzanne is the beam coach

Gowey FX FL -  double pike,  took a big step, tour jete full + wolf 1/2, GATOR CHOMP,  1 1/2 + front full, very lovely, chest is down on the double back. 9.775

Yes, the gator chomp is a skill now you guys, but it's only in Florida's code of points.

Oakley BB UGA -  front aerial,  thought she was supposed to connect, BHS + LOSO, gorgeous, spl + spl ring, beautiful ring position, cartwheel + gainer full, has a hop to  the front, I think maybe she was rushing the landing 9.85

Baumann FX FL -  double back, lots of amplitude,  1 1/2 + front full, beautiful again,  does some WOGA butt shelf dancing, tour jete + straddle 1/2, beautiful as always, she's a dream, double pike solid landing. 9.9

Vivi Babalis BB UGA -   front aerial + standing LOSO,  solid, sw + spl + back tuck, nice split positions, full turn, front toss, bit of a balance check, left shoulder was a bit down, front full dismount. 9.825

McMurtry's floor debut - triple full,  oh hot damn,  front lay + front full,  tour jete full + wolf 1/2,  clean double tuck, huge height.  After 9.925

Dickson BB UGA - front aerial + spl good, full turn,  BHS + LOSO, has a fall, finishes strong with a 1 1/2 dismount. 9.3

Slocum FX FL -  DLO, huge!  tour jete full + wolf full,  SHHHH! choreo,  front full +f ront pike, solid, Laura Rutledge wants a thought bubble above her head. Rudi to stag jump to end.  9.95

Vega BB UGA - sw ring, small bal check,  BHS + LOSO, another balance check, full turn,  cat leap + front aerial + Beat jump, sw + spl 1/4,  the moonwalk,  side aerial to back full. She had some breaks early on, but she recovered well. 9.825

Boren is waiting for the call to start her routine -  DLO, HUGE! that was in the freaking outer solar system,  1 1/2 + front full,  tour jete full + wolf jump,  double back, perfect landing. All the phone call jokes... seriously... it's the same corny jokes they made when Angi Cipra had that iPhone routine.... 9.825

On to the fourth and final rotation!

Scores after 3 rotations-
Florida 148.300, floor 49.400
Georga 146.625, beam 49.100

Hundley BB FL -  front aerial + sissone, solid,  BHS + LOSO, solid. cat leap + sw side, full turn,  round off + 1 1/2, stuck the landing. BOOM. 9.875

Arnold FX UGA -  clean double pike to open, your random front aerial, just because, whip to double back,  1 1/2 + front layout, solid.9.875

Boren BB FL -  BHS + LOSO, big balance cehck,  straddle jump,  gainer LOSO, has a balance check on that too, looked like she might come off the beam, small hop on the gainer full dismount. 9.825

Babalis FX UGA - whip + dbl tuck, back 1/2 + front full, good leap position, pike jump to the corner.  round off + double pike, big step out of it. 9.875

Gowey BB FL - spl + sw,  beautiful,  falls on her bhs + LOSO+ LOSO series, the beam falls are contagious, beautiful sissone, gainer full dismount' 9.30

Snead FX UGA -  whip + double back, perfect landing,  fhs + rudi + shushunova, very cool,  beautiful sw + cat leap,  clean double pike to end. Great routine.  Love her extension and toes. 10.

Baumann BB FL - crowd is erupting for Snead's FX score, onodi, beautiful, bhs + loso, sw + spl, gorgeous,  front aerial + sissone beautiful,  stuck the 1 1/2 dismount. She responds well to the pressure of the 10 crowd. 9.9

Dickson FX UGA -  perfect double arabian, very open,  1 1/2 + front lay, low landing, sw side + popa,  big bounce out of the dbl pike. 9.825

McMurtry BB FL -  cat leap + front toss,  BHS + LOSO, falls, she was off to the side. Now Florida will have to count that fall, stuck the double full dismount. 9.325

Vega FX UGA - I need her to get a 10 too, sometime, dbl pike,  1 1/2 + front lay, sw ring + tour jete full, love her leaps,  tour jete 1/2, double back pike, beautiful and perfect and everything made of sunshine and rainbows! 9.925

Nicole Webb BB FL -  full turn,  beautiful BHS + LOSO series, sw,  a bit off, spl jump + beat jump,  front aerial, balance check, beat + sheep jump,  round off + 2/1 dismount. That was a hit when Florida needed a hit. 9.725

Final Scores-
Florida 196.950, beam 48.650
Georgia 196.125, floor 49.500

I'll be back in a half for the BYU tri meet with Denver and Southern Utah.


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