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GymQuarters/Mardi Gras Invitational Session 1 Lunch Break Live Blog -

Well, it's your lucky day. Since I am currently working from home today (thank you shitty Colorado winter weather roads!) and it's too cold to go for a walk, I'm live blogging the first session of the Gym Quarters/Mardi Gras Invitational (even though Mardi Gras was on Tuesday). All because I am bored and I'm at home on my lunch break. Yay.

But disclaimer - I only have about a half hour remaining on my lunch, so from 2:40ish on after - updates will be sporadic.

Rotation 1
Minnesota is on vault
Lindenwood is on beam
Northern Illinois is on bars

Hannah Hitchcock Minnesota VT - Y full bit piked, small hop on landing.

Allison Richardson UB NIU (commentator says its some on different)- blind change + jaeger, nice,  good toes and extensions,  DLO, bit piked on 1st flip, takes a step back

Ona Loper Minn VT - y 1 1/2, small hop, big air. 9.9

Lexy Ramler got a 9.85 on vault for Minnesota.

Taylor Colwell - Lindenwood BB -  BHS + BHS + LOSO, nice,  full turn,  sw + sw, bit of a balance check, cartwheel to gainer full, stuck.  flexed foot on one of her legs.

 Ashley Potts NIU - nice shap,  slightly messy legs on full in, but sticks the landing. 9.9

Courtney Mitchell Lindenwood BB - BHS + LOSO, kind of off center in BHS and falls on LOSO, spl + spl 3/4, small balance check, full turn,  side aerial,  sw + straddle 1/4, good split positions,  round off 1 1/2.

NCAA Gym News is amazing and they created a lovely Google Doc with the scores, I guess NIU got a 48.825 on bars.

Ryan Henry BB Lindenwood -  full turn,  BHS + LOSO, beautiful, nice toe point, wolf hop + sw side,  solid,  side aerial, looked slighty off in air, but adjusts.  Beat jump + straddle 1/4. Solid routine. Good comeback after a fall.

Kirsten Sokolowski BB Lindenwood -  BHS + BHS + LOSO, very nice, had a bit of a balance check, but she covered well, good leap series, great extension and leap position, front tuck,  round off +  1 1/2 dismount, stuck.

End of rotation 1 -

Here are the next events for the teams: NIU - beam, Lindenwood - floor, Minnesota bars

Scores after 1st rotation - Minnesota 49.075 - vault,  NIU 48.825 - bars, Lindenwood - beam 47.5

Have to get back to work :(

I'll provide some sporadic updates when I get the time. (Mama's gotta pay for this internet connection and this computer I'm writing on!)

So Ivy Lu of Minnesota is owning this joint. She got a 10 on beam and eat your heart out Peng, girlfriend does a double turn on beam too! BAM!

Gonna have to turn this off. I have to focus on work :( Come back at 5 MST for some Florida and Georgia action :)


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