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Kentucky @ LSU Live Blog

The Friday-night gymnastics extravaganza continues with Kentucky @ LSU.

Kentucky's continuing a season that is going to be turned into an Oscar nominated movie because I literally just decided that it should.  The hope is that Kentucky will hold their own against LSU, who are starting their nationals campaign like yesterday.

Refresh the page every so often to follow along with the action!

It's Mardi Gras Night, y'alls!

First rotation - LSU is starting on vault as the home team and the visitor, Kentucky will begin on bars.

Sarah Finnegan leads off vault for LSU -  beautiful y full,  off to the side, hop on landing. 9.85

Katie Carlisle leads off bars for Kentucky -  blind change + jaeger, nice,  bail,  toe circile,  full in, a bit close to the bar, hop on landing. 9.775

Julianna Cannamela VT LSU - another y full, good distance and amplitude, hops on landing. 9.825

Ella Warren UB KY -  blind change + jaeger, nice height,  bail,  lots of ampltude, dlo, step back. 9.825

Sarah Edwards LSU VT -  y 1 1.2, knees a bit soft in air, step back on landing, perhaps a bi short. 9.825

Cori Rechenmacher UB KY -  nice 1st hs, blind change + jaeger, beautiful, nice HS in bail,  stalder + double back, steps on landing. 9.75

Lexie Priessman VT LSU - huge FTY, small hop, just floats above the vault.

Katrina Coca UB KY-  good 1/st , blind change + jager, good, bail, sticks full in.

Myia Hambrick VT LSU - yuchenko 1 1/2, small step but good amplitude, maybe a little soft knee bend. 9.875

Alex Hyland UB KY -  blind full + gienger, nice,  bit short on that last HS, 9.8

Kennedi Edney VT LSU - y 1 1/2, big air, step forward, again with the soft knee bend.

Mollie Korth UB KY -   blind change, falls on pike jaeger, too far out, full twisting DLO, small hop.

Scores after 1 rotation -
LSU 49.225 vault
Kentucky 49.050 bars

Switcheroo times! Kentucky - vault LSU - bars

Alex Hyland VT - sticks her FTY, great height, distance. 9.925

Sami Durante UB LSU -  beautiful 1st hs = blind change, jeager, beautiful, pak,   full in, stuck it, doubts it a bit, but it's stuck

Katie Stuart VT KY - FTY, small hop, feet flexed in air, but nice height and distance

Hambrick LSU UB  -  ray, good height, stuck her full in. Pass the stick crown over. 9.925

Sidney Dukes VT KY -  y 1/2, small hop 9.825

Ruby Harrold UB LSU -  zuchold,  short on that hS, blind change, jaeger, sat down her double front 9.125

Denea Davis VT KY -  FTY, nice amplitude, stuck.

Edney UB LSU - hindorff, over arches HS and tips over, stuck the DLO 9.4

Aubree Rosa VT KY -  big y full,  but takes a big step. 9.675

Priessman UB LSU -  tkatchev, huge,  bail, nice form,  great las HS,  perfect DLO, stuck. Should help absorb the 9.4 from Edney, lessen the blow. 9.95

Korth VT KY -  y 1 1/2, too much amplitude, takes a big step

Finnegan UB LSU -  perfect ray,  toe on, bail, toe shoot to hB, gorgeous toes, lines, stuck the DLO. BAM! 9.975, shoulda been a 10!

Scores after 2 rotations -
LSU 98.375, bars 49.15
Kentucky 98.175, vault 49.125

Erin Macadaeg leads off beam for LSU -  full turn,  sw + sw 1/2, broke connection on the sw leap, front aerial,  BHS + LOSO, perfect,  gainer full stuck. 9.9

Katie Stuart FX Kentucky -  big double pike, big bounce out,  1 1.2 + front lay, perfect,  sw ring + wolf hop full,  FHS + rudi, solid opening routine. 9.775

Hambrick BB LSU -  full turn in L position,  hitchkick + side aerial, sw + straddle 1/4, solid,  BHS + LOSO, beautiful scale,  round off + 2/1 twist, small foot slide, no it's not a stick, the stick crown won't fool the judges... or maybe, HA

Hailey Poland FX KY -  front tuck + rudi,  cartwheel + loso,  front HS + front 2/1, stuck,  sw side + popa, nice split position and amplitude, great routine! 9.8

Christina Desiderio BB LSU = front aerial + Sissone,  BHS + LOSO, sw + sw 1/2, gainer full, stuck. 9.9

Warren FX KY -  front double full, sw side + popa,  fhs + rudi + back lay, bit piked though,  FHS + fro l/1 + fro lay. 9.85

Cannamela BB LSU -  full turn,  BHS + LOSO, big balance check,  sw + straddle 1/4,  bit under 180 in her split positions,  standing LOSO, chest down, another balance check,  1 1/2 dismount is also short. 9.375

Hyland FX KY -  double pike, nice amplitude,  good amplitude on the leaps,  illusion turn,  1 1/2 + front lay. 9.825

Edney BB LSU -  front aerial + spl jump,  BHS + LOSO, gorgeous,  sw + spl 1/4, under 180 on those leaps, front toss,  round off + 1 1/2, small slide back on her heels. 9.825

Korth FX KY -  clean double back,  spl full + popa, nice splits and amplitude,  FHS + fro 1/2 + loso,   clean double pike, solid routine. 9.875

Finnegan BB LSU -  side straddle mount,  wolf full, beautiful,  BHS + LOSO, beautiful,  sw + sw 1/2, small lean, but is ok, side somi, so aggressive and sharp,  side aerial + 1/1 dismount. Gorgeous 9.9

Dukes FX KY -  double pike, solid,  sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  1 1/2 + front lay,  illusion turn, beautiful,  beautilful high double back. 9.875

Per DiDi - "The law of holes is if you find yourself in one, quit digging!" HA!

Scores after 3 rotations  -
LSU 147.825, beam 49.450
Kentucky 147.400, floor 49.225

Katie Stuart BB KY -  sw + double stag ring, balance check,  BHS + LOSO,  great scale,   cat leap + side aerial + tuck full dismount. 9.775

Sarah Edwards FX LSU -  FHS + front 2/1, big power,  double back, clean,  sw side + Popa,  FHS + fro full + front lay 9.85

Korth BB KY -   1 arm BHS + LOSO,   cat lap + sw + back tuck,  round off + 2/1 dismount, solid. 9.85

Ashlyn Kirby FX LSU -  sw 1/2 + popa, front lay + rudi,  double back,  fhs + front lay + front full 9.85

Poland BB KY -  BHS + BHS + LOSO, big pause before her series, front hs, 1 arm,  sw + double stag ring,  gainer pike dismount, stuck. really solid routine. 9.875

Priessman FX LSU -  full in, huge power, big bounce out,  1 1/2 + front lay,  tour jete full + popa, solid so far,  double pike, hits bam!!!! 9.875

Alaina Kwan BB KY -  full turn,  BHS + LOSO, sw + double stag ring,  bit of a balance check,  cat leap + side aerial + tuck full, stuck landing to fist pump.  Alaina is a beautiful gymnast.  We actually get to see that now that she's not an elite anymore. 9.85

Edney FX LSU - takes double arabian OOB,  1 1/2 + front lay,  another floor routine with "baby got back" in the music. I'm going out on a limb here, but uh.... why? They do know the lyrics to that song, right? Stuck her double back final pass. 9.775

Dukes BB -  full turn, BHS + LOSO, small lean, fro aerial + Beat jump,  sw  + straddle 1/4, had a bit of a balance check, but she didn't care and she kept on going. 1 1/2 dismount. 9.85

Finnegan FX LSU -  1 1/2 step out + 2 1/2 twist, stumbled out a bit,  clean double back,  full turn, sw ring + sw 1/2, perfect splits,  double pike, huge height. 9.85

Hyland BB KY -  sw + spl jump,  cat leap  + front aerial + BHS +LOSO,  full turn,  beautiful handstand position,  cat leap + side aerial + layout full, stuck.

Hambrick FX LSU -  huge DLO, stuck cold,  2 1/2 + front tuck, she just hung out in the air for a while on the 2 1/2, tour jete 1/1 + wolf 1/2,  clean double pike.  Crowd loves it.  9.975

*Side note - these girls are all using '90's music in their floor routines and as their beam background music, which I realize is practically vintage to them and that makes me feel so old.

Final Scores -
LSU 197.225, floor 49.400
Kentucky 196.700, beam 49.300

That's all for tonight! I'll back tomorrow at 12:00 PM MST for the Missouri/Georgia meet.

See you tomorrow!


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