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Southern Utah & Denver @ BYU Live Blog

Moving from the SEC to the American west in a Tri-meet at Brigham Young University with Denver and Southern Utah.

BYU is in a good position this year, being solidly in the top 20 of the rankings and at this point, they're going to be shooting for a seeded position at regionals. Denver went up in the rankings this week, but their place depends on this road score, so it needs to be a good one tonight. I haven't seen much of Southern Utah this season, so not sure what to expect from them tonight. But this should be a really exciting meet.

Follow along and refresh the page for updates!

So it looks like BYU is starting on vault, Denver starts on floor, Southern Utah starts on bars

They're each going one at a time tonight. So I'll be able to recount the action for you.

Abbey Miner VT BYU - FTY, good distance, not a lot of height and big hop on landing. 9.75

Bitsy Robzsa UB SUU -  straddle hecht mt,  giant 1/2 + jaeger + bail, solid,  bit short on the last hs, giant full to dbl tuck, chest a bit down and hop on landing. 9.8

Mia Sundstrom FX DU -  love her toe point and extension,  ooohh went OOB on the dbl tuck,  front lay + front full, bit short on the full,  sw 1/2 + wolf 1/2,  tour jete full,  beautiful, 9.8

Hailey Pitou VT BYU -  FTY, good height, small hop on landing, bit piked on landing. 9.65

Madison McBride SUU UB -   pike jaeger,  bail, full twisting DLO, stuck. That'll score very well! 9.85

Emliy Glynn FX DU - god dammit, another OOB,  1 1/2 + front tuck,  clean double back to end. 9.675

Angel Zhong BYU VT - FTY, a bit flat, chest down on landing.9.675

Madison Howlett UB SUU -  clear hip + tkatchev, good height,  bail, step down toe on,  solid,  full in, lands staggered, stuck the landing though...or no she had a small step 9.875

Kaitlyn Schou FX DU - front double full,  solid,  1 1/2 + front lay, great landing sw ring + sw side, beautiful,  FHS + rudi + spl jump, solid 9.825

Shannon Hortman Evans VT BYU - big y arabian, but big hop on landing.

Kirstie Yee UB SUU -  front grip giant + pike jaeger,  bail, DLO, small step on the landing. Great rotation so for fro Southern Utah. 9.825

Maddie Karr FX DU -  clean double pike,  1 1/2 + front 1/2, solid,  tour jete full + wolf 1/2,  FHS + rudi, solid. Great routine. 9.925

Jill Van Mierlo VT BYU - FTY - another big hop,  very clean in air, but gotta control those landings. 9.8

Amber Heltemes UB SUU -  straddle hecht,  blind change + straddled jaeger, didn't get grip around  and fell, bail, nice HS position,  DLO, solid.

Nikole Addison FX DU -  huge DLO, leg seps in air, but solid landing,  1 1/2 + front full, solid,  sw side + popa, good amplitude, leap positions, splits,  clean double pike to end.  BAM!

Avery Bennett BYU VT - round off full on, back tuck off,  big air,  hop on landing, chest maybe a bit down.

Autumn Jorgensen UB SSU, good 1st hs, blind change + giegner,  giant 1/1 + double back, solid anchoring routine.

Scores after the first rotation - It's a tight meet already!
Southern Utah, bars 49.225
BYU vault 49.050
Denver, floor 49

Denver brought it in the back half of that rotation, if they had a sixth athlete, they could have absorbed Sundstrom or Glynn's floor. But Nooooo.... DAMMIT. Sorry. Rant over.

Second rotation - Denver goes to vault, BYU bars, and Southern Utah beam.

Diana Chesnok VT DU -  FTY, beautiful form, just the hop on the landing. Good height, distance. 9.8

Van Mierlo UB BYU -  blind change + jaeger, nice,  little short on the handstand in the bail,  full in, solid landing. 9.825

Mary Packham BB SUU -  spl + spl 3/4, solid, BHS + LOSO, was off starting on her back handspring and she landed feet half off beam, full turn, another balance check,  front aerial + front full dismount, solid 9.050

Mia Sundstrom VT DU -  beautiful Y full, bit close, hop on landing, blocked a bit high on table. 9.75

Natasha Trejo Marsh UB BYU -  tkatchev, beautiful, good handstand on the bail,  beautiful DLO, small hop. 9.8

Yee BB SUU -  big balance check on the front aerial going into the korbut,  spl + spl 3/4, another balance check, she looks really tense up on the beam,  long pause before the front aerial and another balance check,  gainer pike dismount with a small step on the landing. 9.625

Schou VT DU -  beautiful Y full, big hop on the landing though...9.775

Abby Boden UB BYU - caught pike jaeger really far, solid on her dismount. 985

Karen Gonzales BB SUU -  spl + straddle 1/4, beautiful, solid,  BHS + LOSO, big balance check but holds on,  sw side, full turn,  cat leap _front aerial, another small balance check,  front full dismount, stuck the landing. 9.725

Addison VT DU - FTY, almost stuck that FTY, she was this-close to sticking! 9.875

Pitou UB BYU -  good 1st hs, blind change + jaeger, solid, good handstand on bail,  good last HS, stuck the full in dismount.9.85

Jorgensen BB SUU -  BHS + LOSO, beautiful, so solid,  full turn, sw + spl beautifully split,  front tuck, solid,  round off + double back, stuck the landing, I think she was little bit low in her chest. should still get a good score. 9.85

Karr VT DU - y 1 1/2, stuck the vault freaking COLD! 9.975

Brittany Hawes UB BYU -  good 1st hs position, beautiful gienger, bail, (did she just say Giner?), short on the DLO dismount though, has to take a big step forward. 9.775

Alyssa Ladieu BB SUU -  BHS + LOSO, solid,  sw + spl 3/4, big balance check, not sure if they'll give her the connection because she had a bobble in between there, side aerial + back full 9.35

Hortman Evans UB  BYU - beautiful gienger, bail,  beautiful hs position, again, short on the DLO. 9.825

Hannah Nipp SUU BB -  front aerial, balance check off the bat, sw + spl 3/4, solid there,  BHS + LOSO, beautiful,  full turn,  gainer full off side, stuck the landing. 9.875

Scores after 2 rotations - it's still close!
BYU 98.200, bars 49.150
Denver  98.175, vault 49.175
Southern Utah  97.650, beam 48.425

After that beam-tastrophe for Southern Utah, they go to floor, Denver is on bars and BYU is on Beam.

Claire Kern UB DU - front giant, hop grip change jaeger, bail, little loose in the back, stuck her DLO dismount.9.875

Brianna Pearson BB BYU -  side aerial,  full turn, a bit of a balance check, bhs + loso + beat jump, solid,  sw + double stag ring, bit slow on the connection,  round off + 1 1/2, small hop 9.7

Gonzalez FX SUU -  clean double tuck to open,  sw side + popa, nice amplitude and split positions, front lay + front full, solid,  punch rudi, solid. 9.85

Sundstrom UB DU -  clear hip  + tkatchev, beautiful, nice HS on bail, tiny bit short on the last HS, stuck her DLO dismount, beautiful. 9.9

Cheyenne Hill BB BYU -  BHS + LOSO, some soft knees in the air, cat leap + sw side,  full turn,  front toss to beat jump, big check in between and after, not sure they'll give that connection to her. front full dismount. 9.7

Mckenna Burnside SUU FX -  double back, lots of amplitude, sw side + popa,  fhs + front full + front lay,  double pike, chest a bit down. 9.825

Leah Lomonte UB DU -  pings on her shap,  bail,  stalder + double tuck, hop on landing.

Evans BYU BB -  BHS + LOSO,  full turn, bit of a lean,  hit check + front toss + beat jump, solid, sw + Pike jump,  gainer full dismount. 9.775

Molly Jozwiakowski FX SUU -  rudi + loso,  sw 1/2 + wolf full,  2 1/2 twist, solid. 9.875

Chesnok UB DU -  giant full + tkatchev, nice, bail, good hs,  good last HS, bit short on the full in, but it's a hit. 9.775

Boden BB BYU - front toss + BHS, bit off on the BHS, but corrects ok, sw + spl 1/4,  round off + 1 1/2 dismount. 9.85

Jorgensen FX SUU -  clean double pike to open,  front full + front lay,  sw ring + tour jete full, needed to lift front leg up a bit on the sw ring,  clean double tuck to end.9.9

Glynn UB DU -  clear hip + gienger, big,  bail,  good last HS,  stuck the full in, another solid routine! 9.9

Marsh BB BYU -  hitch + front toss + bhs,  full turn,  sw + ring jump, gainer full dismount off the side, stuck. Leaps looked a bit under 180. Solid otherwise. 9.875

McBride FX SUU -  clean double pike,  tour jete full + popa,  front lay + front full, just to the edge of the floor,  double back, clean landing. 9.875

Karr UB DU -  hecht mount, giant full + gienger, bail, beautiful DLO, small bounce, solid set 9.9

Van Mierlo BB BYU -  BHS + LOSO, knees a bit soft in the LOSO,  sw + straddle 1/4, chest a bit down on the landing, hitch kick to side aerial,  gainer full, solid. 9.8

Madison Loomis FX SUU -  big double pike, went oob,  front lay + front 1/2,  bit low in the landing of the double back. 9.6

Wow, that was intense rotation. I've been holding my breath.

Scores after 3 rotations
Denver 147.525, bars 49.350
BYU 147.250, beam 49.050
Southern Utah 146.975, floor 49.325

Final rotation - BYU floor, SUU vault, Denver Beam

Megan McBride SUU VT - solid FTY 9.825

Addison BB DU -  full turn, solid, completely off on her back handspring and falls on the LOSO,  spl + straddel 3/4,  side aerial, solid,  gainer pike, solid. she recovered well. 9.125

Pearson FX BYU -  front double full, huge amplitude,  sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  FHS + rudi,  1 1/2 + front full, solid.9.85

Madison McBride VT SUU -  beautiful FTY, stuck the landing 9.85

Chesnok BB DU -  spl jump,  spl + sheep jump,  bhs + loso solid,  full turn,  front aerial, solid,  gainer full dismount, solid. good recovery from Addison's fall 9.425

Van Mierlo FX BYU -  double tuck huge amplitude,  FHS + rudi sw side + popa + shushunova,  front lay + front full,

Jorgenson VT SUU - huge FTY, lots of height and distance, nice flare out in the air.9.825

Glynn  - falls on beam,  now they have to count a fall.... UGH.  Come on Denver, you're better than this!!!!!!! 9.25

Miner FX BYU -  huge DLO opening pass, j  tour jete full + spl jump full, solid last pass.

Morgan Alfaro VT SUU -  FTY, big step on landing, piked down on landing.

Sundstrom BB Denver -  sw + sw 1/2, small bal check but is ok,  side aerial, solid,  full turn,  bhs + loso, bit of a lean, beat jump,  gainer pike dismount, stuck. it's a solid routine. 9.9

Evans FX BYU -  big double pike,  double back is huge, strong on her leap pass through the Jaws theme, front lay + front full ending pass. 10!!!! or now its a 9.95 WTF..... so lame. It should have been a ten, way to tease judges.

Jozwiakowski VT SUU -  kaz tucked full.  big height and amplitude. 9.8

Karr BB denver -   side aerial + loso + bhs, beautiful,  side somi,  beat jump + spl 3/4,  round off + 1 1/2 dismount, and stuck! Way to recover Denver! 9.95

Kyleigh Greenleif FX BYU - dbl back,  big tour jete full + popa,  front lay + front full,  front hs rudi + end. BYU is killing it tonight.

Burnside VT SUU -  landed her FTY on her knees, is down on the ground and possibly injured, maybe her achillies.

Schou BB Denver -   front aerial + BHS + LOSO, solid,  sissone, beautiful split position,  beat jump + sheep jump, beautiful,  bhs + gainer full, stuck that dismount . BOOM 9.925

Marsh FX BYU -  another huge double back,  bit low on the dbl pike,  sw ring + sw side,  1 1/2 = front lay, bit under rotated.

Final Scores -
BYU 196.625, floor 49.375
Southern Utah 196.075, vault 49.100
Denver 195.975, beam 48.450

BYU freaking KILLED it tonight. They look the best I've seen them look in a long time.  Southern Utah with big floor and vault scores. Denver.... oh Denver.... the fucking beam got you.  Hopefully next weekend you can find an extra person for vault and floor... or at least floor.  Back half of that beam line-up was on fire.... GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Maddie Karr got a huge 39.750 in the all around.

That's all more me tonight! Come back tomorrow for more live blogs around 1:30 MST time for Arizona @ Oregon State Pac 12 shenanigans.  Bye now!


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