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Texas Woman's @ LSU Live Blog

LSU killed it on Friday at the GymQuarters/Mardi Gras extravaganza meet where they notched their first 198 of the season.

So to celebrate, they're having a meet against Texas Woman's University this afternoon.

Refresh the page to follow along, latest updates will be at the bottom of the page.

Just waiting for the meet to start... because 1:00 apparently means 1:30 in Baton Rouge....

Meet is FINALLY starting UGH. ESPN app lied to me.

Rotation 1

Erin Macadaeg Vault LSU - beautiful FTY, such great lift and amplitude, maybe just a tiny hop on the landing. 9.875

Brandi Lazarus TWU UB -  bail, little leg seps at the ankles, tkatchev, bit butt scratchy, DBL pike dismount, chest down, hop forward. 9.6

Ruby Harold LSU VT - y 1 1/2, small step on landing, but good height and distance, much improved form wise. 9.85

Schyler Jones Bars TWU -  giant full + gienger, misses on pak. 9.25

Julianna Cannamela VT LSU - another beautiful FTY, small hop but allegedly she gets the stick crown? Is it actually a "stick" crown or is it just a "hit" crown? 9.875

Alissa Kelly UB TWU -  beautiful ship to bail,  nice hs position, seemed like she was going to do a double lay, but she piked it.

Sarah Edwards VT LSU - huge y 1 1/2, lots of distance and height, small step on landing. 9.875

Hunter Vincent TWU UB -  hecht mt, blind change to pike jaeger, nice,  short on the last HS,  DLO, hop on the landing. 9.675

Myia Hambrick LSU VT - huge y 1 1/2, but takes a big step on landing. 9.85

Missed who is competing for TWU on bars, I think it's Morgan Colee nice tkatchev,  full in, step on landing. 9.725

Kennedi Edney VT LSU - Y  1 1/2, lots of pop off the table, but still that step on the landing. 9.9

Bria Northrop UB TWU -  clear hip to gienger, very nice,  beautiful DLO, just a small slide on the landing. 9.75

Scores after the 1st rotation -
LSU vault 49.375
TWU bars 48475

Rotation 2

Erin Alderman VT TWU - FTY- pikes landing a bit. 9.625

Sami Durante UB LSU -  gorgeous 1/st hs, giant 1/2 _ jaeger, pak, perfection, full in, takes just a small step on the landing. 9.8

Colee VT TWU - beautiful FTY, lots of distance, small hop on the landing.
Hambrick UB LSU -  jump KCHS to hB, big ray,  giant full right on top of bar, bail, Full in, stuck that for sure. 9.95

Megan Gentry VT TWU -  FTY, lots of power, has a big hop out,  good pop off the table. 9.7

Harrold  UB LSU - does her zuchold, blind change to jaeger, hop change + double front, stuck that cold.  9.95

Mallory Moredock VT TWU - beautiful height, great lift, maybe a bit piked in the air. 9.775

Edney UB LSU -  huge handoff,  clear hip perfect HS, bail,  solid on the last hs, DLO, =hips a bit cold in the air, steps back on landing. 9.9

Lazarus VT TWU -  FTY, good pop, small hop on the landing. beautiful flare. 9.775

Lexie Priessman UB - tkatchev, bail,  solid,  great final handstand position, DLO, kind a wavered on the landing, but she stuck 9.975

Jones VT TWU -  Yurchenko arabian, nice form in the air, small hop on landing. 9.825

Sarah Finnegan uB LSU -  ray, beautiful,  toe on  beautiful bail, toe shoot to HB,  beautiful DLO, and stuck the landing. 9.95

Exhibition from Ashlyn Kirby on bars - tkatchev, good height,  bail, bit short on the handstand, bit short on the last HS as well, DLO, bit close to the bar, but it's a good solid routine.

Scores after the 2nd rotation
LSU 99.100, bars 49.725
TWU 97.300, vault 48.525

LSU just logged the best bars score of the year.  Just casually logging 49.725's on bars, you know, like you do.

Rotation 3

Macadeag Balance Beam LSU - sw + sw 1/2, leaps are perfection.  front aerial is also perfect.  BHS + LOSO, she was actually slightly off but adjusted very quickly, beautiful lift and extension, so solid, full turn, gainer full dismount and stuck it. 9.9

Abigail Versemann floor exercise TWU - double pike,  sw side + straddle 1/2, bit under 180 on the last leap, front lay + front full,  wolf 1/1 + tuck full 9.625

Hambrick BB LSU - L turn full,  solid,  hitch kick to side aerial, sw + straddle 1/4, BHS + LOSO, perfection, beautiful scale, round off + double full dismount, gets a lot of lift but takes a hop on the landing. 9.9

Bridget Peterson FX TWU - front hs + rudi,  tour jete 1/2 + wolf 1 1/2,  front hs + front lay + front 1/2,  whip 1/2 + front full. 9.6

Edney BB LSU -  BHS + LOSO, back heel is slightly off the beam, but she's not phased, sw  + sw side,  front toss,  round off + 1 1/2, stuck that cold. BOOM. 9.875

Colee FX TWU -  double pike, chest a bit down on landing.  front full + front tuck, bit short on the front tuck,  tour jet full + popa.9.55

Christina Desiderio BB LSU - pike jump,  BHS + LOSO,  sw + sw 1/2 + beat jump, bit slow on the first half of the connection, gainer pike, solid landing. 9.9

Aldermann FX TWU - clean double pike, missed her leap series,  front full + front lay, goes OOB on her rudi. 9.6

Reagan Campbell BB LSU - press HS,  front aerial, balance check, misses the connection to the BHS,  full turn,  Back tuck + Back tuck, sw + sw 1/2, solid there,  round off + 2/1 twist, bit short on the landing. 9.725

Moredock FX TWU - double pike is really high, but she lands a bit short, good split positions on her leaps, double tuck.  1 1/2 + front lay,  a bit awkward on the landing, but is still pretty clean. 9.75

Finnegan BB LSU - wolf turn, beautiful, bhs + loso perfect, sw + sw 1/2, love that, her split position is held in the sw 1/2, side somi,  side aerial to back full,  does the college salute stick. 9.9

Jones FX TWU -  dbl back, solid landing,  clean double pike,  sw, a bit under 180 in the split,  1 1/2 + front lay, stuck it cold. 9.825

Scores after 3 rotations -
LSU 148.575, 49.475 beam
TWU 145.700,  48.400, floor

Rotation 4

Lazarus BB TWU -  BHS + LOSO, completely off and she falls.  L turn 1/1, didn't hold leg up long enough for her to get credit for that skill, hitchkick + sw side, gainer full dismount 8.95

Cannamella FX LSU -  clean double pike,  1 1/2 + front lay, sw side + Popa, double back , solid 9.825

Aldermann BB TWU -  sw + Gainer loso,  side aerial,  wolf jump + straddle 3/4,  BHS + LOSO,  full turn,  gainer full, small hop on the landing.

Edwards FX LSU -  FHS + front double full, nice lift and pop,  clean double back,  she's a freaking star, get her on Broadway, sw side + popa,  front full + front lay. 9.875

Alyssa Kelly TWU BB - BHS + BHS + Loso, good leap series,  side aerial, solid landing on the dismount. 9.825

Kirby FX LSU - sw side + popa, solid,  front lay + rudi,  clean double tuck,  lots of amplitude,  FHS + front lay +Fr full 9.925

Vincent BB TWU -  BHS + LOSO, beautiful,  sw side,  full turn,  beat + straddle 3/4, straddle 3/4 was a bit under 180,  crashes double full dismount. 9.25

Harrold FX -  front double full, lots of amplitude,  clean double back,  sw ring + sw 1/2,  1 1/2 + front lay, really solid routine. She killed it this meet.  9.9

Moredock BB TWU - full turn,  front toss to sit, that was cool, at first I thought she was going to fall, round off + double full.  9.825

Edney FX LSU -  huge double arabian, just to the corner,  1 1/2 + front lay,  sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  clean double back, stuck cold. BAM! 9.95

Jones TWU BB -   round off + 2 ft lay, full turn,sw + tuck jump full,  front toss + beat jump,  round off + 1 1/2 to college stick. 9.85

Priessman FX LSU - huge full in,  tour jete 1/1 + popa,  great split position,  1 1/2 + front lay, beautiful,  great flexibility,  clean double pike to end, stuck it cold. Takes her bow, (salutes) and curtain falls.  9.95

Final Scores
LSU 198.175, floor 49.600
TWU 194.200, beam 48.500

Come back at 6 MT for the Utah @ UCLA meet. I promise, it will be better than a soap opera.


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