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BIG 5 Session 1 Live Blog

First live blog of Saturday afternoon featuring the first BIG 5 qualifying meet featuring Nebraska, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio State and Michigan State at Michigan State.

So the first three finishers from this meet will qualify for the evening session of the BIG 10 Champs next week and the first three from the second meet tonight will qualify there as well.

So follow along and refresh the page every five minutes or so to follow along. Updates at the bottom.

First rotation  - Nebraska is on vault, Illinois is on floor

Kynsee  Robee VT Nebraska - FTY, pretty clean, small hop on landing.

Kylie Noonan Illinois FX - front full + front lay,  tour jete full, sw ring + sw 1/2,  1 1/2 + front lay

Grace Williams VT Nebraska - FTY, stuck the landing, good height, legs a bit separated on landing.

Shynelle Aragan MD UB  - pak, leg seps, DLO stuck 9.825

Nicole Biondi Illinois FX - double pike, solid,  clean double back, good control,  tour jete 1/1 + wolf 1/2, maybe a bit under 180,  FHS + front lay + front full, solid.

Abby Epperson VT Nebraska -  beautiful high FTY, just a hop on the landing, piked a bit down causing her to hop.

Megan Schweihofer VT Neb - FTY, stuck, good form in the air, legs maybe a tiny bit crossed. 9.9

Kirsten Peterman Rutgers UB -  blind change + jaeger, nice,  good HS, bail, solid on last HS,  DLO, stuck, some slight leg seps in air.

Siena Crouse VT Nebraska -  y 1 1/2, hop on the landing, looks like her chest was  bit down as well.

Audrey Barber UB MD -  bit short on 1st hs, hindorff to bail, nice, DLO, bit close to the bar, step on the landing. 9.875

Taylor Houchin VT Nebraska - y 1 1/2, hop on the landing, good amplitude, maybe a bit off to the side.

Jamie Stone Ohio State BB - nice sw side,  round off + 2 1/2, small step to the side.

Alecia Farina UB Maryland - blind change to jaeger, good extension, good hs position on  the bail, stuck her DLO. 9.9

Rae Balthazor Illinois FX - clean double back to open,  tour jete full, nice split positions, very clean,  tour jete to Sw leap,  1 1/2 + front lay,

Amanda Huang BB Ohio State -  BHS + LOSO, beautiful, nice extension,  sw + Korbut flip, beautiful,  spl + sheep jump,  round off + 2/1 twist, stuck it, had a bit of a wobble in the landing trying to hold it. 9.55

Alexis Mattern BB Ohio State -  full turn,  front toss, big balance check, leg came up, front tos + bhs,  sw side, arms swinging, beat jump, gainer full dismount.

Rotation 2

Michigan State apparently doesn't believe in updating the live scores GRR I have to rewind the DVR so give me a second

Thank you Nebraska's Twitter

Ok now Nebraska is on bars

Catelyn Orel UB Neb - big tkatchev, toe on clean HS,  in bail,  DLO, step on the landing. 

Haylee Roe VT Ill - Y full stuck the landing, chest a bit low though

Peterman Maryland BB -  wolf turn,  side somi, big bend in the hips,  BHS + LOSO, slight lean,  cat leap + sw 1/2, split position a bit under 180,  round off + 1 1/2, over rotated and hops forward

Robee UB Neb - blidnc hange + jaeger, nice, good hs position into pak,  slightly short on last HS, stuck the DLO 9.9

Jordyn GIvens VT Ill -  FTY, way off to the side,  

Schweihofer UB Neb - blind change to big pike jaeger, good HS on bail, DLO, small hop, chest a bit down.

Biondi VT Ill - Y 1/2, solid landing, good height, hips a bit closed in air, 9.875

Balthazor did a y full with a small hop 9.875

Epperson UB Neb - jaeger,  DLO,  some leg seps in air, stuck.

Bridget Hodan VT Ill - y full, lots of amplitude, had a big bounce back. 

Houchin UB Neb -  giant full + tkatchev,  bail, solid,  blin change, couldn't hold HS and fell. giant ful + open double back, good there. 9.225

Crouse UB Neb - weiler 1/2 + gienger, falls, had issues on her 1st hs too.  bail, solid on HS,  good on last hs, full in, small shuffle on landing.

Kasey Meeks VT Ill - beautiful FTY, but hop on the landing, vault was great in air, but the sticking is what is needed.

Audrey Barber BB Maryland -  BHS + LOSO, beautiful,  front toss + spl jump, split a bit under 180,  sw + straddle jump, good there in split position, full turn,  roundoff to double full, solid, just a small hop.

Lea Mitchell Mich State FX -  Music issues... of course.  double back, lots of amplitude, great control,  fhs + front full + front pike, solid again,  sw side + straddle 1/2 + popa + double stag full, beautiful,  clean double pike, solid.9.8

Agaran BB MD -   BHS + LOSO, a big balance check,  side somi, good there hitch kick to sw side, chest is down, gainer full, solid landing.

Team Scores after 2nd rotation -

Michigan State FX 47.625

Third rotation -

Roby BB Neb -  nice mount, fro aerial + BHS + LOSO beautiful,  sissone + sw 1/2, beautiful extension and flexibility,  side aerial + stuck back lay full beautiful 9.825

Tessa Jaranowski VT MSU -  HS pike front solid 97

GIvens Ill UB  clean double tuck dismount, stuck.

Olivia Aepli OH State FX -  clean double pike, we didn't see most of the routine.

Sarah Lyons ILl UB blind change + pike jaeger,  bit short on that last HS, lost form on a bail,  DLO, deep knee bend. 9.2

Schweihofer Bb nEb -  BHS + 2ft lay, small balance check, beat jump,  sw + sw 1/2, nice split positions and extension,  round off + double full, stuck it. 9.8

Karen Howell UB Ill -  hop change + ppike jaeger,  pak, nice,  good on last HS, giant full + dbl tuck, small hop, good routine over all.  9.85

Anna Gamelo MSU VT - FTY, big hop back 9.6

Stone Ohio State - 1 1 /2 +front tuck, 2 1/2, crossed step on landing.

Balthazor UB Ill -  good hs, toe on + tkatchev, bail, nice,  solid on last hS, full in, stuck.

Houchin BB NEB -  falls on her acro series,  front aerial,  sw + spl, split positions good, full turn,  cat leap + side aerial, chest down and falls again,  round off + 2/1 8.55

Mitchell VT MSU - beautiful FTY, good form, small hop, didn't get a lot of height, 9.8

Danielle Breen Neb  BB - 1 arm BHS + LOSO, solid,  double stag ring jump,  beautiful,  spl + sheep jump,  takes a tiny step out, full turn,  round off + 1 1/2 twist, stuck landing. 9.825

Grace Williams BB Neb - BHS + LOSO + LOSO, slightly off and just comes right off,  cat leap + sw,  full turn,  side aerial to back full stuck the landing, but it was still a beam-tastrophe.

Wow, so Nebraska totally came apart on beam and Illinois is killing it so far.  This is a really good meet

Michigan State now believes in updating their live scoring system!

Here are the scores after 3
Illinois 147.675 bars 49.275
Nebraska 145.425 beam 47.725
Maryland 97.550
Ohio State 96.75 floor 49.200
Michigan State 96.025, vault 48.4

Fourth rotation -
So I think Nebraska is on a bye, Illinois is going to beam, Michigan State is on bars, Ohio State is on vault and Maryland is on floor

Haylee Roe BB Ill -  BHS + LOSO, solid,  beat + straddle 3/4, totes nailed it,  cat leap + gainer LOSO, looked slightly off but just  stopped for a sec and kept on keeping on? round off + 1 1/2 dismount, small hop. 9.8

Mitchell UB mSU - ray, good hs on bail,   giant full to double tuck, stuck.

Stefanie Merkle VT OH State - y 1/2, small hop 9.8

Biondi BB Ill -  sw + straddel 1/4, solid, great amplitude,  BHS + LOSO,  cat leap + front aerial, solid,  full turn,  solid, round off + 1 1/2, small hop. 9.85

Janelle McLelland VT OH State - FTY, big hop on the landing, lots of power and amplitude,

Howell BB Ill -  love her toes and extension,  BHS + 2 ft lay solid,  sw + straddle 1/4, beat jump,  cat leap + sw side, very confident, gorgeous scale, gainer pike, stuck. Gorgeous routine. 9.825

Jessica Ling UB MSU -  short on 1st hs, clear hip to gienger, bail, good on las HS, full in, stuck. 9.9

Kylie Noonan Ill BB -  BHS + LOSO, great,  sissone + gainer LOSO, beautiful,  great amplitude and splits on her leaps,  balance check on a spl 3/4,  cartwheel + gainer full, stuck.

Aepli VT OH State - y full, nice amplitude and height, good form, small hop on landing,

Hailee Westney UB MSU - shap, small leg seps in air,  good hs, beautiful ray + pak, toe on stadler + toe on front 1/2, stuck.  Great hit hs positions

Balthazor ILL BB -  hitchkick + sw side, solid,  BHS + LOSO, small balacne check recovers ok, full turn,  front toss, solid there, great toes and extension,  beat + straddle 3/4, gainer pike, lots of amplitude, stuck the landing but was a bit off to the side. 9.9

Farina FX MD  -  dbl pike, big bounce out,  1 1/2 + front lay,  leap series, split positions a bit under 180 in the air,  knees deep on a dbl back

Hodan BB Ill - falls on her side aerial + BHS series,  sw + sissone, beautiful,  illusion turn, solid finish.

Alexis Mattern Oh State VT - HS front pike 1/2, solid landing, stuck

Barber FX MD full in, little messy in air, 1 1/2 + front pike, solid,  sw 1/2 + popa,  dbl back, solid landing.

Scores after 4 rotations -
Illinois 196.850, beam 49.175
Maryland 146.625, floor 49.075
Ohio State 145.875, vault 49.125
Nebraska 145.425 (bye)
Michigan State 145.325,  bars 49.300

rotation 5

Amanda Huang UB Oh St -  good hs position right offm blind change to jaeger, bail,  full in, chest down on landing, step forward.

Peterman VT MD -  FTY, good amplitude, hop on landing.

Peyton Hinterberger OH ST UB - blind change to jaeger, nice amplitude, bit short on her last HS, giant full to double tuck, a bit late.

Roby FX Neb - full in,  low chest on landing,  1 1/2 + front lay,  sw 1/2 + wolf hop, leaps a bit under 180,  double back, chest still down on landing, even though she had a good landing.

Collea Burges VT MD - big y full, nice amplitude and distance, just a big step on the landing.

Aepli UB  UB OH st -  toe on + shap + bail, solid, on HS,  good last HS position,  full in, chest kinda down and hopped on landing.

Barber mD VT another big y full,  just hop on landing.

Kaitlyn Hofland UB OH State blind change + jaeger, bail, solid HS, slightly short on last HS, blind change to dbl front, stuck. Great anchor for Ohio State.

Farina VT MD  - beautiful  y full, stuck it.  lots of height, flared entry on landing.

Williams FX Neb -  lands double pike short and puts her hands down,  front lay + rudi, chest a bit down on the rudi,  tour jete + popa,  clean double back.

Orel FX Neb -  beautiful sky high dbl pike,  spl jump,  nice double back, good control on landing,  sw side to popa,  not sure if she got those both all around, 1 1/2 + front 1/2 + double stag leap.  Solid.

Crouse FX double full to back LOSO 9.925

Schweihofer FX NEB -  makes it rain ala Taylor Rice,  big full in, fro lay + rudi, good control,  tour jete full + wolf full,  clean double back, lands no problem. 9.95

Mitchell BB MSU -  falls on her series right off the bat,  full turn,  spl + straddle 1/4,  side aerial + back full, step off the mat.

Final Scores
Illinois 196.850  bye
Maryland 195.700, vault. 49.075
Ohio State 195.150,  bars 49.275
Nebraska 194.900, floor 49.475
Michigan State 192.825 beam 47.500

So Illinois, Maryland and Ohio State will be in the evening session of the Big Tens

Nebraska was undefeated in the regular season in the Big Ten until like two seconds ago.  Illinois totally killed it. They just came out, they were consistent across all four events and they won this B1G Five meet by 1.150 and killed everyone. Yes, they're all dead, especially Nebraska's soul. Bad joke, I don't care.

So, the draws for next weekend will be:
Session 1
Vault - 4th place from Rutgers B1G Five
Bars - Michigan State
Beam 5th place from Rutgers B1G Five
Floor - Nebraska

Session 2
Vault - 3rd place from Rutgers B1G Five
BYE - 1st place from Rutgers B1G Five
Bars - Maryland
Beam - 2nd place from Rutgers B1G Five
BYE - Ohio State
Floor - Illinois

That's all for now,  come back in 40 minutes for the Arizona/LSU meet


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