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Conference Championships Live Blog

It's conference championships day! Which means a full day of live gymnastics.

It's like your birthday, but with gymnastics.

Follow along and refresh the page for updates.

First, I'm doing the SEC Championships, first session.

Arkansas starts on vault, Missouri starts on floor, Georgia on beam and Auburn on bars.

Jessica Yamzon VT Arkansas - Big FTY, stuck the landing. Pretty goo din the air. 9.775

Sydney Snead BB UGA - hit series nicely, hitch kick + sw leap, round off + dbl full dismount.  Maybe a small slide. 9.875

Hailey Garner ARK VT - FTY, bit piked in air and landed slightly short. 9.7

HAHA! Bart Conner calls out bragging rights.  LOLZ

Kendal MOSS  AUB UB -  nice gienger, maybe, bit short on hS positions, DLO, knees buckled 9.05

Amanda Wellick ARK VT - nice FTy,

Rachel DIckson  BB UGA, sw + split good, BHS + 1 1/2 dismount, hop on landing. 9.8

Sarah Shaffer VT ARk - y 1/2, nice position in air, but steps on landing.

Taylor Krippner UB Aub - toe on + bail, solid, nice tkatchev,  full in, small hop

Braie Speed Ark VT -  beautiful FTY, nice form in the air,

Emily Schild UGA BB - lovely press hs,  BHS + LOSO, beautifully extended, beat + sheep jump,  full turn, sw + spl, beautiful,  front aerial,  side aerial + back full, nearly missed foot, but landed, albeit off balance. 9.7

Gracie Day UB AUB - blind change + jaeger, nice toes and extension, bail, maybe a little short on last HS, dbl arabian,  small step.

Marissa Oakley BB UGA - wolf full, nice,  front aerial, solid, BHS + LOSO,  solid spl + split ring jump, beautiful,  cartwheel + gainer full, small hop. 9.775

Sam Cerio UB Aub -  clear hip full +  pike jeager,  giant full + dbl back, stuck.

Vivi Babalis BB UGA -  front aerial + Gainer LOSO, sw + spl, good extension + back tuck, front toss + Beat jump,  solid,  punch front full, stuck. 9.875

Abby Milliet UB AUB -  toe on + ray, beautiful + pak, nice extension, legs glued together, giant full to dbl tcuk, step on the landing

Sabrina Vega BB UGA - beautiful split jump mount, sw ring, ring position a little question able, beautiful BHS + LOSO,  full turn,  front aerial + beat jump,  sw leap, balance check,  the moonwalk,  side aerial + back full, stuck. 9.7

Kennedi Harris MIZ FX -  dbl pike, solid,  full turn, sw side + popa, nice amplitude and extension,  front lay + front full, bit flat,  clean dbl tuck to end,

Ok, if Bart and Kathy think the regular season scores were inflated, you've got a problem. So judges, it's probably time for y'alls to go to rehab for the crack addiction.

Scores after 1st rotation
Georgia Beam 49.025
Arkansas vault 48.975
Auburn, bars 48.900
Missouri floor 48.85

2nd rotation - Georgia moves to floor, Arkansas to bars, Auburn to beam and Missouri to vault

Yamzon UB Ark -  good 1st hs position, tkatchev, bit butt scratchy,  bail,  big Full twisting DLO. 9.75

Allie Riddle BB Aub -  sw + sw 1/2, solid overall.

Shawna Miller VT Mizz - FTY, small hop

Shaffer UB ARk - toe on + shap, beautiful,  solid on hs position,  giant full to dbl tuck.

Cerio BB Aub - press hs, leap series, bit under 180  BH S+ LOSO, good,  full turn,  leap position under 180 on sw 1/2, solid landing on rudi.9.45

Morgan Porter VT Mizz - FTY, hop.

Syndey Laird  UB ARK -  great 1st hs, ray, beautiful extension, bail,  legs  together,  perfect last HS< DLO, I think it was stuck. 9.825

Aspen Tucker VT Miz - FTY,  arms bit bent on the table, off to the side, small step.

Madeline Huber  round off 1/2 on tuck full off, very cool.

Amanda Wellick UB Ark -  old school shap + bail, solid,  blind change + dbl front, solid landing

Gabby Gottula VT MIZ - beautiful, high FTY, just a step on the landing.

Sydney Snead FX UGA  - whip + dbl tuck, just stays in bounds,  fhs + rudi + shushunova,  sw + cat leap,  clean dbl pike,

Speed Ark UB -  hecht mount,  goo1st hs, toe 1/2 + jaeger, nice, bail,  toe on + giant full + dbl tuck,  stuck. 9.85

Emma Slappey falls on her beam series

Gardner  ub Ark = full + gienger,

Vega FX -  clean dbl pike,  1 1/2 + front lay, solid,  sw ring + tour jete full,  front aerial,  dbl tuck, beautiful control. 9.825

Milliet BB AUB -  front tuck mt, full turn, small bal check,  BHS + LOSO, beautiful,  lands so delicately on the beam,  spl + sheep jump, another small balance check, gainer full, stuck. 9.8

Jordyn Pederson FX UGA -  whip to dbl pike,  big step but is still in bounds,  sw 1/2,  dive roll,  sw 1/2 + popa,  front full + front lay, solid.

Krippner BB Aub -  cat leap + beat jump, solid,  sw + spl, great extension in her leaps,  BHS + LOSO, gets lift on the LOSO,  round off + back 1 1/2. Solid.

End of the second rotation and Arkansas leads Georgia,

I need a freaking nap. Going to take an hour off... I'm sorry, but mama's tired. Come back in an hour

Ok, I'm back for the BIG 12 Championships featuring Denver,  Oklahoma, West Virginia and Iowa State

Denver starts on vault, Oklahoma floor, West Virginia Bars and Iowa State Beam

Diana Chesnok VT DU -  clean FTY, stuck or almost 9.775

Mia Sundstrom VT DU - FTY,  not a lot of height, but clean and solid landing 9.775

Robin Bernard UB WVU - finished with giant full to dbl tuck,

Sophia Steinmeyer BB ISU - round off + 1 1/2 dismount, stuck. 9.725

Kaitlyn Schou DU VT - big FTY, hop back on the landing. 9.725

Jacquie Tun UB WVU -- nice jaeger,  beautiful DLO, just a step on the landing.

Nikole Addison VT DU - stuck her FTY 985

Brenna Dowell FX OU - front full + rudi  tour jete full + popa, nice,  front lay + front full 9.9

Lynzee Brown VT DU - y 1 1/2, big amplitude, great form, just a hip on the landing 9.875

AJ Jackson FX OU - dbl pike to open,  front lay + rudi, sw side + popa,  solid last pass.9.875

Maddie Karr VT DU - y 1 1/2, beautiful, stuck! BAM! 9.95

Anastasia Webb FX OU -  fhs + front dbl full,  1 1/2 + front lay, solid,  popa + spl full, solid, rudi last pass. 9.9

Maggie Nichols FX OU - dbl back, front full + front LOSO,  sw ring + tour jete full, great amplitude and splits, clean dbl pike. 9.9

Haylee Young ISU BB -  side aerial, chest down on landing.  round off + 2/1 twist dismount, stuck 9.55

Kelsey Paz ISU BB - beat + sheep jump, beautiful,  front full dismount. 9.775

Scores after 1st rotation -
Oklahoma floor 49.425
Denver vault 49.225
West Virginia Bars 49.025
Iowa State Beam 48.772

Oklahoma moves to vault, Dever moves to bars, WVU goes to beam and ISU is on floor.

Claire Kern UB DU -  hop change + jaeger nice, hits hs on bail,  bit short on last HS on HB,  DLO, small hop and takes a step, 9.8

Nicole Lehrmann VT OU - Big FTY, just a hop on the landing. 9.7

Mia Sundstrom UB DU -   clear hip  + tkatchev, solid,  bail, good HS,  solid last HS,  DLO, stuck. 9.875

Jordan Gillette WVU BB - cat leap + loso  + spl leap, great,  round off + 1 1/2, stuck.

Diana Chesnok UB DU - solid 1st HS, giant ful  1 1/2 tkatchev, bail, full in, chest a bit down and takes a hop 9.85

Jackson OU VT - y 1 1/2, stuck.  Best she's done all year. 9.95

Emily Glynn UB DU -  good 1st hs,  gienger, beautiful,  beautiful HS on bail,  hits last HS, full in, stuck! 9.95

Maggie Nichols VT OU - y 1 1/2,  leaned forward and stepped out, disguised with a salute. 9.925 (if it was anyone else, it would have gone 9.85)

Lynzee Brown DU UB, shap + pak, some small leg seps, shap 1/2,  solid,  DLO, small step on the landing. 9.9!

Brianna Ledesma ISU FX - Dlb pike, sw side + popa, dbl tuck to end. 9.825

Maddie Karr UB DU - hecht mount,  solid 1st HS, giant full + huge gienger + bail, solid,  DLO, small hop on the landing. 9.9

Kelsey Paz FX ISU - clean double back, sw side,  1 1/2 + front full, solid,   popa + full wolf jump,  rudi + loso, beautiful. 9.85

Zaakira Muhammed BB WVU  -   2ft lay + 2ft lay, falls,  full turn, beat jump + straddle 1/2, cat eap + side aerial + back full, beautiful no score for her.. WTF, god dammit - was that just an exhibition?

Moving on...

Scores after 2 rotations -

Oklahoma 98.825, vault 49.400
Denver, 98.700, bars 49.475
WVU 97.900, beam 48.525
Iowa State 97.550

3rd rotation - Iowa goes to vault, Oklahoma goes to bars, Denver goes to beam and West Virginia floor

Anastaisa Webb OU UB -  good 1st hs, pak, beautiful shap 1/2, blind change + dbl front

Nikole Addison BB DU - full turn,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  sissone,  split a bit under 180,  straddle + straddle 3/4,  side somi, solid,  gainer pike, small hop. Hit 1st routine is always good

Bre Showers UB OU -  full in, small hop on landing.

Emily Glynn BB DU -  roll mount, sw + sw + straddle jump,  BHS + LOSO, small lean but is ok, falls on standing LOSO, sissone. hop on gainer pike dismount. 9.25

Kelsey Paz ISU VT - Big FTY, big hop on landing 9.775

Zaakira Muhammed FX WVU - 1 1/2 + dbl back

Brown BB DU -  chest stand MT,  front aerial,  front toss + BHS, wolf jump,  solid so far,  full turn backwards, pretty col, sw + straddle jump, stuck gainer full 9.8

Steinmeyer VT ISU - y 1 1/2, small hop on landing. 9.725

Sievers VT ISU -  y full, hop on landing but good amplitude. 9.85

Haylee Young VT ISU - FTY, small hop but very clean 9.8

Mia Sundstrom BB DU - sw  + sw 1/2, beautiful,  side aerial, small wobble,   full turn,  BHS + LOSO, slightly short but saves it, gainer pike, small hop. 9.775

Maddie Karr BB DU -  side aerial + BHS, full turn, flares out leg,  hitchkick to side somi, beautiful, beat  + spl 3/4, solid, round off + 1 1/2 small hop. 9.9

Chloe Cuchey finishes floor by blowing kisses to the judges. 10.0... don't care what the actual score is, LOL

Kaitlyn Schou BB DU -  front aerial + bhs + LOSO, solid, full turn, beautiful sissone, splits are gorgeous, beat + sheep jump,  BHS + gainer full, stuck. BAM!!!!! Denver came back solid 9.925

Kirah Koshinki WVU FX -front full + front lay,  clean dbl pike, beautiful.

Scores after 3 rotations
Oklahoma 148.550, bars 49.725
Denver 147.900, beam 49.200
ISU 146.975 vault, 49.075
WVU146.575 floor 49.025

Final rotation -

Mia Sundstrom FX DU - dbl back, clean,  front lay + front full, beautiful, sw side + wolf jump,  tour jete full, 9.775

Showers BB OU -  full turn, small wobble, BHS + LOSO, solid, big wobble on a front toss. 9.8

Kern FX DU - dbl pike, solid leap series, clean dbl back, front full + front lay 9.775

Sievers UB ISU -  jump to HB, clear hip + tkatchev,  bail, DLO, piked a bit in air, but good landing. 9.875

Glynn FX DU - sw side + popa, 1 1/2 to front tuck,  clean dbl tuck, solid. 9.775

Cluchey VT WVU - FTY, knees a bit soft and takes step on landing. 9.75

Lehrmann BB - front aerial,  cat ela p + sw side,  BHS + LOSO, sw + korbut flip,Gainer full dismount 9.85

Schou FX DU - shake the booty to open, front dbl full to open, solid,  1 1/2 + front lay, solid,  sw ring + sw side, beautiful,  FHS + rudi + spl jump.9.85

Natalie Brown BB OU -  spl + spl 3/4, spl + gainer full, stuck. 9.875

Karr FX DU -  clean dbl pike to open,  1 1/2 + front full, great,  tour jete full + wolf jump full,  FHS + rudi to end. 9.9

Webb BB OU -  full turn,  BHS + LOSO, small balance check, cat leap + front aerial, sw + spl,  side aerial + back full, Solid stuck landing.9.7

Addison FX DU -  huge DLO to open,  great control and height,  1 1/2 + front lay, great amplitude, sw side + popa, great split position and amplitude, dbl pike, was maybe a bit short but covered well. 9.875

Nichols BB OU - BHS + LOSO, solid,  full turn, sw + spl, balance check and possibly broke the connection between the leaps, round off + 1 1/2 9.9???? No, she had some definite errors. 9.85 maybe 9.875

Final Scores
Oklahoma 197.775, beam 49.225
Denver 197.075, floor 49.175
Iowa State 195.625, 48.650
West Virginia 195.625 vault 49.025

In the all around, only .025 separates Maddie Karr from Maggie Nichols 39.675 for Nichols and 39.650 for Karr.

Ok - on to the 2nd session of the SEC championships.

We're following LSU, Kentucky, Alabama, and Florida.

LSU starts on vault, Florida on bars, Bama on beam and Kentucky on floor.

Sarah Finnegan VT LSU - beautiful FTY, with nice height and beautiful body positions. 9.875

Alicia Boren FL UB -  bail, good HS position,  DLO, stuck the landing. 9.85

Sarah Edwards VT LSU - y 1 1/2, good height and distance in air, step on landing.

Megan Skaggs UB FL -  t oe on + tkatchev, beautiful, pak, solid hs positions, DLO, hop on landing. 9.8

Maddie Desch BB Bama -  front aerial, big balance check, lifts her foot, BHS + LOSO, another big balance check. full turn, falls on side somi,  1 1/2 dismount.  8.8

Peyton Ernst BB Bama -  full turn,  BHS  + LOSO, spl + sheep jump, solid, front aerial, round off to dbl full, stuck. but off to the side. 9.85

Julianna Cannamela VT LSU - FTY, small hop.

Rachel Gowey UB, pak, nice, DLO, pikes in air, but stuck the landing.

Myia Hambrick VT LSU  - y 1 1/2,stuck, 9.85

Kennedi Edney LSU VT -  y 1 1/2 to cross step. 9.9

Jazmyn Foberg UB FL - over arches HS,  pak + shap + in bar gienger,  full in, stuck on landing. 9.625

Alex Hyland FX KY -  dbl pike, but big bounce out,  tour jete full + wolf jump full,

Sidney Dukes FX KY -  clean dbl pike,  sw ring, 1 1/2 + front lay,  dbl back, solid. 9.9

Kiana WInston BB Bama = spl + straddle jump, front aerial + BHS, beautiful, full turn,  round off + dbl back stuck. 9.95

Nickie Guerrero BB Bama -  BHS + LOSO + LOSO, solid, sw + straddle jump,  full turn, solid,  side aerial solid,  round off + 1 1/2 stuck.

Mollie Korth KY FX -  clean dbl back, solid landing,  tour jete full +  popa,    1 1/2 + LOSO,  dbl pike, little bit deep in her knees. 9.825

Scores after 1st rotation
Alabama Beam 49.450
LSU vault 49.400
Florida bars 49.400
Kentucky 49.275 floor

2nd rotation - Kentucky goes to vault, Bama floor, LSU bars,  Florida beam

Amelia Hundley BB FL _ front aerial + sissone, BHS + LOSO, sw + sw side,  full turn,  round off + 1 1/2, fights for the landing.  9.85

Myia Hambrick LSU UB -  good 1st hs,  huge ray,  giant ful + bail, toe shoot to HB,  full in, stuck.  The stick crown travels apparently. 9.9

Danaea Davis  VT KY - big FTY, but big hop on landing.

Skaggs BB FL  -  wolf turn 2/1,  sw + spl. BHS + LOSO, solid.  cat leap + Side aerial + back full.

Guys, Kathy hates wolf turns as much as we do!!! She's one of us! But we already knew that, LOL.

Ruby Harrold UB LSU  zuchold, blind change + jaeger, dbl front, step on landing 9.75

Desch FX AL -  dbl pike,  1 1 /2 + front 1/2 + spl jump sw ring _ tour jete full,  dbl tuck.

Korth VT KY - y 1 1/2, solid, small hop on landing. 9.9

Edney Stuck her DLO dismount on bars.9.9

Lexie Priessman UB LSU - tkatchev, bail, DLO, stuck. 9.9

Rachel Gowey BB FL -sw + spl, beautiful extension< BHS + LOSO + LOSO, slightly off, but is ok,  front aerial + sissone beautiful,  full turn,  gainer full, small hop 9.825

Finnegan UB LSU -  beautiful ray, perf HS, bail,  toe shoot to HB, DLO, small hop on landing. 9.85

Winston FX AL -  clean dbl pike, lots of power,  tour jete full + popa, beautiful splits, front lay + front full,  dbl tuck, clean, beautiful. 9.85

Alyssa Baumann BB FL -  side split mount,  onodi, beautiful,  BHS + LOSO, perfect, sw + spl,  front aerial,  full turn,  round off + 1 1/2, stuck. 9.975

Guerrero FX Bama -  clean dbl pike,  sw side + popa,  1 1 /2 + front full, FHS + rudi, solid. I wish I had her energy right now. 9.875

Scores after 2 rotations
Florida 98.95, beam 49.550
LSU 98.8, bars 49.40
Alabama 98.725, floor 49.275
Kentucky, 98.575,  vault. 49.3

Rotation 3 -

Bama is going to vault, Kentucky is going to bars, LSU beam and Florida is on floor

Erin Macadaeg BB LSU - full turn, beautiful, sw + sw 1/2, balance check, beat  jump, front aerial, BHS + LOSO, beautiful gainer full dismount, small hop. 9.8

Shea Mahoney VT AL -  FTY, lands lock kneed and a bit short. 9.725

Ella Warren KY UB -  blind change + jaeger,  bail,  bit wonky in HS<  DLO, small step on landing.

Hambrick BB LSU - full L turn, hitchkick to side aerial, sw + straddle 1/4, BHS + LOSO, beautiful back scale,  round off + dbl full, small slide on landing. 9.9

Desch VT Bama -  FTY,  good distance, small slide back, 9.85

Looks like Florida had a fall on floor from Skaggs.

Katrina Coca UB kY - full in, stuck.

Alex McMurtry FX FL - triple full to open, landed a bit under - rotated,  front lay + front full, beautiful,  tour jete + wolf full,  sits down her dbl back after over-rotated. 9.125

Guerrero FX AL - y 1 1/2, small hop but great amplitude and distance.

Korth KY UB - blind change + pike jaeger, bail, bit shy in HS,  bit shy in last HS, full twisting DLO. Small Slide.9.85

Reagan Campbell BB LSU -  front aerial + BHS< solid,  standing back tuck to split jump, headstand walkover,  sw + sw 1/2,  slightly off but is ok, short on her dbl full dismount. 9.775

Rachel Slocum FX FL  - tour jete + wolf full,  splits under 180 a bit,  front full + front lay + front pike,  rudi + dbl stag, solid. 9.7

Finnegan BB LSU -  wolf turn full,  BH S+ LOSO, beautiful, sw +sw 1/2, perfection, side somi,  side aerial + back full, stuck. 9.925

Boren FX FL - DLO, 1 1/2 + front lay,  sw 1/2 + wolf jump 1/2,  dbl back, solid. 9.9

Baumann FX FL - clean dbl back to open,  1 1/2 + front lay,  sw 1/2 + popa,  dbl pike, a bit of a slide back in the landing. 9/85

Scores after 3 rotations
LSU 148.100 beam 49.300
Alabama 148.025 vault 49.300
Kentucky 147.675 bars 49.10
Florida 147.350, floor 48.4

Final rotation - LSU finishes on floor, Bama ends on bars, Kentucky ends on bean and Florida ends on vault

Wynter Childers solid ginat full to dbl back on bars for Bama.

Christina Desiderio FX LSU - beautiful DLO,  front tuck through  to dbl back,  sw ring + tour jete full,  clean dbl pike, chest a bit low on landing.

Boren VT FL -  y 1 1/2 to Shawn Johnson pee pee dance.

Mahoney UB Bama  - toe on + shap, falls, but stuck fill in dismount 9.2

Slocum VT FL - hs front pike 1/2, huge distance. 9.9

Priessmann FX LSU - full in, sw  1/2 + wolf full,  1 1/2 + front lay, beautiful amplitude, dbl pike, chest down a a bit though.

McMurty FL VT - DTY, stuck and got stuck in the mat, 9.975

Graber UB AL - gienger, bail, nice, full in, crazy legs but stuck. 9.775

Edney LSU FX - DBL arabian,  1 1/2 + front lay, good leap passs,  DBL back, bit off balance.  but good, I can't think straight right now 9.85

Kylie Dickson UB Bama -  bail, bit wonky in HS,  to eon + tkatchev, huge bit short on las HS, full, in, small hop 9.75

WInston UB shap + pak beautiful, too close and  covered ok, stuck DLO 9.75

Finnegan FX LSU -  1 1/2 step out + 2 1/2,  big step out on landing,  clean, high dbl tuck,  front tuck,  sw ring + sw 1/2,  dbl pike, big lunge, but is ok.  9.85 and she's won it for LSU

Hambrick closes the meet for LSU -  DLO, piked 2nd flip and went OOB,  2 1/2 + front tuck,  tour jete full + something else, I missed it, short on her dbl pike, it's fine because LSU's already won. 9.7

Final Scores
LSU 197.400, floor 49.300
Alabama  196.975, bars 48.950
Florida 196.825 vault 49.475
Kentucky 196.550,  beam 48.875
Arkansas 196.425
Georgia 196.350
Missouri 196.100
Auburn 195.850

LSU was undisputed as champions, they were the only team on the floor with no major mistake

Time for the PAC 12 evening session with UCLA, Utah, Washington and Cal.

UCLA starts on vault, Utah starts on bars, Cal starts on beam, Washington will start on floor.

Nia Dennis VT UCLA  -  FTY, nice height and distance, but knees a bit soft. 9.825

Tiffani Lewis UB Utah -  solid 1st Hs, tkatchev, bail,  DLO, good landing, maybe a bit of a slide.9.85

Chelsea Shu BB  Cal -  front aerial  + BHS, bit slow on connection, full turn, solid,  side aerial + back full, stuck. 9.825

Michaela Nelson FX Wash -  clean dbl back, good landing.  fhs + front lay + front full,  sw ring + tour jete full,  nice extension,  clean dbl pike to end. 9.825

Anna Glenn VT UCLA - FTY, beautiful, nice height, small hop on landing. 9.8

Makenna Merrell- Giles UB Utah - deltchev,  stalder + dbl back stuck.9.85

Kyana George CAl BB - dbl wolf turn, cat leap + front aerial, small bal check.  BHS + LOSO, another wobble,  sw + spl  rudi dismount,  hop back 9.775

Evanni Roberson FX Wash - front dbl full,  rudi + LOSO,  sw ring + wolf hop full,  short on her dbl  tuck 9.6

Pauline Tratz VT UCLA - big FTY, slide on landing. 9.825

Missy Reinstadtler  UB UCLA = nice jaager,  stuck her dismount... I can't form words otnight.9.9

Cassidy Keelen  BB CAl = bhs + LOSO, sw + spl + beat jump, solid,  front aerial + split jump round off + 1 1/2, big hop 9,85

Zoey Schafer FX Wash -  big dbl tuck, clean landing,  front full + front lay + stag jump,  nice back splin, clean dbl pike to finish 9.825

Kyla Ross VT UCLA -  usual beautiful FTY,  good height, stuck the landing. 9.9

Kari Lee UB Utah -  hecht mount,  blind change + pike jaeger, bail,  solid las HS, bro giant + dbl  tuck 9.775

Alicia Gallarzo BB Cal - full turn,  front aerial + BHS, solid on her 1 1/2 dismount.  9.9

Kristyn Hoffa FX Wash - solid so far, I've missed a chunk of her routine while talking to my husband. 9.85

Felicia Hano VT UCLA -  y 1 1/2, hop to the side.  soft knees in the air 9.85

Kim Tessen UB utah -  hop change + jaeger, missed the catch, good last HS, full in, stuck the landing. 9.25

Toni Ann Williams BB CAl -  front tuck + back LOSO,  full turn,   cat leap + sw side,  gainer pike, sticks landing. 9.9

Maya Washington FX Wash -  sw side + popa,  front lay + front full,  clean dbl pike to end. 9.85

Pua Hall  VT  UCLA - y 1 1/2, good form, best ive seen for her, small hop on the landing. 9.875

MyKayla Skinner UB UT -  shap  + bail leg seps on shap, toe on, good last hs, toe on + full in, stuck, landed with feet apart but brought them in 9.9

Sofie Seilnacht BB Cal = bhs = loso, solid,  sw + double stag ring jump,  side aerial + back full, stuck 9.9

Hailey Burleson FX UW -  bid dbl pike to open, 1 1/2 + front dbl full,  sw ring + wolf hop full,  2 1/2 to end, cross step on landing. 9.825

Scores after 1 rotation
Cal Beam 49.400
Utah bars 49.300
UCLA vault 49.275
Washington floor 49.175

2nd rotation -

Monica Riley VT UW -  y 1/2, good form in air, small hop on landing. 9.8

Dennis UB UCLA -  shap + bail, solid in HS, solid last HS, DLO, stuck, albeit a bit off balance 9.85

Maddy Stover BB UT - front aerial, small balance check,  repeats to connect to BHS,  another small check,  beat + split ringt jump, small balance check,  sw + straddle jump,  cartwheel + gainer full. 9.775

S. Seilnacht FX CAl - fro lay + rudi, illusion turn, good leap sereies, 1 1/2 + front 1/2 + spl jump + front tuck. 1 1/2 + front pike, solid. 9.75

Haley Roy VT UW = big kaz full, bit short. 9.8

Janay Honest UB UCLA -  good 1st hs, ray , much improved form, giant 1/2 + straddle back, full in, small slide on landing. 9.9

MMG UT BB -  sw + spl, solid,  BHS + BHS + LOSO, solid,  some soft knees in air,  front aerial + beat jump, full turn,  round off + double full, stuck landing. 9.875

Arianna Robinson FX UCB -  dbl arabian,  1 1/2 + front pike,tour jete full, dbl pike, solid landing. 9.825

Joslyn Goings VT UW - beautiful big FTY, stuck landing,  great distance, great vault.9.9

Sonya Meraz UB UCLA -  toe on + bail, solid,  tkatchev, solid, over arches HS,  DLO, piked down in air, and hop on landing. 9.775

Alexia Burch BB UT -  full turn, solid,  BHS + LOSO, nice and floaty,  cat leap + front aerial, chest down and fell off the beam,  sw + straddle 1/4,  ro + 1 1/2 stuck. 9.15

George FX UCB -  fhs to front double full,  sw ring + tour jete full, beautiful extension in her leaps,  front tuck through to rudi, solid,  fhs + rudi.  OMG, those leaps 9.825

Hoffa VT UW -  fty, chest down a bit, but stuck the landing, even with legs landing a bit wide, but great form in air.

Katelyn Ohashi UB UCLA - toe on + bail, solid,  tkatchev, a bit flat, short landing in DLO, 9.65

Lee UT BB -  full turn,  BHS + LOSO, slight wobble, side aerial,  sw + straddle 1/4,  round off + 2/1 twist, stuck. 9.875

Sylvie Seilnacht FX UCB -  big dbl back,  dbl pike, solid,  sw ring + sw 1/2,  1 1/2 + barani + spl jump, bit wonky but is ok.

Madison Copiak VT UW - FTY, chest down on landing and steps out. 9.7

Christine "Peng Peng" Lee UB UCLA - ray - misses her bhardwaj,  DLO, big hop on landing. 9.425

Reinstadtler BB UT -  front aerual + spl jump, nice split and extension,  BHS + LOSO, beautiful landing,  lovely scale up to releve´ side somi,  cartwheel + gainer full, hop on landing 9.825

Gallarzo FX Cal -  solid dbl pike, dbl tuck, small stumble in landing,  1 1/2 + front full, solid there 9.75

Burleson VT UW - stuck her FTY, beautiful and nice and clean. 9.875

Ross UB UCLA -  toe on + shap + bail + toe shoot to HB, stuck her DLO 9.975

Skinner BB UT -  BHS + LOSO, usual knees, but very solid , aide aerial + sissone, splits improved,  sw + straddle + back tuck,  flashes the U,  round off to dbl back, small hop, chest position a bit dodgey, but its solid. 9.9

Williams FX UCB - huge DLO to open,  sw side + popa, great splits  and amplitude,  front lay to front full, solid,  dbl pike, perfection. 9.9

Scores after 2 rotations -
Utah 98.550, beam 49.25
Cal 98.475, floor 49.075
UCLA 98.425, bars 49.15
Washington 98.325, vault 49.150

3rd rotation Washington moves to bars, UCLA goes to beam, Cal goes to vault and Utah moves to floor.

Keelen VT UCB - fty, beautiful in air, good distance and height. 9.825

Nelson UB UW - blind change + jaeger, paik nice,  solid last hs, giant full + dbl back, stuck 9.825

G Glenn BB UCLA = bhs + loso, solid,  sw + spl, beautiful full turn to scale, gainer full, stuck. 9.875

Lewis FX UT - big dbl pike to open,  fhs + front lay + front full, solid,  sw side + spl jump full, dbl back, big bounce out, stays in bounds. 9.725

Gallarzo VT UCB - y 1/2, good form in air, hop on landing. 9.8

Goings UB UW -  short on 1st hs, blind change + jaeger, straddle back, solid,  KCHS, solid,  full in, lands knees very low, steps forward 9.7

Madison Kocian BB UCLA -  front aerial, solid,  BHS + LOSO, big balance check,  full turn,  sw + spl, another balance check, sticks dbl full dismount 9.85

Lee FX UT - 2 1/2 to open, solid landing, sw + ferrari,  front lay + front full,  back double full to layout stepout. 9.85

Sylvie Seilnacht VT UCB - fty hop on landing, bit piked in air. 9.775

Roberson UB uw - hop change + pike jaeger,  DLO, deep knees on landing. 9.775

Brielle Nguyen  BB UCLA -  fro aerial + loso,  beat jump,  sw + spl, solid,  spl 1/2, solid,  punch layout front full, stuck. 9.9

Reinstadtler FX UT -  pretty double back,  sw ring + tour jete full, beautiful, 1 1/2 + front lay, dances out, double pike, perfection. 9.9

George VT UCB - FTY, beautiful amplitude and height, small hop.9.85

Burleson UB - giant full = tkatchev, bail,  giant full = dbl tuck,s tuck. 9825

Ohashi BB UCLA -  full turn,  front aerial  + BHS + LOSO, sw ring + beat jump, small balance check and a bit slow on connection,  BHS + LOSO + back lay full 9.9

Sidney Soloski FX UT - beautiful full turn in attitude, dbl lay, solid,  sw 1/2, bit under 180back double full, front aerial,   11/2 + front lay.

Robinson VT UCB -  fhs + front pike, stuck. BAM, huge height and distance. 9.925

Copiak UB UW -  church + bail,  bits feet on ground,  short on last HS, full in, stuck. 9.85

Ross BB UCLA  -bhs + loso, beautiful,  sw ring + beat jump, solid,  full turn, small balance check, but covers with clever choreography, front aerial, side aerial + back lay full. 9.925

MMG FX UT -  pike full in, chest a bit down on landing,  sw ring to tour jete full,  1 1/2 + front pike,  rudi to straddle jump, solid

Williams VT UCB -  FTY, big height and distance, stuck the landing. 9.9

Riley UB UW -  toe on + toe on + shap, stuck DLO dismount.

Peng BB UCLA -  homma flairs,  BHS + 2ft lay,  dbl turn + beat jump, slight balance check,  side aerial to back full stuck. 10.00

"how many times can you ask Supergirl to show up?" Jim Watson's quote of the week

Skinner FX UT - L hop full,  huge dbl dbl tuck, 1 1/2 + double full, ends with full in, 9.95

Scores After 3 rotations
UCLA 148.025, beam 49.6
Utah 147.875, floor 49.325
Cal 147.775, vault 49.300
Washington 147.500, bars 49.175

Final rotation -

Reinstadtler vt UT - FTY, 9.8

Yuleen Sternberg UB UCB - tkatchev, bail, solid,  short on last  hs, giant full = dbl back. 9.75

Malory Rose BB UW - jump to splits, fro aerial = bhs,  y turn, sw + spl,  cat leap + side aeril + bea jump, side aerial to tuck full, stuck. 9.8

Kocian FX UCLA -  front 2/1 solid,  front aerial,  1 1/2 + front lay,  sw side + popa,  rudi to wonky jump.  9.825

Lee VT UT -  big FTY, good height, but hop on landing 9.825

Williams BB UCB -  hindorff, huge height,  bail, toe circle,  solid last HS, DLO, bit deep in the knees but holds it. 9.85

Schafer BB UW - front aerial, solid  BHS + LOSO,  full turn, slight lean,  spl + dbl stag ring,  round off + 1 1/2 stuck. 9.8

Gracie Kraemer FX UCLA -  front 2/1 + front tuck,  stays in bounds, 1 1/2 + front lay,  sw side + popa, rudi + straddle jump, solid, 9.85

Lewis VT UT -  big FTY, just takes a small step back on landing,  good height and distance. 9.9

Alma Kuc UB UCB - toe on, misses her shap,  repeats and completes it, Pak,  full in, small hop ,chest down on landing 9.2

Copiak BB UW -  BHS + LOSO, solid,  sw 1/2 + beat jump, slow on connection, side aerial, round off + 1 1/2, stuck. 9.85

Ross FX UCLA whip to dbl tuck, bit shy on landing,  sw ring + ferrari,  1 1/2 + front lay, dbl pike, clean

Tessen VT UT - y 1 1/2,  solid landing, looked like small slide back 9.9

Nina Schank UB UCB -  toe shoot to HB,  blind change + jaeger + bail, solid,  bit short on last HS, stuck DLO. 9.85

Goings BB UW -  BHS + BHS + LOSO,  beat + straddle 1/4,  full turn,  gainer lOSO, slight lean,  side aerial + back full. 9.875

Tratz FX UCLA - big full in to open,  1 1/2 + front full, solid,  sw ring + tour jete full,  big dbl tuck to end. 9.9

MMG VT UT - y 1 1/2, knees a bit soft in the air, but good height and distance, stuck the landing. 9.95

George UB UCB -  tkatchev,  clean bail, good HS,  solid in last hs, toe on + full in, stuck, fought for it, but stuck. 9.85

Roberson BB UW - sw + straddle 1/4, solid,  full turn,  LOSO + LOSO, waves her arms a few times because she's a bit off,  cartwheel to gainer full, stuck. 9.85

Hano FX UCLA -  huge DLO, small leg seps in air,  front full + rudi + weird jump, teammates are doing  a conga line in the back, good leap pass, dbl pike, chest a bit down on landing. 9.9

Skinner VT UT -  huge DTY, just takes a few small steps on the landing. 9.9

Emi Waterson  UB UCB -  great 1st hs to pak,  toe on + shap 1/2, giant full to dbl tuck.

DVR cut me off.  dammit.

Final scores
UCLA takes the title 197.500, floor 49.475
Utah 197.350, vault 49.475
Cal 196.950 bars 49.175
Washington 196.95, beam 49.25
Oregon State 196.575
ASU 196.425
Stanford 196.350
Arizona 195.825

I was really hoping that Cal would win it, but alas.  UCLA had the best day, they rallied after the bars disaster and came back strong.

Ross and Skinner tied for the all around with 39.675

Ok, that's all for me tonight. Join me in two weeks for  REGIONALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regionals announcements tomorrow, I'll post where everyone winds up tomorrow.


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