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Georgia @ Utah Live Blog

Now we head to Utah where they host Georgia.

They're two former rivals with both teams having 10 national titles under their belts, although 1 title of Utah's was before the NCAA was the official body over collegiate gymnastics. Greg Marsden has retired and Suzanne Yoculan has retired and come back as a volunteer assistant coach to Courtney Kupets Carter.

And even though it's senior night, there's going to be drama around the gymternet about something. Because Utah. But, keep your tissues and waterproof mascara handy, because I'm sure you'll cry at Maddy Stover's last beam routine in the Hunstman Center.

Follow along with all the drama and the tears and whatnot, refresh the page every 3-5 minutes or so.

First rotation - Utah is on vault, Georgia is on bars

Missy Reinstadtler VT Utah -  beautiful FTY, looked like a stick... beautiful form, chest a tiny bit low. 9.875

Jordyn Pedersen UB UGA -  hecht mt,  blind change + pike jaeger, dbl front dismount

Kari Lee VT Utah - y full, beautiful form, stuck. 9.875

Emily Schild UB UGA -  toe on + shap  + pak,  great last hs position,  DLO,  hips a bit closed 9.875

Tiffani Lewis VT Utah - stuck her Y full, 9.9

Natatlie Vaculik UB UGA -  blind change + gienger,  beautiful, lands a bit low on her  full in dismount. 9.7

Kim Tessen  VT Utah - y 1 1/2, hop on the landing, but good height and distance, knees a tiny bit soft 9.875

Sydney Snead UB UGA -  clear hip to HS beautiful, beautifu tkatchev, nice bail, holds that HS to make sure judges saw that,  DLO, small hop on the landing, piked on the second flip.9.85

Makenna Merrill Giles VT Utah - short on her y  1 1/2, was trying to stick, got ahead of herself. 9.825?????? CAROL????!!!!

Marissa Oakley UB UGA - shap to HB, legs a bit separated, bail,  toes are beautiful, love her extension,  small hop on her 1/2 in 1/2 out. 9.825

MyKayla Skinner VT Utah -  DTY, really clean in the air, small hop, but her form has improved so much. one knee still slightly bent on 2nd flip but, alas 9.875

Rachel Dickson UB UGA - Ray, nice, bail, good hs on LB,  DLO, knees a bit low, hops forward. 9.825

Scores after the 1st rotation -
Utah 49.400 vault
Georgia 49.150 bars

There was a tiny bit of crack flying around, some of those scores were a bit high, but what can you expect?

Second rotation -

Utah goes to bars and Georgia goes to vault, the second rotation switcheroo!

Bart and Kathy are talking about the rivalry between Utah and Georgia. Now they're talking about Megan Marsden and Courtney Kupets Carter's gymnastics careers. I feel old because Megan Marsden was competing when I was a baby.  My sister wasn't even born yet when she finished at Utah. Dammit, I just aged myself. Forget you ever read that!

Cue the montage of the seniors walking out with their parents and Maddy Stover crying. I don't think I'm wearing water proof mascara dammit.

Oakley VT UGA - nice y full, good height, form but hop on the landing. 9.8

Lewis UB Utah -  good 1st hs, maybe a bit short, huge height on the tkatchev, feet a bit flexed in air,  DLO, small slide, just opened too early. 9.85

Jasmine Arnold VT UGA - y full, stuck the landing. Slightly piked 9.775

MMG UB Utah -  good first hs, toe on + deltchev, good amplitude, some feet, bail,   stalder + double back, stuck it. 9.925

Dickson VT UGA -  FTY, big hop back on the landing,  bit piked in air. 9.875

Reinstadtler UB Utah -  short on 1st hs,  beautiful blind change to jaeger, bit short on that HS, bail, good last HS position, full in, points her toes in the air, but hops on the landing.9.85

Lauren Johnson UGA VT -  FTY, good height, stuck the landing, usual form 9.9

Lee UB Utah - straddle hecht mt,  blind change to pike jaeger + bail, short on the 1st hs, blind change to blind change + dbl back, stuck. 9.9

Snead VT UGA - y 1 1/2, lots of distance, good height, small hop on landing. Legs crossed in air 9.925

Tessen UB Utah -  hop change to jaeger, nice,  bail, bit short on her last HS, full in, deep knees on landing, step forward. 9.8

Skinner UB Utah - bit short on 1st HS, shap + bail, some leg seps, full in, stuck it. 9.925

Scores after 2 rotations -
Utah 98.85, bars 49.450
Georgia 94.425, vault 49.275

Third rotation - Utah is on beam and Georgia is on floor.

Maddy Stover BB Utah (her last routine in the Huntsman center :( ) front aerial,  front aerial + BHS, full turn,  beat + spl ring jump, solid so far,  front toss, small balance check, leg comes up,  sw + straddle jump, slight balance check, cartwheel to gainer full, stuck it. Get's a huge round of applause and hugs from her teammates and she's crying and I'm going to cry now. :( I will miss her. She's been one of my favorites these past few years :'( 9.85

Arnold FX UGA - dbl pike, chest a bit down,  front aerial, clean dbl tuck,  sw ring + sw 1/2, the last leap a bit under 180,  1 1/2 + front lay, front lay a bit flat, but solid. 9.725

MMG BB Utah -  sw + spl, solid, BHS + BHS + LOSO, solid,  front aerial + beat jump,  full turn, solid, round off + 2/1 twist dismount, stuck. maybe a bit of feet crossing in air 9.925

Vivi Babalis FX UGA - double tuck, chest a bit low front  1 1/2 + front 1/2, solid tour jete full + spl full,  pike jump, dbl pike, solid. 9.825

Sidney Soloski BB Utah - fro aerial + BHS,  cat leap + sw 1/2, back foot a bit flexed, full turn,  sw  + spl,  cartwheel + back full, good landing. 9.875

Dickson UGA FX - dbl arabian, bit short 1 1/2 + front lay,  double back was a bit short. 9.7

Lee BB Utah -  full turn,  BHS + LOSO, side aerial, solid,  sw + straddle 1/4, good leap positions,  round off + 2/1 twist, hop on landing. 9.85

Snead FX UGA - whip to dlb back, big bounce out, almost OOB, keeps heel up, good leaps, didn't quite catch them, rudi + shushunova, sw + cat leap (sw leap under 180, back leg needed to come up more), over -rotates DBL pike and sits it down. 9.15

Kathy is talking about the altitude affecting the athletes. Yeah, as someone who has lived my whole life at high altitude, all i have to say is, wimps. Sorry if that's mean but, yeah.

Reinstadtler BB Utah, front aerial, small balance check, BHS + LOSO, lovely, full turn, sw + straddle 1/4, chest tiny bit down, Kathy is gushing over her, cartwheel to gainer full, good landing.9.925

Pederson FX UGA - whip to dbl pike, bit under rotated,  tour jete - bit under 180, not a lot of amplitude,  dive roll, sw ring + tuck jump full,  front lay + front full. 9.65

Skinner BB Utah -  BHS + LOSO, knees a bit soft but hits, side aerial + sissone, much better extension there, full turn,  sw + straddle + back tuck,   round off + double tuck, stuck it. 9.95

Sabrina Vega UGA FX -  clean double pike, nice and high,  1 1/2 + front lay, no problems,  sw ring + tour jete full, beautiful extension in her leaps,  clean double back, it's a hit :) 9.9

Even Kathy said the altitude won't affect you if you don't let it get to your head. Translation - wimps.

Scores after 3 rotations -
Utah 148.375, beam 49.525
Georgia 147.225, floor 48.800

Final rotation -
Utah goes to floor, Georgia finishes on beam

Snead BB UGA - BHS + LOSO,  cat leap + sw leap, bit under 180, back tuck, solid, full turn,  front tuck, solid,  had a slight buckle,  round off + 2/1 twist, bit off to the side and just a tad short. 9.85

Lewis FX Utah - dbl pike, nice and high,  front HS + front lay + front full, tour jete + straddle jump full,  clean double back to finish.  The tears are coming now. 9.975

Dickson BB UGA - front aerial, big balance check, almost came off, spl + s 1/2, full turn,  BHS + LOSO, another wobble, round off + back 1 1/2, 9,65

Lee FX Utah  2 1/2 twist to open, lots of height and amplitude, maybe some feet crossing, sw + ferrari, They really are the wolf turns of NCAA Gymnastics, 1 1/2 + front lay,  double full + loso, some feet crossing and soft knees in the twist, but solid. 9.8

Schild BB UGA - beautiful press HS mount,  BHS + LOSO, was slightly off, but she covered wel, beat + sheep jump, nice,  sw + spl good extension, front aerial, she's much more solid now,  side aerial + back full, step back, maybe a bit off on the side aerial going into the back lay full. 9.8

Reinstadtler FX Utah (Bart called her out and said "this is a routine I know you're looking forward too, Kathy) beautiful double back, but over cooked it and had a big bounce out, beautiful on her leaps, 1 1/2 + front lay, front lay was a bit flat,  double pike, much better. 9.825

Oakley BB UGA - beautiful wolf full, small balance check on her front aerial,  circled her arms, BHS + LOSO, slightly off, but is ok, Spl + spl ring, beautiful,  cartwheel to gainer full. 9.85

Soloski FX Utah - DLO,  pikes a bit on the landing, but controls it, lots of amplitude, sw side + popa,  double full,  front aerial,  1 1/2 + front lay. 9.925

Babalis BB UGA - front aerial + back LOSO, sw + spl + back tuck, solid,  full turn, front tuck,  punch front full dismount, small hop. 9.825

MMG FX  Utah - pike full in, good landing, not as high as she usually gets, sw + tour jete,  1 1/2 + front lay + front pike, lovely,  FHS + rudi + straddle jump, lots of amplitude. 10  - crowd is going freaking nuts right now.

Vega BB UGA - spl jump mount, beautiful,  sw ring and big balance check, almost falls,  BHS + LOSO,  small balance check, full turn,  front aerial + beat jump, solid there,  sw + spl 1/4,  the crowd goes nuts for the moonwalk, side aerial to back full.  So guys, Utah's crowd ISN'T as shitty as you all say. So maybe lets STFU about Utah fans, mmmkay? 9.7

Skinner FX Utah -  L hop full,  huge double double,  tour jete full, a little off balance, not sure she got it all the way around,  1 1/2 step out to double full,  front tuck, solid,  full in, solid landing, big step out though. 9.975 Now she's crying.  She wins the AA with 39.725

Final score
Utah 198.150, floor 49.775 (they counted all 9.9's and up in their floor score, dropping Missy Reinstadtler's 9.825)
Georgia 196.300, beam 49.125 - wasn't their best meet every, but they put up a really good solid road score, and that will help their RQS.

HAHAHA, OMG I love Tiffani Lewis, Laura Rutledge asked her what was next for her and she said "getting a job and becoming a real adult." Oh girl, as someone who's been out of college for over a decade, you never feel like a "real" adult.

Ok, that's all for me tonight. I'll be back tomorrow at 12 p.m. MDT for the first Big 5 seeding meet for conference champs next week. I'll be live blogging that meet and the Arizona @ LSU meet. It's my sister's wedding anniversary and we're going out to celebrate with her. So sorry, family does have to come first, even if I've been ignoring them this NCAA season.

Anyways, sleep tight and I will see all of you lovely readers tomorrow! :)


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