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Oklahoma @ Alabama Live Blog

Tonight, Oklahoma is venturing into SEC country to take on Alabama at home, or if you're Oklahoma, post season practice.

It's also senior night, so make sure to have tons of tissues and waterproof mascara, because there WILL be tears.

Come follow along with me in all the shenanigans. Maybe Carol will make an appearance! Keep an eye out for some errant tens.

Refresh the page to follow along, updates are at the bottom of the page.

Meet's beginning now with a montage of seniors being introduced with their parents.

Lauren Beers (Stanton) is commentating.

First rotation - Alabama is starting on vault, Oklahoma is starting on bars.  Mac Brannan is hanging out with her scooter, foot in a cast.

Abby Armbrecht VT Alabama - FTY, good form in the air, slight hop on the landing. Overall solid. 9.8

Anastasia Webb UB Oklahoma -  good first hs, pak, beautiful,  shap 1/2, beautiful,  toe 1/2 + dbl front, stuck the landing. Really clean all the way around. 9.9

Shea Mahoney VT Alabama -  FTY, bit piked on landing, hops back, but decent height and good tight form. 9.825

Bre Showers UB Oklahoma -  shushunova, really awesome, perfect hs on the bail, full in, small hop. Bit short on the last HS. 9.85

Ari Guerra VT Alabama - y 1/2 on, tuck 1/2 off, step back, chest a bit down. 9.875

Stefani Catour UB Oklahoma - ray, really big,  toe on + bail, bit overarched, clean DLO dismount, stuck. 9.875

Maddie Desch VT Alabama -  FTY, clean, chest a bit down, hop forward. 9.8

Brenna Dowell UB Oklahoma -  beautiful ray,  toe on + bail, beautiful HS position,  good last HS, DLO, just a step forward. 9.825

Lexi Graber VT Alabama - y 1 1/2, beautiful, stuck. Good height, knees maybe a tiny bit soft, but overall, really good. 9.95

Nicole Lehrmann UB OKlahoma - toe 1/2 + jaeger, nice,  solid HS on the bail, held it a bit,  solid last HS, stuck her dismount. 1/2 in 1/2 out 9.9

Nickie Guerrero VT Alabama - big y 1 1/2, hops to the side on landing, usual knees. 9.85

Maggie Nichols UB Oklahoma - church,  nice, pak, perfect, shap 1/2, holds last hs for a sec, DLO, legs a bit separated and takes a slight step on the landing. 9.95

Scores after the 1st rotation -
Oklahoma bars 49.475
Alabama vault 49.300

It's tighter than I thought it would be going into this meet. It's going to be interesting going forward.

Second rotation -

Alabama goes to bars and Oklahoma goes to vault.

Little featurette on Brian Raschilla, Bama's assistant coach. He gets super excited for sticks.
Alex Marks VT Oklahoma - FTY, nice height, very nice lines, step back on landing 9.825

Guerra UB Alabama - blind change to jaeger, bail, good hs,  DLO, chest a bit down on landing, but sticks the landing.  9.85

Lehrmann VT OK -  Beautiful FTY, chest a bit down and had a small hop forward. Decent height 9.825

Angelina Giancroce UB Alabama -  good 1st hs, bit short though, tkatchev,  big leg seps on the pak, DLO, small hop on the landing, piked a bit on the 2nd flip.

BRENNA! VT OK - y 1 1/2, stuck the landing, good height, knees a bit soft in the air. 9.925

Mahoney UB Bama -  good 1st hs toe on + toe on + shap, bail, bit short on the HS,  good last HS on HB,  huge full in, got right above the bar and just dropped into the landing and stuck it. 9.825

Showers VT OK - FTY, solid, stuck the landing. great form in the air. 9.875

Graber UB Bama - blind change + gienger, bail,  good last hs, full in, legs a bit crazy on the second flip. Solid landing. 9.85

Webb VT OK -  Omelianchik, lands off to the side and has a hop on the landing, good distance. 9.875

Kylie Dickson UB Bama -  good 1st HS, bail, nice HS,  beautiful  toe on, tkatchev, huge,  hS positions are a bit short, stuck the full in dismount. 9.85

Swaggie Maggie VT OK -  big y 1 1/2, stuck it cold, nice height, great form, hips maybe a bit closed on 2nd flip, but IDK if the judges saw that. 10

Kiana Winston UB BAMA - beautiful shap, beautiful HS to pak, legs glued together,  DLO, stuck. 9.925

Scores after the 2nd rotation -
Oklahoma 99, vault 49.525
Alabama 98.575, 49.275

The commentator thinks .425 is a "slim" lead. Not really, this is gymnastics and we're talking tenths and hundreths and thousandths of a point. A .425 lead isn't super big, but it's big enough to distance the teams

Third rotation - Bama goes to beam, Oklahoma goes to floor.

Just a note - I'll be switching to the Georgia/Utah meet at 7:30, I will do my best to keep updates on this feed for Bama/Oklahoma

Armbrecht BB Bama -  front aerial + beat jump, big pause before connection, full turn,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  spl + beat + sheep, small balance check,  round off + 2/1 twist dismount, small hop.

Lehrmann FX OK -  dbl pike, chest a bit down, big bounce out,  1 1/2 + front 1/2 + stag jump,  sw 1/2 + sw side,  1 1/2 + front lay. Think she went OOB 9.6

Desch BB Bama -  front aerial + beat jump,  solid,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  full turn, solid,  sw + spl, first leap was under 180 in the split position,  bhs + bhs + 1 1/2 twist, stuck. 9.85

Showers FX OK -  clean dbl pike to open,  front full to front lay, solid, Ferrari in her leap series, blech ( to the Ferrari, they're ugly, sorry, they're becoming the wolf turns of NCAA),   back 1/2 to front full 9.875

Peyton Ernst BB Bama -  full turn, bit of a balance check,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  slightly off, but meh, is good, sw + spl, slight  pause,  front aerial, missed her connection,  round off + 2/1 twist, deep knee bend. 9.55

BRENNA!! FX Ok -  FHS + dbl front + stag leap, solid, perfect, it's Brenna, everything she does is magic, (please don't sue me Sting) 1 1/2 + front lay, solid. good leap series,  front lay + front full solid.

Graber BB Bama -  full turn, solid, bhs + 2ft lay, really piked IMO, big bend at the hips,  another little check on her leap series, front toss to arabesque,  slightly off but keeps it moving, 9.55

Webb OK FX -  FHS + front 2/1, solid, solid on her leaps and next pass, missed it,  rudi, solid.

Gotta switch to Utah now. But right after I see Kiana on beam -  spl + straddle 3/4, beautiful split positions,  front aerial + BHS, very fluid in her connection, beautiful flexibility, full turn,  round off + double back, just a small hop, almost stuck it. But alas...

I'm switching for realsies now


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