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Oklahoma @ Texas Woman's Live Blog

It's the last week of the regular season and we're concluding the official regular season with Oklahoma @ Texas Woman's University.

Follow along as I give you all the updates. Refresh the page every five minutes or so, most recent updates at the bottom of the page.

Introductions underway now. Gymnastics to commence shortly.

First rotation -

Texas Woman's will start on vault, Oklahoma starts on bars.

Oklahoma's bars line-up - just incase you were curious.
Hunter Vincent VT TWU -  Y layout, big hop on the landing, good distance. 9.425

Anastasia Webb OU UB -  pak + shap 1/2, nice, toe 1/2 + dbl front, stuck, solid.  9,8

Erin Aldeman TWU VT  -  FTY, bit off to the side, chest also a bit down on landing. 9.675

Bre Showers UB OU -  shushunova,  blidn change + bail,  solid last HS,  full in, small hop on landing. 9.8

Megan Gentry VT TWU -  FTY, good height and distance, chest a bit down on landing and small hop. 9.725

Stefani Catour UB OU -  Missed most of her routine, good DLO dismount 9.9

Mallory Moredock VT TWU -  FTY , lots of height and distance, just a step on the landing

Brenna Dowell UB OU -  solid on 1st hs, ray, beautiful,  toe on + bail, solid HS position,  DLO, step back on landing 9.875

Brandi Lazarus VT TWU - another good FTY, lots of distance, just a slide back on landing and chest positions 9.825

Nicole Lehrmann UB OU -   hecht mount, good 1st hs, blind change + jaeger, nice,   toe on + bail, solid HS positions,  full in, landed staggered feet but stuck. 9.975

Schyler Jones VT TWU - y 1/2, hop on the landing, good landing position, small hop. 9.85

Maggie Nichols UB OU -  church solid,  pak + toe on + shap 1/2,  beautiful DLO, stuck 9.95

Jade Deguoveia bars exhibition,  beautiful pak,  solid last HS position,  giant full + DBL tuck,  chest a bit down on landing.

Alex Marks Exhibition on bars -  KCHS overarches, toe on + bail, wonky in HS  position, tkatchev,  full in, small step back.

Scores after 1st rotation -
Oklahoma bars 49.500
TWU vault 48.875

Second rotation switcheroo

Oklahoma is on vault while Texas Woman's goes to bars.

Alex Marks VT OU -  nice FTY, sticks it. good body position and extension. 9.875

Abby Versemann UB TWU -  bit short on 1st hs, went too far out on tkatchev and missed it, bail + toe shoot to HB, DLO, bit piked, but sticks 9.15

Lehrmann VT OU -  Y full, hops on releve, but good distance, amplitude. 985

Lazarus TWU UB - bail, leg seps,  tkatchev is a bit flat,  giant full + dbl pike, step back on landing 9.575

Catour VT OU -  Big FTY, good distance and height, just small hop on landing. 9.825

Jones TWU UB - giant full to gienger, nice,   bit late on giant full, dbl tuck, stuck.

Evy Schoepfer VT OU - FTY, went off to the side a bit, but lots of amplitude 9.825

Alyssa Kelly TWU UB -  blind change + pike jaeger, nice amplitude, bail,  DLO, small hop in place, but solid 9.775

BRENNA!!! VT OU -  y 1 1/2, nice distance, height, small hop on landing. Maybe some knees, but I can't see it that well from the broadcast. 9.925

Vincent UB TWU - over arches last HS, chest a bit low on full in dismount, takes a hop. 9.775

Swaggie Maggie Nichols  (Swags) VT OU - y 1 1/2,  stuck it, nice height, good distance. 9.975

Missed Bria Northrup's routine on bars :( 9.825

Scores after 2 rotations -
Oklahoma 98.950, vault 49.450
TWU 97.625, bars 48.750

Third rotation - Texas Woman's is on beam and Oklahoma is on floor.

I keep getting lost in TWU's live scoring site and it's bugging me .

Lazarus BB TWU -  BHS + LOSO, looked solid, but just doubted herself and fell. full turn,  beat + spl 3/4, splits a bit under 180,  hitch kick + sw side,  gainer full dismount. small hop on landing. 9.175

Showers FX OU - dbl pike, solid,  front full + front lay, right to the corner,  sw + ferrari, ring position a bit unclear,  round off + 1 1/2 9.9

Aldermann BB TWU -  sw + gainer LOSO, the split position looked a bit under 180, big break on side aerial,  spl 3/4, leaned too far back and fell. TWU will have to count a fall, and then she fell on her bhs + loso series as I typed that. gainer full dismount, good landing.8.6

Jordan Draper FX OU -  dbl pike,  big step out, almost OOB,  fhs + front full + front lay, another big step out, will want to control landing position bit better, beautiful over splits on leap pass, whip  + dbl full, solid. 9.775

Vincent BB TWU -  BHS + LOSO, big balance check, but saves TWU front counting 2 falls, nice split position on sw side, full turn,  beat + spl 3/4, spl looked a bit under 180,round off dbl full 9.625

BRENNA! OU FX -  fhs + dbl frnt + stag leap, great,  stag leap for funsies,  BHS + 1 1/2 + front lay + cat leap out of it,  lots of control,  Fro lay + front full. Solid. 9.95

Kelly BB TWU - if they ever show it... because I can look a the photographer instead of watching gymnastics! They didn't show it...9.775

Schoepfer OU FX -big open dbl back, 1 1/2 + front lay, solid,  sw ring + wolf hop 1/1,  dbl pike, takes a couple steps out at the end. 9.875

Moredock BB TWU - solid first acro, sw + sw side,  full turn, (broadcast is cutting out occasionally), round off + 2/1 twist, solid landing 9.85

Webb FX OU -  FHS + front 2/1 twist,   1 1/2 + front full, sw side  + popa,  FHS + rudi to end, solid.

Jones BB TWU -  round off + 2 ft lay, solid, full turn, solid, sw + tuck jump full, back leg low on the switch leap,  front toss + beat jump, round off + 1 1/2 twist, small hop. 9.85

Swags (Nichols) FX OU -  clean double back to open,  front full + front loso,  sw ring + sw 1/2, beautiful split positions on leaps,  beautiful stuck double pike to end. 10.00

Taylor Vincent exh BB TWU -  sw + back tuck, solid,  falls on bhs + loso, landed short and slid off,  sw + sw side,  gainer full dismount, stuck.

Scores after 3 rotations -
Oklahoma 148.600, floor 49.650
TWU 145.900, beam 48.275

Final rotation - TWU finishes on floor, Oklahoma finishes on beam. Their RQS is already going to be ridiculous, this is just icing on the cake for them.  They're basically like um, we're # 1, ok, moving on.

Feed cut out again...

Now, we have no feed at all... WTF


Technical difficulties; please stand by

Feed is back now...

Think this is Stefani Catour? She got a 9.9

Abigail Versemann went 9.550

Bre Showers went 9.925

Hope Parkin FX TWU -  dbl pike, solid,  round off + front 2/1, takes a few steps out and goes righ tot the edge,  sw side + popa,  leap position a bit under 180,  front lay + front 1/2, not a lot of amplitude and lands it to her knees. 9.2

Lehrmann BB OU -  full turn, solid,  hitch kick to switch side, small break in the hips, BHS + LOSO,  sw + korbut flip,  gainer full, small hop 9.875

Bridgette Peterson FX TWU -  front hs + rudi, solid,  sw 1/2 + wolf full, leap position under 18- on switch 1/2,  sat down her last  pass. 9.025

Natalie Brown BB OU -  front aerial  + BHS + BHS, small balance check, sw, beat + straddle 3/4, bit under 180 in the split,   split leap + gainer full, stuck 9.925

Aldermann FX TWU -  clean double pike to open, front lay full, sits down front tuck,  simple front lay to end... floor is not going well for TWU today. 8.65

Carly Woodard BB OU -  nice back shoulder roll,  full turn, solid,  good acro series, fro aerial + BHS  sw + spl, beautiful split positions in leaps,  Back LOSO + back lay full dismount. Stuck 9.9 (I think, TWU's live scoring isn't updating the score for her, but it showed the total with her score, so I had to pull up a calculator and figure it out myself)

I was right, go me!

Moredock FX TWU - clean dbl pike,  side + popa, nice sky high dbl tuck, good control on landing,  front full + front lay, perfect. Great routine! 9.85

Nichols BB OU - front aerial + split jump, perfect,  BHS + LOSO, beautiful, solid, dead on,  sw leap, bit of a balance check,  missed a connection to split jump, repeats  and hits, Round off +  1 1/2 stuck. 9.925  - gives her 39.85 AA and ties her for 1st on beam with Bre & Natalie

Jones FX TWU - big dbl tuck to open, chest a bit down on landing of second pass,  sw, s+ wolf + tuck jump full,  9.9 - gives her a solid 39.400 AA - you know if she was competing for Florida, she'd have gotten like a 9.95 on everything, because Carol.

Schoepfer beam exhibition for OU -  full turn, falls on bhs + loso + bhs series,  back up,  solid dismount.

Final Scores
Oklahoma 198.175, beam 49.575
Texas Woman's 193.475, floor 47.575

I still have the stream on and the awards ceremony is going on and spoiler alert, Maggie won everything (except bars, Lehrmann won bars). The girls all lined up to do their post meet handshake/five and a couple of the girls from the each team ran to hug their friends' on the opposing team.  One pair backed up traffic a little bit because they stopped to hug each other. It was cute, it made me happy. Coincidentally, that's why  I'm able to convince my husband to watch NCAA gymnastics with me. Moving on...

That really is it for me this weekend since there are no more meets today. I know I lied yesterday, when I said that was it for me. But I wound up live blogging this meet because Oklahoma put the links on their Twitter, so thank you to whoever does Oklahoma's social media management for them. Thumbs up!

Next weekend is conference championships, be on the look out on my social media for a complete schedule, including links and competitors. I will be live blogging. Since it's going to be an all day event, with overlaps, I'm going to keep up one feed to live blog from to make it easier on myself.

See you then!


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