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UCLA @ Stanford Live Blog

Another day another tearful senior night. This one is at Stanford and the lone senior is Elizabeth Price.

This is the last meet at home for Ebee, so expect lots of tears and emotions. Most of which will be coming from you.

Follow along with the action, and refresh the page for updates. Most recent updates at the bottom.

First rotation - Stanford is on vault, UCLA is on bars.

Kaylee Cole VT Stanford -  FTY, good height, small hop on the landing, maybe a bit piked on landing. 9.75

Nia Dennis UCLA UB -  clean 1st hs, shap, missed her connection out of the shap to her bail and came off, repeats,  good final HS, stuck the DLO. 9.3

Lauren Navarro VT Stanford -  good FTY, nice amplitude,  small hop on the landing. Solid overall. 9.825

Katelyn Ohashi UB UCLA  -  good on her 1st hs, toe on to bail, good there,  bit short on the hs there, tkatchev, hop forward on her DLO. 9.875

Rachael Flam  VT Stanford - Omelianchik, good amplitude, step on the landing, also slightly off center 9.8

(Stanford is wearing Ebee t-shirts)

Janay Honest UB UCLA - big tkatcehv, usual feet flexing,  good position on her final HS, legs a little crazy on her full in, steps back on landing. 9.85

Kyla Bryant VT Stanford -  beautiful FTY, didn't hold the stick long enough 9.8

Anna Glenn UB UCLA -  blind change to jaeger, nice,  stalled on the transition to the LB out of her pak, maybe a bit close,  giant full to double tuck, stuck. 9.525

Elizabeth Price VT Stanford - HUGE. DTY, stuck it cold. Should be a 10, just saying. Her family is there in the Ebee T-shirts I'm crying 9.975 - judges suck tonight.

Peng Peng Lee UB UCLA - beautiful ray,  gorgeous on the HS, bhardwaj to shap 1/2, slight leg seps on the ankles, but beautiful and floaty, stuck her DLO dismount. 10 (judges! WTF,a ten for Peng but not for Ebee? COME ON. Where's Carol when you need her?)

Taryn Fitzgerald VT Stanford - FTY, chest a bit down on landing 9.675

Kyla Ross UB UCLA -  shap to bail, very clean,  toe shoot to HB,  stuck her DLO, beautiful and perfect Kyla as always. Kyla got a 10 too. I'm still bitter about Ebee's non-ten.

Scores after 1st rotation
UCLA bars 49.250
Stanford vault 49.150

Second rotation Stanford goes to bars, UCLA goes to vault.

If there's anytime for the judges to give 10's willy nilly, it's today, and they should all go to Ebee. Just saying.

Dennis VT UCLA -  FTY, nice amplitude and height, stuck the landing, or just a foot shuffle. piked it a bit on landing. 9.9

Taylor Lawson UB Stanford -  shap + bail, some leg seps,  giant full is a little leaning to the side, HS a bit short, stuck her dbl tuck. 9.8

A Glenn VT UCLA - beautiful  FTY, nice amplitude,  great height, stuck the landing. 9.85

Navarro UB Stanford -  tkatchev,  solid, bit short on the HS out, pak, 1/2 pirouette,  full in, steps back on the landing. 9.8

Pauline Tratz VT UCLA - FTY, nice amplitude,  chest a bit down on landing.

Flam UB Stanford -  bit short on 1st hs,  toe on 1/2, over arches a bit, think she whacked her heels on the bar on her jaeger, solid Full twisting DLO 9.5 --- got downgraded to 9.25

Ross VT UCLA - Beautiful FTY, perfection in the air. 9.9

Bryant UB Stanford -  does her best cowgirl  dance before mounting,  bit over arched on 1st hs, toe on, beautiful pak,  great last HS,  DLO, great height, hop on the landing. 9.875

Felicia Hano VT UCLA - Y 1 1/2, nice height, hop on the landing. 9.875

Price UB Stanford -  beautiful 1st hs, sha, huge church,  bail,  DLO, stuck. Come on judges, 10!!! 10! 9.95 - where's Carol, can someone fly her up?

Napualani Hall VT UCLA - y 1 1/2,  small hop to the side, soft knees in the air but good height. 9.85

Scores after 2 rotations -
UCLA 98.625, vault 49.375
Stanford 97.825, bars 48.675

3rd rotation - Stanford is on beam, UCLA on floor.

Cole BB Stanford -  BHS + LOSO, solid,  sw + dbl stag ring,  front aerial, full turn,  round off + 2/1 twist dismount, stuck. Solid overall, some pauses here and there.

Madison Kocian  FX UCLA -  FHS + front 2/1, solid,  front full to front lay, sw side to popa, beautiful split positions,  FHS + rudi + dbl stag, great lead off floor routine. Good to see Kocian again ( I know she's been back for a while but I think I've missed a couple UCLA meets) 9.925

Ashley Tai BB Stanford -  BHS + LOSO + BHS, falls off on the BHS,  front aerial, falls again,  sw leap + sw side,  full turn,  round off + 1 1/2 small 8.575

Ross FX UCLA -  whip to dbl back, lots of power,  sw ring + ferrari,   1 1 /2 to front lay, solid,  side aerial to cartwheel,  solid so far,  dbl pike, little low chest on the landing. 9.9

Flam BB Stanford -  BHS + 2ft lay, solid,  front tuck, great landing there,  cat leap to switch side, slight lean back, front full dismount, solid landing. 9.875

Dennis FX UCLA -  pike full in, chest a bit low on landing,  FHS front full to front lay,  tour jete full + split jump full,  clean double back. Solid landing. 9.9

Price BB Stanford -  front aerial solid,  bhs + 2ft lay, tiny balance check, but works past it, full turn,  sw + split, solid,  round off + dbl pike, small step back 9.9

Tratz FX UCLA -  big full in,  just up to the line, ,  1 1/2 to front full,  sw ring to tour jete full, nice split positions and amplitude,  clean double back. 9.925

Navarro BB Stanford -  jump to splits mount, love it,  BHS + LOSO, nice extension, had a slight error, but was fine, another small balance check on her front aerial,  sw + split, solid, great extension, round off + dbl back, bit short and chest a bit down on landing.9.825

Hano FX UCLA - short on her DLO opening pass,  front full to front 1/2 to the crazy jump,  tour jete full to wolf 1/1,  clean double pike to end.

Bryant BB Stanford -  solid on her full turn,  flared the leg out,  BHS + LOSO, solid and beautiful,  beat jump + sw jump,  front tuck, very solid and confident,  BHS + BHS + dbl back, just a step back on the landing.  She knocked the beam cap off just with the kinetic energy from her front tuck. 9.9

Ohashi FX UCLA -  beautiful clean DLO to open,  front full to front 1/2 + split jump + front tuck,   landed kinda short but just went down in the splits to cover it. sw ring + sw 1/2,  front HS + front full + front lay + sw split jump to land in the splits. 9.95

Scores after 3 rotations -
UCLA 148.225, floor 49.600
Stanford 147.200. beam 49.375

Time for the fourth and final rotation. Stanford is on floor, which means it's Ebee's last floor routine at home (trying not to cry). Oh and UCLA is on beam (Peng's final away beam routine! I'm all verklempt!)

Grace Glenn BB UCLA - BHS + LOSO, solid, front aerial to split jump, slight lean but connects the elements ok, sw + split, solid there,  full turn, beautiful scale,  BHS + gainer full, stuck. 9.925

Cole FX Stanford - 2 1/2 to front tuck,  off on the diagonal,  over split on straddle jump,  (Jim Watson is going to have "Toxic" in his head all week), little wonky on her rudi, and buckled on her last pass. 9.65

Kocian BB UCLA - sw + sheep jump, beautiful flexibility,  front aerial + BHS, full turn,  side aerial,  solid, round off + 2/1 twist just a hop  on the landing. 9.825

Navarro FX Stanford -  clean double pike to open,  1 1/2 + front lay, solid,  sw ring + sw 1/2, beautiful,  clean double back, stuck cold. Think she's put them back on track.9.825

Brielle Nguyen BB UCLA -  front aerial + LOSO, solid,  beat jump,  sw  + split, solid,  split 3/4, slight balance check - kinda, front full dismount, solid landing.9.85

Flam FX Stanford - there's a problem with the music, she's starting now, for real,  huge double arabian, great landing,  punch front full to front pike,  sw side to popa, great split position and amplitude,  tour jete full,  clean Dbl pike, is on the white line, not sure if she went OOB. Looks like she was just barely in per the replay 9.85

Ohashi BB UCLA -  great press handstand mount, love it,  full turn, solid,  front aerial + BHS + LOSO, good leap series, I missed it,  bhs + LOSO + back layout full, stuck the landing. 9.975

Lawson FX Stanford -  sw + tour jete full, bit under 180 in the split position on the first leap,  1 1/2 step out to dbl back,  front tuck,  standing back tuck,  (Tabitha Yim has joined the Stanford back-up dancers on the sidelines). clean double pike. 9.875

Ross BB UCLA -  BHS + LOSO, slight lean but is ok, sw ring, full turn, solid,  front aerial, a big balance check,  just randomly did that... Huh,  side aerial to back layout full , stuck.9.825

Bryant FX Stanford - big DLO, had a lean back and was right on the line.  front tuck through to dbl pike, takes a  few steps back, sw side to popa,  huge open dbl back to finish. 9.9

Peng and her last away beam routine for UCLA -  the Homma flairs elicit cheers from the crowd,  BHS + 2 ft lay, perfect,  dbl turn to beat jump,  side aerial to back full. I'm crying  10.0 I'm a wreck now.

Ebee's last home floor routine and her last home routine period I'm not crying, I swear - beautiful perfect double layout,  front tuck to perfect double back, double stag full,  sw side to popa, great splits and amplitude,  clean double pike to finish. Even UCLA was watching her and cheering her on. I'm going to ruin my make-up, it's a 10! In her final routine, her final home meet! My make up is totally ruined, there is just black mascara running down my face.

Final Scores -
UCLA 197.800, beam 49.575
Stanford 196.650, floor 49.450

I'll be back for more emotions on Tuesday at 8 p.m. Mountain time for UCLA's last home meet of the season. Make sure to have lots of tissues and some spare mascara handy.


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