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Utah @ Michigan Live Blog

Today, it's a Big10 versus PAC 12 match up with Utah visiting Michigan.

Utah is back after a bye last weekend and Michigan is coming off a loss to Oklahoma. Oh and it's senior day so be prepared with tissues.

Refresh the page to follow along. Updates are at the bottom of the page.

Seriously, Big Ten network, I don't want to see lacrosse. I tuned in for gymnastics, dammit.

Missed part of the first rotation GRR.

Makenna Merrill Giles UB UTAH -  deltchev,  bail, nice, clean giant full to dbl back. 9.85

Sydney Townsend VT Mich - yurchenko 1 1/2, small hop. 9.825

Missy Reinstadtler UB Utah - toe on + pike jaeger, beautiful,  bit shy on the HS, slight messy leg on her full in, small hop. 9.875

Paige Zaziski VT Mich -  y full, lots of amplitude, but hop on the landing. 9.8

Kari Lee UB Utah -nice pike jaeger,  blind change twice to double back dismount, small hop. 9.825

Emma McLean VT MICH -  y full, really nice in the air, small shuffle on her landing. 9.9

MyKayla Skinner UB Utah - shap, usual leg seps, bail, good hs position,  toe on, rushed the HS a bit, full in, good landing. 9.9

Scores after the first rotation -
Utah bars 49.325
Michigan vault 49.100

Time for the second rotation. Utah on vault, Michigan on bars.

Bev Plocki's husband is out and about, first time since  October.  He's been dealing with Leukemia. His story might make me cry more than this senior night.

Reinstadtler VT UT -  FTY, nice amplitude, flares in the air, hop on the landing. 9.7

Townsend UB MICH -  shap, bail, nice hs,  good position on final hs, sticks double back dismount. 9.85

Lee VT Utah - BIG FTY, some soft knees, and another hop on the landing. 9.75

Lexi Funk UB MICH -  giant full + tkatchev, huge, shoot over bail,  DLO, stuck. Small leg seps but judges won't see where they're sitting. 9.85

Tiffani Lewis VT Utah -  another big FTY, but still, the landing.9825

Lauren Farley UB Mich  -  blind change to pike jaeger, good handstand on bail, blind change to double front, step forward on the landing. 9.825

Kim Tessen VT Utah - yurchenko 1 1/2, bit short and landed lock kneed 9.75

Polina Shchennikova UB -  shap to pak, beautiful extension, has a slight hiccup on her giant full, but stuck the double back. 9.8

MMG VT Utah - yurchenko 1 & 1 /2,  some soft knees in the air, hop on landing.9.85

Zaziski UB Mich -  good first hs position, great tkatchev, very high, good amplitude on the toe shoot to HB<  DLO, some leg seps, stick the landing. 9.95

Skinner VT Utah -  DTY,  really quick twisting, but big step on the landing. 9.925

Briana Brown MIch UB - nice height on her jaeger, stuck her dbl layout dismount. Michigan is  sticking the crap out of those landings today. 9.925

Macey Roberts VT EXH Utah -  FTY, landed with her chest a bit down.

Lauren Marinez UB EXH Michigan -  ray nice,  toe on, over arches Hs on the bail, lands chest down on DLO and takes a big step forward.

Scores after 2 rotations -
Michigan 98.500, bars 49.335
Utah 98.425, vault 49.100

Time for the third rotation - Michigan on beam, Utah is on floor

Funk BB Mich -  BHS + LOSO, solid,  sw 3/4, full turn, beat + straddle 3/4,  side aerial to back full, small hop on the landing. 9.8

Lewis FX Utah -  clean double pike,  FHS + front lay + Front full,  sw side + split 1/1,  double back, solid. 9.825

Zaziski BB Mich - cat leap to switch side, solid,  BHS + LOSO, slight lean on landing,  sw + straddle 1/4,  full turn,  front toss,  gainer full, stuck. 9.825

Lee FX Utah -  2 1/2, solid,  sw leap to ferrari,  2/1 twist to LOSO,  front lay + front full. Solid. 9.8

Brown BB Mich -  front aerial, solid,  BHS + LOSO, slight lean, but corrects quickly, sw + split jump,  side somi, big balance check, hangs on, full turn,  round off + 2/1 twist dismount, stuck. 9.7

Reinstadtler FX Utah -  clean double back to open the routine,  switch ring to tour jete 1/2,  1 1 /2 to front lay, beautiful,  clean double pike to end, So pretty 9.85

Polina BB Mich -  Commentator man, Evergreen is west of Denver, not south.... Ugh, whatever, semantics,  beautiful press HS, mount,  gorgeous flexibility,  BHS + LOSO, small balance check, split jump, another balance check,  front aerial, solid there,  beat + sheep jump,  side aerial to back full to, quasi college salute? 9.725

Sydney Soloski FX Utah -  full attitude turn, beautiful,  huge double layout, solid landing,  sw to tour jete full,  double full second pass, front aerial,  1 1/2 to front lay, beautiful. 9.825

Farley BB Mich -  sw + split jump,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO, solid,  full turn,  side aerial, sticks gainer pike. BAM 9.9

MMG FX Utah -  pike full in, but is OOB with her heel, sw ring to tour jete 1/2,  1 1/2 + front lay + front tuck,  solid,  rudi to straddle jump, solid there. Just the OOB.  Alina Weinstein has been referring to her and Skinner as the "dynamic duo" and she said this is "their" event.  She and Skinner are just an entity now instead of two separate individuals. 9.75

Marinez BB Mich - jump to splits mount, front aerial,  slightly off,  BHS + LOSO full turn,  cat leap to side aerial,  beat jump to split 3/4,  round off to double full, but big hop back on landing. 9.775

Skinner FX Utah -  L hop full,  double double opening pass, solid landing,  tour jete full, good split positions,  1 1/2 step out to double full,  front tuck,  full in, another solid landing.  Finishes well for Utah.9.95

Exhibition from Roberts on floor -  double pike,  front lay + rudi,  sw side to wolf 1/2,  1 1/2 to barani, bit funky landing, stag leap.

Scores after 3 rotations -
Utah 147.675, FX 49.250
Michigan 147.525, beam 49.025

Final rotation - Michigan finishes on floor, Utah will end on beam

Maddy Stover BB Utah -  front aerial, smal balance check, Alina jinxed her when she said she's solid!, front aerial to bhs, bit slow, bit more wobbles, just isn't  very confident,  cartwheel to gainer full, hop on landing.9.7

Townsend FX Mich - front stuck through to double back,  tour jete full + popa,  clean double pike,  whip to double full, some leg crossing in the air, slightly Aliya helicopter - y. Stuck it though. 9.825

MMG BB Utah -  sw + split jump solid,  BHS + BHS + LOSO, solid,  front aerial,  little Florence and the Machine playing in the background, full turn, round off to double full dismount, stuck.9.875

Funk FX Mich - clean, high double pike,  sw side to popa, lots of amplitude, split positions are great, front full to front lay, lots of amplitude and lift,  clean double back, another solid landing. Flashes the M. 9.9

Soloski BB Utah -  front Aerial to back handspring, solid,  cat leap + sw 1/2, nice,  perf split position on the switch half,  full turn, big pause before it though, sw + splits,  side aerial to back full, slight hop in place, but solid. 9.8

Marinez FX Mich -  fhs + front lay + rudi,  2 1/2 solid landing,  tuck jump full, dbl pike, but legs way apart on the  flip in the air. 9.825

Lee BB Utah -  full turn,  BHS + LOSO, big balance check, leg comes up on landing of the lOSO, beat jump to side aerial, another balance check.  sw + straddle 1/4, lean back,  saves it,  round off to dbl full, hop on the landing. 9.825

Brown FX Mich -  2 1/2 to open, really solid, nice amplitude and lift,  clean double pike,  tour jete 1/1 + split 1/1,  1 1/2 to front lay, 9.85

Reinstadtler BB Utah -  front aerial, big balance check, saved it,  BHS + LOSO, solid,  side somi, another balance check,  full turn,  sw + straddle 1/4, cartwheel to gainer full dismount, stuck. 9.675

Zaziski FX Mich -  double pike, solid,  tour jete full + popa,  front lay to front full, solid landing there,  clean double back, big-fish step back on the landing, but solid. 9.9

Skinner BB Utah -  BHS + LOSO, some soft knees on bhs, but  solid landing, side aerial,  full turn, slight bobble, covers well, split + straddle + back tuck.  round off double back, maybe stuck, but I thought I saw her left foot move slightly 9.925

McLean FX Mich -  clean double back to open,  tour jete 1/1 to popa, nice amplitude,  front lay to front full, clean double pike to finish. 9.95

Beam exhibition from Shannon McNatt of Utah -  beat jump + sheep jump,  front aerial + BHS, balance check but she kept that connection going, Y turn full, gainer loso,  balance check on her arabesque,  cartwheel to gainer full, stuck.

Final Scores -
Michigan 196.950, floor, 49.425
Utah 196.800,  beam 49.125

Join me at 2 p.m. MST for Boise State at Georgia!


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