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Mary Lee the Sequel - Emily: Mary Lee's Piece de Resistance

To recap the last episodes of the Mary Lee sequel series, we learned about Lexie's gross toe injury and Amelia's bionic foot. We also learned that Mary Lee wants to make Amelia world class and Lexie has a crush on a Pete Wentz wannabe in way-to-tight-skinny-jeans.

This week, it was Emily Gaskins' story.  It's very obvious that Emily is Mary Lee's favorite, because from the very start, she can't stop talking about how she has the "world class look." Mary Lee also likes her the best because she hasn't grown old enough to roll her eyes and whine and talk back. Emily's gymnastics is absolutely beautiful and she has lines to die for.  Plus, she's as perky as a cheerleader and as cute as a button.

The episode starts off with Mary Lee telling us about the first time Emily came to CGA. She says Emily had big eyes full of "I love gymnastics! I want to be great! I want to be COACHED!" Special emphasis on the I want to be coached part.  She waxes poetic about Emily's lines and "world class look."  Cue the voice over of Lexie. Lexie says when Emily first came to CGA she was just awed. Amelia echoes this sentiment and says she's jealous of her beautiful lines.
The right one is busted.

Lexie and Amelia say that Emily is like their little sister and they make fun of her sometimes, for example Lexie says if she's being too loud she tells her too cut it out. Just like this

I'm in charge here, bitches.

Cut to Lexie's car and she's driving Emily home from practice. They seem to be yapping about what Emily did this weekend. Something about a giant pink chair.  She talks about a million miles an hour. (She's got nice posture, so I'm theorizing she's getting twice the oxygen to her brain). Lexie can just sit and listen.

When we get home, we meet Emily's dog, Cleo and her mother. Well, we really see the dog first because Lexie has to ogle the puppy and snuggle up with her.  She is awfully cute. It's a little cocker spaniel type puppy that reminded me of my little baby girl.

The puppy goes to Emily and she get's all the puppy love.

Then the girls go to Emily's room. They talk about candles and lip gloss.  Yeah, here's what I have to say about that.

Cut to Emily talking about her sisters over a collage they made for her. She seems a little forlorn because she will miss her sister in order to travel to the ranch. The story starts to tug at the heart strings a little bit. I'm not going to lie, after a long day at work, I have a lot of sarcasm that wants to get out. This just crushes the sarcasm and brings out the sentimental sap in me. That brought a tear or two to my eye.

So we meet her mother and she talks about Emily's gymnastics career. She had a coach in Florida that told the family eventually, she'd have to go to another gym. They tried as long as they could but couldn't do it. The coach recommended either Mihai Brestyan or Mary Lee Tracy.

 Emily's father works for the FBI and he'd originally applied to work in Cincinnati. Mrs. Gaskins said her husbands family lives in a nearby town so that drove their decision to go to CGA. They've been separated for sometime... I'm not sure how long. But Mrs. Gaskins says Mr. Gaskins will now be able to transfer since "there is money in the government" now. Emily is very close to her father according to Mary Lee and leaving him behind was very hard on her. She sees him often enough once a month or so... Doesn't make it any easier though... Mrs. Gaskins says Mr Gaskins is hoping to be transferred by the end of the year.

Emily's two older sisters, Kayla and Alison, will be returning soon. Mrs. Gaskins says Alison will stay for the summer and the other will be there until she goes to New York, why New York? I don't know... I suppose it's irrelevant. Emily's mom is just adorable, she just reminds me of the mom who gives all the kids cookies who come in the house from around the neighborhood.

 Back to Emily's gymnastics, she says she had wanted to try elite, at least just to try it. Her ultimate goal was really to do college gymnastics. She'd thought it would be a few more skills, but instead, she's training from 7:30 a.m. to 5 at night.

Here is where it's obvious Emily is her favorite. She just can't shut up about how Emily has a look that is "world class." She throws in the phrase "god given beautiful" before telling us she's had to learn how to work hard and by work hard, she means, "work like an elite." She tells us Emily really wants to learn and has learned well and having Lexie and Amelia flanking her is good for her. So, Mary Lee likes her because she doesn't give her teenage attitude.

Emily is a determined little thing.  We're shown Emily training a yurchenko full and she's going to keep going until she stands that thing up. Again, Mary Lee loves this. When Emily finally sticks one, Mary Lee tells her "Way to persevere."

Next, Emily and Mary Lee recall her trip to the Mexican Open and her making the national team. Marta saw Emily at the P&G Championships and liked her. Mary Lee asked to bring her to training camp even though she wasn't on the national team. Very quickly, Emily was put on the Mexican Open team and she and Mary Lee had to make up last minute routines.

We close with the girls putting up paper for a bulletin board of some sort of Mary Lee "inspirational" calendar. No doubt something she got from Oprah again. Lexie quickly decides to be the overseer and hops down and starts ordering the others around in her LSU sweats.

And that's where it ends. With an incomplete bulletin board or whatever. Really? REALLY?! THAT'S where you end your story? Not only does it have nothing to do with the story you were telling earlier, it does not follow any continuous story... Whatever.... I'm so done.

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