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Anastasia Grishina Officially Retires

Last week, in an article from, Russian head coach Valentina Rodionenko had announced the retirement of 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist, Anastasia Grishina.

Yesterday, in an interview with Ginnastica Artistica Italiana, Grishina confirmed her retirement. As for her reason, Grishina cited her knee injury, which she sustained at the Russian Championships in 2014.

" [Y]es, I've stopped training, it's been mainly related to my former knee injury."

Grishina is living a life as a university student, studying journalism and she told the website she's wanting to become a journalist. While the gymternet reflects on a career with much unrealized potential, Grishina herself said she has no regrets:

"[I]n my life and career I wouldn't change or erase anything, I'm happy with how anything went through"

It may not come as a huge surprise. Last week, photos surfaced of Grishina, 20 getting married and she has not been seen at an international competition since 2013, when she won the bronze medal in the all-around  and on the balance beam at the European Championships in Moscow. She also scored some World Cup gold medals for the uneven bars and balance beam at the Cottbus and Anadia World Cups. Prior to 2013, Grishina was a member of the Russian Olympic team in London and took home a team silver medal. Additionally, she also took home silver medals  for the team and on the uneven bars at the European Championships in Brussels, Belgium.  As a junior, she took home a team gold along with an all-around silver medal and individual gold medals on bars and floor exercise at the junior European Championships in Birmingham, Great Britain.

Russian Head Coach Valentina Rodionenko had this to say about Grishina's retirement:

"Grishin[a] has completed [her] career, so it is, and is not listed national team this year. [She] has long lost the desire to train, and [her] place has long been occupied by one of the promising young gymnasts.  We did big bet on Grishin[a]. She was really a very capable girl. " via

Interestingly, Rodionenko put the blame on Grishina's coaching shift from Sergei Zelkison to Irina and Viktor Razumovsky in early 2013.

Per -

"Leaders in Moscow Gymnastics Federation a few years ago made a fatal mistake, having decided to pass Grishin[a] from one coach to another. Nastia could not take away from the Zelikson because it it knew well. The coach and gymnast standing on the right track. And then started troubles have Grishina -  one injury, then another. The transition to the  Razumovskys was a wrong step. Management team trie[d] to prevent this change. But not only Moscow, but also the Grishin also advocated for a job with a new coach. Apparently, gymnast wanted a coach who less demanding than the first. In the end, this collaboration ended in vain. "

Although, it's no secret that Grishina has been on the Rodionenkos - well- shit list for a couple years now, starting with the infamous Grishy-Gate in the summer and fall of 2013. (Read all about it here)

Best of luck to Anastasia's future endeavors!

Anastasia Grishina "My Career and My Future"
Silver medalist at the 2012 [Olympics] Anastasia Grishina completed a career

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